In the United Kindgom it possible to get Benefit Loans and these come in two types:

Budgeting Loans:

A loan that is made to a Household that is limited to £870 per household per application ( multiple applications can be made, however no one Houshold is able to Benefit Loans totalling more than £1500 at any one time)
Budgeting Loans are only paid to people who have been on an income related benefit for more than 26 weeks and wh can show that the things that they are applying for help with ( the reason for the Benefit Loan) are essentail and that they would not be able to find enough money, or obtain a banl loan to cover the cost.

They are recovered a pre-agreed percentage of the benefit that you are due and will runn concecutivly with any othe Benefit Loans that you have to ensure that your repayment does not cause your further finincial hardship.

Sort Term Benefits Advance ( STBA Loans):

A small loan that can be made to people who have recenlty made an application to a means tested benefit like income support, jobseekers allowance ( Income Based) or Emplyment Support allowance ( Income Related) and who are awaiting the procising of their application and the forst full payment period to pass ( Usually 2-4 weeks).

An STBA Loan is applied for over the telephone and a decision is given within 24-48 hours, and if successful payment is made into your nominated bank on the same day.