Another type of Crisis loan is a Loan for Rent in Advance, this is where there is a real risk to the customer’s health and safety if they do not move and secure a property. For those that are already living a in a property then they have to show that there s a risk to… Read More

Even though there are maximum crisis loan limits, you are still able to apply for specific things and increase this, the most common being emergency gas or electric. Where an applicant has a prepaid metre for gas and/or electricity and they have already used their emergency credit they are able to apply for additional money… Read More

Even though the maximum total debt is £1500.00, this does not mean that you can apply for this in one go on a crisis loan application, this is because there is a DAILY LIMIT on the amount that can be awarded, this is a set amount that the government think that client groups will need… Read More

The maximum that you can owe for a crisis loan is £1500.00 per person OR family unit, this is the bit that confuses most people that want to make an application to the Social Fund, as they use the logic that a family of 4 may need more in comparison to a single person as… Read More

The social fund is a discretionary payment from the department of work and pensions and is designed to help those on low incomes in times of hardship. The maximum crisis loan that any one family unit can have at any one time is £1500.00 – this is the same if you are married with 4… Read More

rent in advance crisis loan

The government has just started to help those on low income to be able to secure a new property, this is done by them allowing you to apply for help with rent in advance. Rent in advance is what you have to pay to move into a property, and is distinct from a deposit. You… Read More

There are several types of Social Fund Payment, depending on your situation. The first is a crisis loan – an easy to get no interest loan that you can be paid on the same day you apply. The crisis loan limit is £1500.00 for any family unit go back to our social fund page for more… Read More

Many people find this site after typing how do I get a crisis loan. Well, the answer is simple. There are two main types of crisis loan, one for living expenses i.e. food, gas, or electric and these applications are treated as urgent, can be done over the telephone and you will be given a… Read More