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This site offers advice and call forwarding options, and we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned on this website. Calls to 084 numbers cost up to 7p per minute plus your network access charge.

The Social Fund is a Government Scheme aimed at helping the disadvantaged or those that are in immediate Crisis, to obtain grants or no-interest loans to help in the event of unforeseen circumstances or disaster.

This is an advice site that also offers call forwarding options, and we are in no way affiliated with the Department - we are not affiliated with any organisation mentioned. for Work & Pensions, Social Fund, or any other organisation mentioned on this website.

For people on limited income it may sometimes be very difficult to budget effectively for emergency expenses like funeral costs, the costs of a new baby or one-off payments for large items, fridge freezers, beds, removal costs or furnishing a new home.
People who have just ended employment may also find themselves in a position where they have no income coming in at all. 
The Government have made sure that there is help to be had when you find yourself in a Crisis situation, through the Department of Work and Pensions ( DWP) and Jobcentre Plus ( JCP) There is money available for these situations, although it is limited.

This is known as the Social Fund. The Social Fund includes funeral payments, maternity grants, crisis loans, budgeting loans, community care grants and cold weather payments. Added to that Winter fuel payments are also a type of Social Fund payment, however, these are restricted to those that are 60 or over.  Most government departments such as social fund, budgeting loan have now moved on to as they are the corresponding number to the original 0845 number and will soon move to an 0300 telephone number

If you are on a low income, you may also be able to get benefits to help with your living costs, your rent or other housing costs and your Council Tax

Crisis Loans help, advice and call forwarding options

Budgeting Loan help, advice and call forwarding options

Community Care Grant help, advice and call forwarding options


Need to speak to a member of the Department - we are not affiliated with any organisation mentioned. for Work And Pensions about your issues? Our call connection phone numbers should be able to help – get in touch with the right department by dialling one of the contact numbers below.

Department - we are not affiliated with any organisation mentioned. Call Connection Phone Numbers - we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned
Social Fund (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 506 0283
Crisis Loan (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2336
Jobcentre Appointments (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2322
Job Seeker’s Allowance Claims (New Claims & Existing) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2383
Employment & Support Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Income Support (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Incapacity Benefit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 0374
Universal Credit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Universal Credit (New Claims & Appointments) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Maternity Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 9433
Personal Independence Payment (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2380

Calls to the Social Fund on their direct number 0800 169 0140 are free from any BT landline (this include call/phone boxes) and also includes calls from most of the larger mobile phone networks.

213 thoughts on “Social Fund Advice”

  1. Hi social fund

    I returned my signature slip 2 accept my budget loan wed last wk… wen would u think the money goes in? and do u have the contact num 2 ring them im in eccles manchester.thanku

  2. hi i sent an application for a CCG on 20th March 2012. do u know when i will receive a letter saying 1) whether i have been accepted and 2) if so how much and when i will receive the payment.

    Thank Youu

    1. Hi Tomm

      you are usually sent one letter that gives you the acceptance answer, and also two possible amounts to accept.

    1. Loans and grants are separate, unless you are applying for the same reason, then obviously they would only pay you once.

    1. Hi Criag,

      We asked you 3 times for your post code, as we need this to give you the address, however you didn’t reply. So we removed the comment.

      Let us know your post code, and exactly what you need and I will personally get it for you within the hour.

  3. I have recently moved into a 2 bedroom flat which was not fully furnished when I moved in I applied for a Community Care Grant on the 23rd of March & was just wondering how long it would take before I found out whether I have been accepted for the grant as I am expecting a baby in the next 2 weeks & applied for the grant for a cot, carpets and other household equipment.
    Thank You

  4. Hi there,

    I need to apply for a budgeting loan, as a lone parent I have lots of expenses with my two children. So I think I’ll do it through the job centre as i am in Jobseekers Allowance for about a year now. The only thing is that a while ago i had an overpayment on PSA (because I was getting Child maintenance and informed jC too late) and i still have some money to pay back (about £1600) which they are already taking at present from my JSA. So they take about £10.40 per week and will go on for a long while more so I’m not sure if i can ask for the Budgetting loan at this moment… Please help thanks

