Bring back the Social Fund

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Before the Government decided to scrap the Social Fund, people and their families had a place to turn when they found that they were without income (often through no fault of their own) and could apply for a crisis loan to tide them over with money for food or gas and electricity until they were next paid.

With the roll out of the new welfare reforms that began in April 2013, and the closure of the discretionary Social Fund system people are having to find alternative ways to support themselves when without income, and with the number of adverts for payday loansharsk on the TV it is not surprising that these companies are seeing an upsurge in applications.

Payday loans ARE NOT the answer to turning around poverty as they see people fall into spiraling dept that they are unable to clear with charges, interest and other fees mounting on a daily basis.surge-in-payday-loan-search


The government should give real thought to brining back element of the Social Fund to help those who are tempted to apply for these short term loans. with a view to helping to end the misery of those caught in the poverty trap.


4 thoughts on “Bring back the Social Fund”

  1. Scary how uninformed you are about this subject. Crisis payments have not been scrapped, they have been passed to local councils and counties to administer their own schemes which allow for crisis payments

    1. This site offered information on the social Fund Crisis Loan system, this HAS been scrapped. The new Local authority provision is not run nationally, and as such each council has its own criteria/rules. Many people who would have been helped by the Social Fund crisis loan system are now finding that the Local Provision is next to usless, as they have to be reffered by ‘partner agencies’ and this is taking 24-48 hours to arrange due to the need to book an appointment for the referral ( in some cases) Crisis Loans ( as they were) used to be decided on the same day, and payment to overt thr crisis issued. waiting 24-48 hours for help is not the same thing as far as I am concerned, and I do not think that the goverment simply washing its hands of responsibility is adiquate.

      You may disagree Bob, and I/We will continue to try to offer signposting to local welfare provision where possible. If you have a better suggestion, or are willing to offer your spare time ( as we do) toward helping people find the help that they need then please feel free to collate the help available, or let us have a list that we can use.

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