As a pregnant lady, you have the right to be granted a maternity leave. There are also other benefits that accompany the maternity leave including maternity allowances which you receive from the Department for Work and Pension. If you are employed, your employer should give you Statutory Maternity Pay. Also, during your pregnancy, you receive… Read More

Are you facing short-term financial problems and receiving any kind of income support? Then you may qualify for a non-repayable Community Care Grant. Do I qualify for a Community Care Grant? How do I contact them? You may qualify if you’re in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, a Pension credit… Read More

We are often asked what is the crisis loan replacement? and the cold hard truth is that there is nothing set up nationally to replace Crisis Loans Since the Social Fund was disbanded in 2013 and the Government removed the discretionary loans provision that included Rent in Advance and Crisis loans there has been a sharp… Read More

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a Housing Benefit Loan, however, it is possible to get help with your housing benefit from a range of organizations. Prior to 2013, it was possible to apply to the Social Fund for a Rent in Advance Loan, this was a loan that was delivered out of a… Read More

Crisis Loan is no longer available from the Jobcentre / Department for Work and Pensions ( DWP ) as the Social Fund was disbanded back in 2013, however it is still possible to apply for a Budgeting Loan and request a copy of the Budgeting Loan Application form by phone. Calling Budgteing Loan The application itself… Read More

In the United Kingdom it possible to get Benefit Loans and these come in two types: Budgeting Loans: A loan that is made to a Household that is limited to £870 per household per application ( multiple applications can be made, however, no one Household is able to Benefit Loans totalling more than £1500 at… Read More

We have been considering ways that we can help people to get access to the Budgeting Loan system and have come up with a way to enable applications to be taken/completed online and then for the completed form to be posted out to the applicant with a pre-paid envelope so all that they need to… Read More

[emailpetition id=”1″] Sign the petition, don’t let central Government cut what is often the only remaining lifeline for many families without being challenged. Three-quarters of councils will scrap or shrink support for England’s most vulnerable people if the Government cuts funding next year, leaders claim. The Local Government Association (LGA) today warned against plans to… Read More

Finding the latest contact details for Ards Borough Council including telephone or fax numbers, email or postal addresses can be difficult, so we have collected all of the latest contact details for Ards Borough Council into one place. Whilst most councils including Ards Borough Council publish contact details on their own websites it is not… Read More