    1. Hi,

      An overpayment is not the same as social fund debt- so does not effect your ability to apply for a budgeting loan or a crisis loan. :)

  5. Hi, I’d just like to find out how long it takes to hear a descision from the social fund. I sent off an applicaiton for a budgeting loan last monday, and wondering when ill hear back, as I am in real need of any offers they can give me, thank you

  6. Hi i applied for both a budgeting loan and a community care grant 10days ago as my 13year old daughter has been placed in my care permanently by social services as she was assaulted by her dad. we have no bed bedding or furniture for her room also her dad refuses to hand over her clothes and belongings and she has no clothes at all could you give me an idea how long it will be before i hear anything because as you can imagine its extremely urgent thanks

  7. I have just tried to make an application for a crisis loan for a mattress,but was told i would have to apply for budgeting loan instead as crisis loans no longer covered household items.I was then told i couldnt apply for a budgeting loan ,would this be because of benefits im on? Im on incapacity benefit and lower rate DLA. Which is the appropriate loan for me to apply for please,i have no other way to get the funds i need ,thankyou

  8. hi my partners works 12 hours a week and still get jsa but this forthnight the jobcentre said there only giving him £30 will we beable to get a crisis loan as we have got 2 children to feed and i have used child benefit ,child tax credit to pay bills thinking we were going to get more off the jobcentre for food

  9. hi. i actually am very familiar with certain parts of the benefits system, and therefore i know that 85% of the reason of your outcome will depend on whether you get a good civil servant who does their job professionally and objectively (around 5% of jobcentre/ social fund staff), or whether you get a very badly mannered, or socially inept, judgemental person. most of whom seem to behave as if you are asking them to give you their own money for free. its pot luck, but worth looking around at how all the office workers interact before going up to one for advice. its aslo worth taking notes/recording any interview and having the staff memeber sign it, as facts are often twisted in favour of cost cutting.

    anyway rant over, i really hate the way the welfare ystem is so needlesly broken, cant help it, sorry :) i need some advice on funeral payments and help for terminally ill people on benefits. she is 54 yrs old, has 7 weeks to live, and i dont know what i can ask for in order to improve her quality of life. my biggest question is about funeral payments. i a scared i wont be awarded one to take care of her when she dies, as im not a relative. she has no close family, there are some sisters and 2 adult kids, but all are estranged and do nothing except occassionally po in every month or two for a ‘loan’. what exactly are the rights regarding funeral payment claimants? must the claimant (me, non relative) have been on a benefit for min 26 weeks prior to claiming, like the other granys and loans, if i found the son, would he need to have been getting benefits for 26 weeks? i dont jnow if he even does, and frankly its a badly strained relationship between mother and son, as with daughter. they will not want to bother, and i CANNOT allow my friend to have a ‘paupers funeral’ from the council.

    so basically, im asking all the above, and the most important question is regadig whether a funeral payment claimant must have been in receipt of benefits for any minimum time.

    time is of the essence,and any help is very appreciated. thank you x

    1. Emma,

      Firstly, sorry to hear about your situation.

      We do have another volunteer who is far more experienced with funeral payments than I am, so I will drop her a line so that we can give you accurate advice- however she is only online during the week.

      It may be the case that she can think of a way to help you- that would mean you could be awarded a Funeral Payment.

      However- my own knowledge, and the Funeral payments regulations seem to point to you NOT being able to get any help,

      On the surface, my first thought would be to apply for power of attorney, or to be an appointee- this would give you the ability to deal with your friends financial affairs in the future. Are you on benefits at all? and I will check about the 26 weeks rule – as this would seem pointless for a funeral Payment, as my understanding of the 26 week rule for general social fund payments is to discourage people who had temporarily given up to to obtain a loan/grant

  10. Hi Social Fund
    I sent off for a budgeting loan and they replied i sent the acceptance slip back on friday 2nd march 2012 any idea on how long in takes for the money to go into the account given?

  11. this site is rubbish no one gets bk to yu even wen its an emergancy!! even people on phone are usless toooo

    1. You posted 4 times, each one different. None of them warranting a reply in their own right. We have genuine people needing help, who ask clear questions. These are the priority, as we do this voluntarily around our own jobs.

