Applications for budgeting loans from the Social Fund are not like Crisis Loans, they can not be made over the Telephone in most cases. Usually to apply for a Budgeting Loan you will need To call the Social fund on their national telephone number and then they will send youa paper copy of the form SF500, this process generally takes around 4 days as they are sent second class post.

To speed up your application for a Budgeting loan you can simply download a BUDGETING LOAN APPLICATION FORM

Using a downloaded version of the SF500 application will mean that you are able to get your claim looked at a lot more quickly by your local Benefit Delivery Centres Social Fund section and will – as a result be able to get a muck quicker decision.

For more information and help on completing a Budgeting Loan online application see our dedicated page of useful tips and information on how to apply.