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Budgeting loans can help with essential lump sum expenses which are difficult to budget for when you are living on means-tested benefits. Budgeting loans have to be paid back to the social fund, but they are interest-free. This means you only have to pay back the amount you are awarded. You won’t get a budgeting loan just because you are eligible to apply. The decision will be made following a review of your circumstances.

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How Long Does A Budgeting Loan Take?
What is the budgeting loan telephone number?

What are Budgeting Loans?

A Budgeting Loan is a one off award designed to help people or families to spread the cost of expensive items over time to make them more affordable

Who Can apply for a Budgeting Loan?

To receive a Budgeting Loan you must be in receipt of an income based benefits and that award must span at least 26 weeks without a break.

  • You can apply if you are the partner of someone who has been in receipt of a qualifying benefit for 26 weeks.
  • If your benefit had been stopped for a period of less than 28 days then you are still eligible for a Budgeting Loan

What can I use a Budgeting Loan for?

Budgeting Loans are intended to be used for:

  • Household essentials or furniture.
  • New shoes or clothes.
  • removal costs of your first month’s rent.
  • increased home security or improvements.
  • expenses associated with travel.
  • Help with job seeking or the start of a new job
  • Settling any HP agreements that you have taken out to pay for any of the above.

How much can I borrow?

This will depend on:

  • If you are single;
  • a member of a couple; or
  • if you have one or more children.

The award made will rest on:

  • any outstanding social fund department
  • any money that you have at your disposal

You must apply for a minimum amount of at least £100

Repaying a Budgeting loan

Repayments can either be:

  • Deducted automatically from benefit in payment; or

Paid directly by the customer at an agreed amount (depending on applicant s income and expenditure).

How to apply

  • Budgeting Loan applications can be made by completing an Application Form and posting it to a local Jobcentre Plus office.

When completed the form can be posted to your local Jobcentre Plus.

Dissatisfied with Budgeting Loan decision?

If the customer is dissatisfied with their Budgeting Loan decision: A review request should be made in writing within 28 days of the date of the decision stating the reasons why the applicant is dissatisfied with the decision.

Contacting the Budgeting Loan team

Need to speak to a member of the DWP? Get in touch with various different sections of the Department - we are not affiliated with any organisation mentioned. for Work and Pensions now using our call connection phone numbers.

Department - we are not affiliated with any organisation mentioned. Call Connection Phone Numbers - we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned
Social Fund (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 506 0283
Crisis Loan (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2336
Jobcentre Appointments (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2322
Job Seeker’s Allowance Claims (New Claims & Existing) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2383
Employment & Support Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Income Support (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Incapacity Benefit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 0374
Universal Credit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Universal Credit (New Claims & Appointments) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Maternity Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 9433
Personal Independence Payment (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2380

Calls to the Social Fund on their direct number 0800 169 0140 are free from any BT landline (this include call/phone boxes) and also includes calls from most of the larger mobile phone networks.

597 thoughts on “Budgeting Loans”

  1. Hi I got accepted for a budgeting loan and sent the acceptent form back to them last monday how long will it take for me to receive the money in my post office account plz answer asap! Thanks

  2. I have only just signed up for income support as I was on maternity leave and can not return back to work due to child care I need to apply for a budgeting loan but it says you cannot get these enless you have been on income support for 26 weeks the loan for moving house rent etc can anyone help

  3. I need help. I applied for a budget loan after being unemployed for 6 months. After 3 weeks the acceptance letter arrived I signed it and sent it back the same day. I then got call later that day being offered a job. I signed off and began work 2 days after I sent form back. Thing is if I have been offered the money do they have to honour it as it was agreed before I signed off? Thing is new job is monthly paid and I was relying on it to tie me over till I get paid as all my benefits have stopped and all I got was enough to cover my bus fares till I get paid. No money for gas, elec or food etc and am really worried. Can you advise. I can pay money straight back when I get my first pay but some people have said as I have signed off they wont give me it now.

  4. I had the okay for 812 I sent it back last Wednesday it been a week now how long dose it take for the money to go in your bank I rang up yesutday thay said it can take up to3 weeks is that right

  5. 12 months ago I had a budgeting loan of £800 I just got a new one for £300 to get furniture currently £11 a week is deducted from income support in the acceptance letter it said repayment would be £17 a week I assumed this would be for both loans as am still repaying the first one now a little concerned they are going to deduct £17 as well as the £11 which seems a little high as the £800 was only £11 a week repayment anyone know if it is likely to be £17 altogether or £17 just for the £300 as if that’s the case may struggle to meet other bills

  6. I have waited 365 days b4 I put in 4 another 1. This was also turned down, I was told by C.A.B that there shouldn’t b a problem, well I was turned down again. No explanation nothing, I would like 2 know why I was turned down after living like stig of the dump. Because I worked I’m getting punished for it, it I hadn’t worked we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  7. I was told over 365 days ago that I would beable to apply again, whichI did and I was tturned down straight away. I wish to know why as I’m entitled to some help. I have lived in a dump for over a year & because I worked I’m being punished for it. I would like someone with big enough balls to tell me the truth. If not you leave me no choice but to go2 the media.

