Crisis Loans are interest free loans issued by the Government to those who are in in financial difficulty and can find no other source of income to prevent a risk to the health and safety of themselves or family. Anyone can apply for a crisis loan, however they are generally issued to those who are… Read More

The DWP have recently had a change of policy that could see those on low incomes become eligible for interest free loans from 3rd parties that can then be deducted from Benefits.   Basically the Eligible Loan Deductions Scheme idea is: If you take a loan from a specific type of charitable, or not for… Read More

If you have applied for a Crisis Loan for living expenses or for help with rent in advance and have been refused the loan then you can appeal, and in most cases have a good chance of the decision being overturned in your favour. The rules around crisis loans are pretty clear, and there are… Read More

A Crisis Loan is money that is made available by the government to help to alleviate an unforeseen financial disaster or emergency that you are unable to cope with your self. What is a Crisis Loan?: A crisis loan is an interest free lump sum payment form the Government that is administered bye the Department… Read More