  12. Hello i have applied for a budget loan and community care grant.As i was told i was more likely to receive somthing from one or the other.I applied for different things i needed on each.I got accepted for a budgeting loan.But was knocked right down what i was offered i will be lucky to get a budget bed and bedding .Ive not heard back from the community care grant as yet but whats the chances of been accepted for both.And how long dose it usually take for the grant to get back to you its been almost 2 weeks since i applied.
    Also i sent my declaration for the budget loan off about 8 days ago and have rang and they said they havent received it.
    Please advice me.I know everybody is in a difficult situation and wish i could work so i dont have to rely on handouts but at the minute i have no option and just could do with some advice with my questions.

  13. I applied for sure start maternity grant from the social fund and its quite clearly states if YOU OR YOUR PARTNER claim WORKING TAX CREDITS and expecting your first child in 11 weeks or have given birth in the past 3 months that you will be elligible.
    I phoned them today to check the status of my claim and was told that we wouldnt be awarded the grant. I dont see how this is fair considering we meet the requirements and are elligible. The bloke on the phone didnt even tell me his name was very rude and would not explain to me why we did not get the grant and hung up on me.

    I would like some sort of explanation for the rude and indecent actions of the social fund.

  14. Hi I am wanting to apply either for a grant or social fund the reason being is my son has a two week trial my sister was going to take care of my 4 yr old but due to unforeseen circumstances can no longer do it.I have asked at my local nursery where my son attends and the cost is near on £300 I have contacted various people for financial help but have had no joy many thanks

  15. Hi I sent my application for a budgeting loan 3 weeks ago but havent heard anything back from them. But my friend has and she applied for hers about a week after me and has already got a reply
    should I ring up and enquire about it?? Please reply thanks x

  16. Hey, I applied for a budgeting loan.. It took 10 days for the acceptance letter to come, it came on the Friday (the 27th) and I sent it back on that same day.. Now I know that it’s only been 6 days, but do you think that I might recieve the loan before the weekend comes? Or even by the Monday? I’m getting it paid into my bank account. Any help is appreciated! =)

  17. All I needed was money for gas,electric and some food .Why do we have to wait 10 days to get benefit when I was already getting money.Why cant they just carry on paying you until forms are sorted out and adjust payments where needed instead of you having to beg for help.

  18. Took a letter of appeal to job centre on 30/01/2012.On 31/01/2012 social fund person rang my mums house and could not apologise enough.He said the lady we spoke to had no right refusing me.He told me to write a formal complaint which I have since done.So if anyone gets a refusal make sure you appeal as I have just got my loan.

  19. I have just come of sickness benefit and had to apply for JSA.Told I had to wait 10 days for any payment and to apply for a crisis loan.Lady on phone told me to ask friends and family to lend me money or let me and my two children sleep on their floor until my money comes through.My gas and electric are pay as you go and I had 17p in my purse.Told lady this but she did not care she kept telling me to go around anyone I know to help me.After she had taken all details after 50mins she told me to hang on another 10 mins while she made her decision.She came back on the line after 15 mins and declined my request.I asked her to tell me why she had refused me but all she kept saying was go to friends and family.My 8 yr old has asthma and my 11 yr old is waiting to go in for an operation so he must not get any colds or coughs.

  20. Hi sf

    I applied for a budgeting loan and was accepted, i signed my declaration and sent it back on the 18th january 2012.

    I called up on the 26th and was told that they have not yet recieved my signed declaration so cannot do anything obviously until this is recieved. although it could be in the office!!!!!

    My question is : is this normal for it to take so long to be looked at? is there a backlog??? i am just slightly concerned because of the delay that it may have been lost but then a friend of mine told me it takes about 2 weeks from signing the declaration to getting processed!

