What is the best time to call Social Fund?

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For those that want to know when the best times to call the social fund are, we have designed a quick reference chart based on the success we have had with calling the social fund for a crisis loan or budgeting loan sections at different times of the day.

This guide is aimed at those who want to call for a crisis loan, and are in need of help on the same day- but if you want to check the progress of a paper application, as a general rule you will wait for a much shorter time if you call early on a Tuesday, as opposed to midday on a Monday or on a Friday at any time from 10:00!

This graph represents the number of calls that were answered within 10 minutes, at different times each day.


time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-10:00 11 18 16 14 7
10:00-11:00 12 20 15 11 10
11:00-12:00 9 13 15 10 6
13:00-14:00 4 7 5 2 1
14:00-15:00 5 8 4 6 4
15:00-16:00 11 15 9 11 6
16:00-17:00 17 22 15 15 17


What are the Social Fund’s opening hours?

The opening times for the social fund are:

Open at 8:30

Last payment at 4:30 ( most offices)

lines CLOSE AT 5:00 (no payments/ applications after 4:30 will be paid the next day)

The overwhelming feeling that we came away with was that the best time to contact the social find for a crisis loan over the phone was between 8:30 and 945 on a Tuesday, during this period our wait time was the shortest and we also found that the 7 social fund decision makers that we spoke to seemed to be a little more accepting of our reasons for calling and this resulted in a shorter call time and also a higher than usual percentage of applications that we made being successful.

What we took away from this was that like everyone else, these guys are pressured and have pre-assessed opinions of the people that they speak to and thinking about it- it does make more sense that the genuine callers to the social fund would call first thing in the morning if they were truly in crisis.

I mean if I was faced with not eating and having to spend a day or two with no electricity or gas then I would try sorting it out as soon as I possibly could- conversely, if I were just trying to after spending too much on a night out, then I would probably call around lunchtime or early afternoon, once I had slept off my hangover!

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