  8. I applied for budgeting loan 6 weeks ago. I ran up because I hadn’t had a reply and was told I was accepted on 12th august 2014 and that the acceptance letter was sent out the same day. Hadn’t received the letter by the following Tuesday so I rang again and another letter was sent out, it’s now a week since the second letter was sent out and I still haven’t received the acceptance letter! What’s going on? Could I sign for it at my local job centre?

  9. I sent my signed form back to jobcentre the or where you find out how much money your allowed how long will it take for me to get my money??

  10. I applied for a budget loan and posted it but forgot the declaration sp I handed it into my job center it’s getting sent away internally when will my money be in my bank please reply

  11. I got a acceptance.letter and my local jobcentre faxed it directly.to social.fund on Monday just gone at 3.30/4pm so when roughly should i expect a payment in my account please as I need to get baby stuff and.do not have long before.my son is born

  12. I applied for budgeting loan on wed 21st may I just got a job starting next week so I will have to sign off jsa next week will I still get budgeting loan as been on jsa 3 years . They have sent out a letter offering loan if I sign and send back can they change their mind

  13. Please could someone answer.

    i sent my acceptance off for a budgeting loan over 2 weeks ago and still no money in my account. Money is to buy my daughter her new cot so im desperate for this to be in.
    ive rang and keep getting same answer that its not been processed?? How when i sent it off 2 weeks ago

  14. I was awarded a budgeting loan for £812 last month which I used to buy a new washing machine and buy a bed for my toddler and some of my over due rent and council tax I still owe money on this would I be able to get another one for about 200/300 to clear the rest of my debt or is it too soon to reapply ?

  15. Got a letter today saying there going to take £31@ per week on the frount page but on page three they are say there going to take £19@ per week witch one will they take

  16. Hi in just wondering. I have recently just had a budgeting loan of £300 now my sofa has broken and i need a new 1 will i be able to apply for a further £500 what’s the chances of it been accepted?

  17. Hello there, just want a bit of advice really, I sent a budgeting loan off on the 14/11/13 for
    £250 and had a letter back on 20/11/13 saying I could have it and in the letter it said I would have been entiltled to £348 for a single person, so I sent my acceptence letter off with a letter I wrote , asking them to look at it again to see if they would consider giving me the £348, the review officer phoned me today 4/12/13 and said the only way round it would be for me to put a new in application for the £348 and cancel the review because they are back logged with reviews and the review process could take a lot longer than a new application from me! Or she said I could send you a new acceptance letter for the £250 and cancell you review, I’ve chose this last option because I’m moving into a property and am extremle desperate for a bed, anyway my question is she has given me a fax number and as soon as I get acceptance letter I can fax it straight to her, any ideas how long til I should receive my loan?

  18. hi can you help me I was on income support but have went straight onto jobseekers allowance now,will I be eligible to apply for a budget loan or will I have to be on jobseekers for 26 weeks

  19. hi can you tell me if I will be able to get a budgetloan as ive went from income support straight to jobseekers allowance will I have to be on jobseekers allowance for 26wks before being eligible for a budget loan

  20. I put in for a bugetinh loan and they said i wasnt on a benifit but i was on for 26weeks then signed off for 2 days and back on do you think i will get it

  21. I get conflicting information from the Social Fund call centre as to my eligibility. I was on JSA for a year before being temporarily suspended between 23/05 to the 18/06. That is 26 days in total. I’m now back on JSA. Despite this, I’ve been told that I would not be eligible simply because I had a “break”; the 28 days point being irrelevant.

    What is going on?

    1. my understanding is that ANY BREAK resets your 26 weeks.. the 28 day rule is for benefit linking ( waiting days etc) and not social fund eligability

  22. Hi I had a budgeting loan back in begining of 2012 of £812 they have only started taking it back a month ago, I applied for another budgeting loan on friday of £700 as I have now moved into a new place and had a second baby to help with home improvements and clothing for me and my 2 children.. I was just wondering the chances of actually getting it as like I say they have not long started to take the old one back? Thanks

  23. I have been on income support for 25 weeks and was on maternity allowance before that… Am I eligible for a budgeting loan?