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks

    Miles x

  21. I applied for a budgeting loan on the 10th of jan. I didnt post it back but handed it in at my local office instead. i recieved my acceptance letter on saturday 18th and posted it back using a first class envelope to make sure it was received by monday. (reason being when i called up to see if they posted out my acceptance letter the adviser told me that they use second class posting when sending and receiving letter if it comes with a reply envelope) I called today to see if my letter was recieved but the lovely woman on the other end wouldnt even check it on the system telling me it takes 4 days for the letter to reach them and it wont be until next week wednesday before i hear back from them. Which would of been 4 weeks in total. I did explain that the money was needed to pay for a short course and it would need to be paid
    for before the 27th


  23. Hi I applied for social fund on mon 2 jan 2012
    How long will it take for a response ?
    Me and my partner will be moving into our
    First home in the next couple of weeks and need
    Things like fridge ,freezer ,sofa and bed ..
    Shall I call them ?
    Please comment back

  24. I applied for a budgeting loan the begining of october and still havent heard anything back from them, any idea how long this is actually going to take?

  25. Please please somebody help…..
    I applied for JSA on 13th December (and housing benefit a couple of weeks later) and have been attending my signing interviews etc. i am told my claim is live but thy have not started paying it yet.
    i now find myself 546 odd pounds behind with my rent -i called and try to aply for a crisis/budgeting loan and was told im not applicable as i havent been on jsa for 26 weeks and also they do not pay rent arrears. is there anything i can do as my landlord although he has been very patient has mortgage payments due out tomorrow and is asking when i will be able to pay. Thanks

    1. Have you asked your council about backdating your housing benefit? – as this seems to be the route cause of the issue, and the most logical place to start.

      if you were on means tested benefits, then you should automatically qualify for housing benefit as they are passported.

  26. i had a reply to my social fund loan saying i was accepted i had i choice of 3 amounts and i chose the one which was the closest to the amount i needed, so i sent of the reply today, my question is as its nearly Christmas how long will it take for them to receive the form? also how long will it take for the money to be issued into my account. thank you

  27. Hi

    I got accepted for a budgeting loan I sent off the declaration form a week yesterday am I likely to get the payment before Xmas.


    1. There should be no difference what your business is in any Post Office – you may be referred to a more senior staff member but I was treated as a regular member of the public and dealt with when I reached the head of the queue..

    1. Im guessing after xmas now- as you need to get an offer, after the application is processed, THEN send it back and wait for payment… the department close next week, not opening again until the 29th..

  28. Hi

    I need to apply for a new budgeting loan, but i’m still currently paying one off, last one was used to secure somewhere to live fast me and my daughter where in a studio, so after buying her cot and paying rent in advance it was all gone. We have now been lucky to find a 2 bed with a very understanding landlord who has set up a payment plan to pay my deposit.

    I have no bed (slept on the floor for a year)
    have no sofa I could use as a bed,
    we have no chairs of any kind so we sit on cushions when in the livingroom or eating meals.

    I also have no where to store clothing (dont think this is covered by budgeting loan tho??)

    I was wondering if i can indeed apply for another one when still paying off one? and also what I need to do, as in do i need to specifiy what we need seeing as i had one before and just ticked the box’s?

    any help would be appreciated, even if its just a phone number to someone who can explain more to me.

    1. You can apply for two loans at once- however it is unlikely that they will pay you again for items that they have already paid for- so if you applied for a bed a few weeks ago, they will turn you down for another one. so basically if you have spent the money on things other than what you asked for it for, you won’t get money to buy those items again.

      If you have paid your rent in advance, you should be able to get this back as housing benefit should have paid up to date by now?

  29. hi again,ive phoned bugeting loans to see if they had recieved my declaration and they said they had,however they said i had signed the part that said i was sending additional papers with my declaration and not the bit that said i will accept the loan! Im sure there was only one place to sign on the declaration and i definatly remember ticking the amount that was offered! What a nightmare! They have now said their gonna send it back to re-sign? Is there two places to sign on the declaration form? Please could you advise me on this,i know,”wot a plonker” but if i ticked the amount and signed an dated the same a4 piece of paper,does it really matter if it was the wrong place? Thank you very much for your last reply,x

  30. i applied for a budgeting loan 3 weeks ago. got a acceptance letter 1 week ago and sent it back the same day. i called up today and they say they dont have my declaration and they will have to send another one. how long will i be waiting till i get the money

  31. hi,i applied for a budgeting loan & got a reply for an offer within 4 days,i have sent my declaration,accepting it,back and i wondered how you will know the payment is in your account,without going to p.o everyday,and also how long it will take to recieve a payment,thanks,x

  32. I applied for a budgeting loan 3 weeks ago,was sent a amount and had to send declaration back,which i did the same day,now been waiting over a week for a letter or money be put in my account. Today i decided to phone them and see whats going on,only to find they have lost my forms. They are sending new ones and i have to do the process all over again. Dont see why i have to do it again as clearly they have had forms to know how much i can get.

