To make an application for a Budgeting Loan You will need to complete a Budgeting Loan form, this form is called an SF500 and can be either downloaded from the DWP website or from our own site here: click here to download the SF500 form. The application for a budgeting loan is 9 pages long and… Read More

Short Term Benefit Advance Loans are the replacement for the old Crisis Loan for Alingmnet payments as of 1/4/2013, and intended to make payment to people who are awaiting a new claim to benefit or a recent change in circumstances to be processed by the DWP. How to apply for a Short Term Benefit Advance… Read More

Before the Government decided to scrap the Social Fund, people and their families had a place to turn when they found that they were without income (often through no fault of their own) and could apply for a crisis loan to tide them over with money for food or gas and electricity until they were… Read More