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As of April 1st, 2013 the Social Fund will no longer operate at a national level, the Government have included parts of the Social Fund in the new Welfare shake-up meaning that the discretionary payments like Crisis loans for items, lost money or rent in advance will now be administered by Local Authorities. We have… Read More

The DWP have recently had a change of policy that could see those on low incomes become eligible for interest free loans from 3rd parties that can then be deducted from Benefits.   Basically the Eligible Loan Deductions Scheme idea is: If you take a loan from a specific type of charitable, or not for… Read More

SOCIAL FUND REFORM – update. · December 2010 Government White Paper – Universal Credit: welfare that works – included details of Social Fund reform proposals. · A key aim of the reform is to protect the budgeting loans, which assists vulnerable groups. · The introduction of Universal Credit makes reform essential. · The Welfare Reform… Read More


Below are all of the latest contact telephone numbers for benefit delivery centres that process social security benefits for the UK. Simply look for the closest Jobcentre plus office to your home address Jobcentre Plus postal addresses If you need to speak to your local Jobcentre, you can call them through our call connection service… Read More

A new rule that was first reported to have been tested last year has resurfaced its head again. The 3 strikes rule basically says that you can only have 3 crisis loans in any 12 month period for things like lost, stolen or spent money- or any other event that was not unforeseen or unavoidable.… Read More

For those that want to know when the best times to call the social fund are, we have designed a quick reference chart based on the success we have had with calling the social fund for a crisis loan or budgeting loan sections at different times of the day. This guide is aimed at those… Read More

There are several types of Social Fund Payment, depending on your situation. The first is a crisis loan – an easy to get no interest loan that you can be paid on the same day you apply. The crisis loan limit is £1500.00 for any family unit go back to our social fund page for more… Read More

The Social Fund is a Government Scheme aimed at helping the disadvantaged or those that are in immediate Crisis, to obtain grants or no interest loans to help in the event of unforeseen circumstances or disaster. For people on limited income it may sometimes be very difficult to budget effectively for emergency expenses like funeral… Read More