    1. The reason that they need your reply is that they need to have your signature accepting the terms of the loan ( much like any other lender) otherwise you could come back in two weeks and say that you didnt agree to deductions, therefore wont pay it back.

  33. Hi, i was just wondering if i would be eligible for any grants or loads and if so how much?. im pregnant and will be moving into a house soon but i would need help with furniture throughout and a nursery


  34. why is it that it’s just taken 20 minutes to get through to speak to a human being whatever happened to the days when you could go to your local benefits office and see a person behind a desk and you call this progress its ok for those that live near a job centre that can get to their jc easily but my nearest one is 15 to 20 miles away also your national call centers system is as far as i’m concerned a complete cockup for the system for 1 thing the length of time your kept hanging on the phone not to mention the cost of the calls i mean come on 20 mins is rediculous if your going to insist on call centers at least make the numbers 0800 numbers better still bring back face to face contact. cause we aint got pots of goldwhen your on benefits every penny has to count

  35. I’m currently getting contribution based ESA, i’ve tried looking everywhere to see if i can get some sort of loan from the social fund but it appears that i’ve shot it for any help, unless im burying someone or recieving income based ESA. In which case i can only apply for a crisis loan anyway, is that right?

    1. Hi Dawn,

      In theory if you ONLY qualify for Contribution based benefit then you either 1) have savings/ investments 2) have a partner working 3) claimed the wrong benefit.

      scenarios 1&2 would make a crisis loan unlikely- however 3, should mean that you could get help as you MAY have an underlying entitlement it income based ESA.

      EVEN though your on fonts based you can apply for a crisis loan ( a BL/CCG would require means tested benefit- but not a C/L)

      give them a call…

  36. hi the fone no i got was 08456 036 967, the social fund phone no!! hope this helps u all, complete nitemare of a system/webpage they have! u will have to choose option 2 and then option 2 again!!! :) x

  37. Just been searching high and low eventually got through to my local office and was told I have to ring this number now for social fund, 08456036967 hope that helps.

  38. Hi I have been on incapacity benefit for the past 8 -9 years and have never been able to get a loan except for crisis loan’s , can i get a different one, for help with buying clothes etc? , other people i know get the same amount of money, and benefit but get income support too and can get other loans and even grant’s, why am i not aloud too?? seems unfair, plz help , thankyou :)

  39. If you are wanting to get money from the social fund for a funeral and you are the next of kin and claiming some sort of benefits you should get the cost of the grave or cremation fee paid for and £700 towards the cost of the funeral.

  40. hya my 15 year old brother has moved in with me,i work 16 hours a week but need some money to buy him a bed and clothes will i qualify for any help?

  41. Hi. I have found rented accomodation and need to pay the 1st months rent (300) and deposit (300) before moving in. I dont have the money though and was wondering if i would be eligible? My husband works part time (£150 every fortnight) but was off work for 6 weeks recently and our housing benefit has been suspended and we have fallen behind with our current rent. We are moving because our landlord wants to renevote and have work done on this house asap. I have a 2 year old son. Also, once we move i will need to partly furnish the house, would i get any help towards this? Thanks

  42. how do i get in contact regards a budgeting loan? i have already applied and been accepted for one i sent the acceptance letter last saturday (9 days ago) i just want to make sure that dwp received my acceptance letter and the money will be in my account shortly as i need it within the next week to pay for my first months rent and bond upfront. i cannot find the number ANYWHERE its driving me mad all that seems to be on here is giving you the crisis loan number which i dont need then the general jobcentre plus number only gives you 5 options now and none of them are to do with budgeting loans. help!!

