The Scottish Government Offer both goods and grants plus optional other support Respondents broadly supported the option of offering both goods and grants to enable individual circumstances to be addressed, while giving people choice and offering flexibility. Grants The advantage of grants was that they enable personal choice, which helps to empower individuals and promote… Read More

Qualified endorsement for a single grant fund There was qualified endorsement of the proposal that the successor arrangements should operate a single grant fund. This was seen to offer financial benefits, both to applicants and organisations, by reducing complexity, improving effectiveness, lowering delivery and administration costs and maximising available resources. This approach was also seen… Read More

Scottish Crisis Loans and social fund Main Findings ?? Respondents welcomed the devolution of the Social Fund as an opportunity for the Scottish Government to remedy the deficiencies and complexities of the existing system and to secure better integration with other aspects of welfare and public policy in Scotland. More information was sought about the… Read More

Scotland to have separate Crisis Loans Budget As part of the Devolution process the Scottish National assembly have been considering options around how they are going to administer Crisis Loans, Budgeting loans and community care grants when they are handed responsibility for their own Social Fund System by the DWP in 2013. A Recent study… Read More