Crisis Loans for rent Given the recent economic crisis, many people are finding that they are falling behind on rent payemnts or that they are no longer able to afford the rent at the property that they live at and this is causing an increase in the number of people allplying to the government run… Read More

To get an understanding of how much was paid out in crisis loans in the last year he have found the following figures The information is as follows: 2010-11 Region Budget a rea November December January February March East Midlands East Midlands North 5,522 4,753 6,610 5,894 5,598 South East Midlands 7,298 6,210 8,019 6,823… Read More

Cuts to the level and availability of crisis loans could drive thousands of vulnerable people into the hands of loan sharks, according to an MSP. Fiona McLeod said disabled, pensioner and single-parent households need access to Social Fund Crisis Loans, but the UK Government plans to put an annual cap on them. The SNP MSP… Read More


Below are all of the latest contact telephone numbers for benefit delivery centres that process social security benefits for the UK. Simply look for the closest Jobcentre plus office to your home address Jobcentre Plus postal addresses If you need to speak to your local Jobcentre, you can call them through our call connection service… Read More