As a pregnant lady, you have the right to be granted a maternity leave. There are also other benefits that accompany the maternity leave including maternity allowances which you receive from the Department for Work and Pension. If you are employed, your employer should give you Statutory Maternity Pay. Also, during your pregnancy, you receive… Read More

Before the Government decided to scrap the Social Fund, people and their families had a place to turn when they found that they were without income (often through no fault of their own) and could apply for a crisis loan to tide them over with money for food or gas and electricity until they were… Read More

With the end of the Social Fund following the introduction of the new welfare reform bill, those who would previously applied to the social fund for financial assistance in times of emergency are now finding it ever more difficult to work out who to turn to in a disaster. Historically, anyone who lived in the… Read More

If you have applied for a Crisis Loan for living expenses or for help with rent in advance and have been refused the loan then you can appeal, and in most cases have a good chance of the decision being overturned in your favour. The rules around crisis loans are pretty clear, and there are… Read More

the maximum rate for daily living expenses available to non-householders (other than those who are homeless) will reduce from 60% to 30% of the personal allowance rate (see paras 3-21) Crisis Loans awarded to alleviate hardship because Child Tax Credit (CTC) has not yet been received will be treated as alignment payments (see paras 22-25).… Read More

The Social Find sections will be open as usual for most of the Christmas period, so if you need a loan you can still call the crisis loans telephone number and apply. However due to public holidays and the fact that all jobcentre plus offices will be closed it is better not to ring on… Read More

Crisis Loans for rent Given the recent economic crisis, many people are finding that they are falling behind on rent payemnts or that they are no longer able to afford the rent at the property that they live at and this is causing an increase in the number of people allplying to the government run… Read More

To get an understanding of how much was paid out in crisis loans in the last year he have found the following figures The information is as follows: 2010-11 Region Budget a rea November December January February March East Midlands East Midlands North 5,522 4,753 6,610 5,894 5,598 South East Midlands 7,298 6,210 8,019 6,823… Read More

Changes to the Crisis Loan rules are being introduced from 4 April 2011, which will help to control expenditure, reduce abuse of the system and ensure funds are used for those in genuine need. The three planned changes to the Crisis Loan system will mean that the Department will: No longer pay Crisis Loans for… Read More


The Social Fund Contact Telephone Number for the crisis loans sections has recently changed, for those of you that don’t know, the crisis loan telephone service (same day applications for living expenses) is run on a virtual network- this means that your call could be answered by any Benefit Centre dealing with social fund telephone… Read More