  43. Hi Mark (and anyone else)
    After several days searching and calling I have finally come up with a definitive social fund number


    Deals only with social fund enquiries so no complicated automated menus that make you want to throw the phone


    1. thanks a lot for putting that number on here.I’v been searching for ages for right one.Got form sent out to me straight away

  44. Hi, I need to know which social fund will be most appropriate to apply for, I want to apply for household stuff to enable me to adapt my flat so I can use my wheelchair and remain living here, Im confused as to weather to apply for a CCG or budgeting loan?

  45. I Have recently found a job and have had quite a few crisis loans how do i pay them back? and would i still be able to pay in installements as i am not earning very much?

  46. I applied for a Social Fund payment in September 2010 to help towards my wife’s funeral. I received a payment which only covered a fraction of the cost minus a payment made by DLA. I took this to a tribunal as I felt you had taken too much. You freely admitted that you had take over £146 too much which the tribunal endorsed. That was in March 2011, I am still waiting to receive the money. Why????

  47. Hi, im currently 38 weeks pregnant and applied for a community care grant to get carpet, a cooker, a fridge freezer, a washine mashine and a bed as i recently moved into a property with no furniture and no money to buy furniture and its causing me alot of stress which is making me very ill. I had the Islington benefits team help me fill in the form and send it off, i got a reply a few days later saying im not entittled to it. Why not???

  48. i applied for a sure start maternity grant an was refused as i had 3 other children all my children are in care an all there stuff was taken with them i am now pregnant again an have a chance to keep my baby i applied for a ssmg an was told no as my daughter was on my esa claim even though esa dont pay for children so i was told to apply again i have sent proof from my social worker to say none of my kids live with me an i have been refused again this is my last chance at keeping my child an due to this stupid decision i am very likely to loose my unborn baby when he is born as i dont have everything he needs i am in hospital as i have pre eclampsia and theres to much fluid round the baby an he has a 1 in 120 chance of being born with downs and still cant get help i have no where else to turn but if i was a drug user or an alcoholic they wud throw money at me would any1 have any advice on what to do next i am eing induced tomoz so my baby will be here by sunday the latest an im petrified i dont deserve to loose my child as i have changed my whole life an have done everything expected of me and now because of this i could risk loosing the only child i have a chance with plz HHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP me

  49. hi i was wondering if you could please give me the number to apply for a budgeting loan? i have searched many websites and none of the numbers are in use an more! thanks

  50. hello I need to know asap if the crisis loan wil pay for agent fees as i am homeless and have found a place nbut cant afford admin fees?????????????

    1. Crisis loans use a national number, however CCG’s and BL’s are dealt with by specific benefit centres- call the national social fund number and ask them to check beaded on your post code- they will then give you the correct number

    2. Crisis loans use a national number, however CCG’s and BL’s are dealt with by specific benefit centres- call the national social fund number and ask them to check beaded on your post code- they will then give you the correct number

  51. Hello, I applied for a budgeting loan few weeks ago. I sent letter back and was told acceptance letter was received today when will the money be in my account. (Monday 25th July)

  52. 2/3 years ago from asking for a form for a budget loan to it being paid into your account took about 10 days i sent a form in 2weeks ago and still have”nt heard anything onringing up to enquire about my application i was told i was ringing scotland and everything is now centralised there and would take around five weeks to prcess so much for emergency help fast.

  53. i applied for a budgeting loan 2 weeks ago and still havent heard anything. how long does it normally take to get a reply to an application ?

      1. Hi I was wondering when I would get a payment ! which I have been accepted for ! I know it has been difficult to process forms with xmas and new year please could you let me know when it will be paid thank you .

  54. does a budgeting loan paid into a post office account go through the same bacs system the banks use? sent back my acceptance letter on wed 25th and was wondering how long it might take? thx in advance

    1. As a general rule YES -most payments are iss’d using the BACS system ( you can get an immediate 15minutes credit to your account, but in exceptional circumstances) it shoudl take a maximum of 10 days from getting your acceptance letter to the payment being with you.

  55. i have applied for a budgeting loan and got a reply saying i need to accept it, i accepted, how long does it take to come onto my account?

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