  24. hi i was accepted for a budget loan on the 24th may 2013 i sent my reply slip on the 24th may 2013 they haven’t received it so now they are sending another reply slip,only thing is i was getting income support when i accepted and now ive had that stopped and have made a new claim for jsa,will i still get the loan???

    1. Your application should be fine, as the decision has already been made. it is possible to switch benefits as long as there is no gap in claims

  25. Hi I was just wondering I sent my form off on tuesday and was just wondering Wetherby you know how lobg it will take before I hear back fron them. Thanks

  26. Hello. I sent the budgeting loan application off on the 7th May 2013 and havent heard back from them since. I tried the new Crisis Loan number, but because Goverment stopped the Crisis Loans, it was just a waste of time and I didnt get more information from there. What is the actual number (phone number, not website) for the budgeting loan so I could chase it up please? Thanks.

  27. Hi I sent my acceptance letter back on 30/04/13 a week ago and i haven’t received any payment or heard anything back, should i wait a few more days before contacting DWP or contact them now? Thanks

    1. Hi I sent my acceptance letter off today but i thought you did not need a stamp on the envelope provided. But i read on a earlier post you was meant to but a stamp on the envelope. Can you please confirm whether a stamp was needed please.. Thank you.

      1. Most of the envolopes provided a pre-paid, 2nd class. was it already addressed? if so its 99.99% curtain that the postage is already covered.

  28. Hi has any1 got the number for the buget loan cimpany just i tryed loads any not getting a answer could some please send me it thanks xx

    1. Yes, but they will count your partners previous loans toward the total amount that you can now borrow, E.G. you want £1000. you partner had £750 and owes £600 this means that you can now get £900 max.

  29. I posted my form 2 and a half weeks ago , haven’t had anything back yet . My question is how long does it usually take for a desision to be made ?

    1. Yes Danni, I would suggest that you call them tue/wed as it can take 24-48 hours to call you back, then we will be back at Friday with the banks closing for the weekend and your loan being held till next week.

  30. I also sent my acceptance letter off Monday and still waiting, do I receive a letter saying when the payment will be made or does it go straight into my account??

    1. The Loan will be paid right into your account- you will get a letter, but its 2nd class, so will arrive AFTER the loan is issued

  31. I sent my acceptance letter back last monday and havent heard anything yet.does anybody know roughly how long it takes once you send the form back saying you accept

  32. my dad took out a budget loan back in 1998 (he does not remember this) and its taken them 14 years to say they are taking money from his esa he dont receive a lot and this was possibly when he was with my mum they have been separated for 5 years now can they take this money back after it being so long and have not go in touch with him before about this.

    1. Yes they can take it back, no matter how long it has been- that was part of the original agreement that your dad made.

      He can ask for the repayments to be looked at again with a bee to them being reduced

  33. I applied for a budget loan and was denied as they say i haven’t been on jsa long enough when i defo have, how do i appeal?

    1. Call the office that disallowed you, and ask for a reconsideration – you will have to put it in writing – so ask for the fax number or ask the Jobcentre to fax it for you

  34. Hi , i applied for a b.loan on 3rd april ’13, i now hear that as of 1st april the social fund is changing, does this mean my application will be refused?

  35. I got my acceptance lettance letter and sent it last yesterday evening 1st class(postie collects today) do you know roughly how long its taking to appear in peoples banks at the mo? the letter took about 7 days to turn up.

  36. I applied for a bugeting loan on the 20th march 2013 and have not heard anything yet I no that from 1st april they have stopped doing them does this mean I won’t get one now

    1. Your application will still be processed, as long as it was received all applications made before 31/3/2013 will be looked at.

  37. Could you please advise me how long it takes from receiving and returning the acceptance letter for the money to go into the account. I had the letter Monday 25th March. I am just concerned with all this bad weather if mail has been received etc, and conscious that if the letter is not back within the 14 days of the letter being sent that it will be cancelled.

  38. Hi,
    I accepted the amount I was offered for my budgeting loan and sent back the wrong form to say I accept,
    will this affect how long it takes for the money to go into my account?

  39. hello there i got my form back last Friday i think i sent it off with the Evenlope in isnt not first class Anyways because it a Goverment based letter? well i sent it off as they said i can have 348 in a loan i sent all the forms they give me in the first place so they cant say they Didnt get it all. so when would you think it will be in my bank account?

