To apply for you need to call the Budgeting loan number – 0843 5040 492

Budgeting loan phone numberIf you have made your application using the Budgeting Loan Number, and would like to know if a decision had been made, or if you have been awarded a budgeting loan and are just awaiting payment it can be difficult to find the budgeting loan telephone number for the office that is dealing with your application.

Usually it will take around 25 days for the entire process to be completed as it is split into several stages.

1) You make you application- this takes around 10 working days to be received and decided

2) you are sent an acceptance letter- This takes around 3 days to be posted and delivered to you

3) you return your acceptance letter

4) Your acceptance letter is received and processed and payment is issued – this usually takes around a week.

The timescales above are only a guide, and you can check our polls page to see how long the application process it taking in real terms at any given time.

The budgeting loan telephone number that you will have to call will depend on where you live in the UK and is broken down by post code. Unlike the Crisis Loan number , the budgeting loan contact lines are not free and are actually 0845 numbers, given that you may end up on the phone form half an hour plus,  we sugest that you DO NOT CALL the budgeting loan number, but that you call the free crisis loan number instead.

New Budgeting Loan Telephone Number 2015
The Budgeting Loan section of Jobcentre Plus at the DWP has recenly been changed to a new 0345 number that is free from mobiles – check out the 2015 Telephone numbers Page for the lastest Budgeting loan Telephone Number

Yes it sounds odd, but the they use the same system and should be able to tell you if your application has been processed, and if your payment has been sent including the date that you BL is expected to credit.