  40. l ask for 114.00 and they have offered me 113.52 l have sent back the offer letter now l am just waiting to see how long it takes to recive the money

  41. hey ive been offered a brand new 2 bed house from isos housing and the houses will not be finished untill september, i am filling in the community care grant as i need furniture etc and is asking for carpet measurments which i dont know, and will not be able to know untill i view this property at a later date, could you give some advice please on what to do

  42. Hi, I recently moved into a new flat and im on jobseekers allowance so cannot afford to put carpet down. Would I be able to get a budgeting loan to do so?

  43. I took out a social fund budgeting loan 3 years ago of £918., and to this day they have never taken the money back. I signed the agreement and recieved the payment but the re-payments never started. I had previously had 3 other loans and they had all gone back as agreed, in fact one loan they had said I had started repayments 6 months later than I had, and took an extra £235.46p from me. Where does this leave me? Due to financial circumstances I am in need of asking for another budgeting loan but I’m afraid they will say no due to outstanding balance. But it is through no fault of mine that this has not been repaid.

  44. I recently had a new claim on 23 of march and I want to applied for budget loan so I can buy furniture. Am I eligible.

  45. i applied for a budget loan back in March which was accepted for £600 for furniture and removal costs. I have been paying £26 a week since so think i possibly have £100-£150 to pay back. Have just applied for another for £500 for furniture and home improvements. Will this be declined ??

  46. i am a single mum of a 8 week old, i am on maternity leave from work, i have been living in a hostel and have just been given a council house. i have no furniture, carpets or anything to put in there and only get basic maternity pay from work which is just enough to live on do you think i will be entitled to a loan or do i have to be on benefits?

  47. I applied for a budget loan a few weeks ago I got the letter saying how much I will get and I sent th letter back but still havint got th money I was just wondering welshmen I would get the money?

  48. am i aloud to get a budget loan if i had 3months work and then done a rapid reclaim iv only bin back on the jsa for 2months now

  49. Hi. I sent off the form to accept the offer for a budgeting loan on monday. How long do you think it will be now until the money is in my account?

  50. I applied for a budget loan about 2 weeks ago but still haven’t had a reply i have one already but only owe 40.00 now. How do i know if i can have this loan and how long will it take for me to receive in the post?

  51. Hi I accepted the amount of a budget loan and sent it away last Saturday how long will it take to go into my bank?

  52. i am paying my partners loan back and im having problems tracking payments that havent been recorded against the loan and obtaining an outstanding balance, add this to the monthly threatening letter that comes out 2 weeks after payment guaranteed. obviously im not having fun and im trying to locate the official complaints route but all i can find is this daft forum. any help would be great.

    J Taylor


    1. Does your partner owe anything? if you and you had £1500 and then met a partner who also owed £1500 then you household debt is £3000.00 you need to repay £1500 AT LEAST before either of you can get any further loans.

  54. i work part time and get working tax credit my partner recieves child tax credits, we have 4 children under 7. we get housing beneifit too, we have applied for a budget loan. do you think we will be successful or not?

    1. It does not should likely as you have to be on a specific benefit, and it sounds like you are not on the right ones..

  55. i sent my acceptance slip off on the 24th of may, on wed i phoned to see what was happening and they said i hadent sent all the papers they needed, so sent those the same day, when can i expect my money

  56. Hiya, i sent off my acceptance form on the 30th may 2012, but have heard nothing back of yet.. how much longer till it goes into my bank? thanks :)

  57. this page does not give you an alternative to making a phone call to enquire about how your budgetting loan,if they recieved it and how long they would have to wait,most people cant afford the price of a phone call especially when in most cases your put on hold perhaps you could have an email adress sp people can email their enquiries thankyou

  58. hey… myself and husband have 3 young children under the age of 5 and and need a new wardrope!…. we got a loan
    of 800 like well over a year ago…. and have paid loads back… to that think we are paying 2.50 aweek now i applyed for another loan a week ago whats our chances of geting it also how long will it take to hear back from it xx

    1. You should have a good chance at getting a loan as long as you didnt apply for the same things as last time..

  59. Hi I sent back my acceptance form but first class post on Wednesday can you tell me roughly when to expect payment? Or when’s best to phone and see if they have it etc?

    Thank you for any help

  60. i apply for a budgeting loan and they are saying i have not been claiming for over 26weeks which i have

    1. Then you need to appeal, and send them proof that you have been on INCOME BASED benefits for 26 weeks ( JSA Contribution based does not count..)

  61. The social have told me that my payment was issued yesterday the 16th may 2012. Does anyone know how many days it takes for payment to be in my account please

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