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The Social Fund is a Government Scheme aimed at helping the disadvantaged or those that are in immediate Crisis, to obtain grants or no-interest loans to help in the event of unforeseen circumstances or disaster.

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For people on limited income it may sometimes be very difficult to budget effectively for emergency expenses like funeral costs, the costs of a new baby or one-off payments for large items, fridge freezers, beds, removal costs or furnishing a new home.
People who have just ended employment may also find themselves in a position where they have no income coming in at all. 
The Government have made sure that there is help to be had when you find yourself in a Crisis situation, through the Department of Work and Pensions ( DWP) and Jobcentre Plus ( JCP) There is money available for these situations, although it is limited.

This is known as the Social Fund. The Social Fund includes funeral payments, maternity grants, crisis loans, budgeting loans, community care grants and cold weather payments. Added to that Winter fuel payments are also a type of Social Fund payment, however, these are restricted to those that are 60 or over.  Most government departments such as social fund, budgeting loan have now moved on to as they are the corresponding number to the original 0845 number and will soon move to an 0300 telephone number

If you are on a low income, you may also be able to get benefits to help with your living costs, your rent or other housing costs and your Council Tax

Crisis Loans help, advice and call forwarding options

Budgeting Loan help, advice and call forwarding options

Community Care Grant help, advice and call forwarding options


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Department - we are not affiliated with any organisation mentioned. Call Connection Phone Numbers - we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned
Social Fund (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 506 0283
Crisis Loan (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2336
Jobcentre Appointments (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2322
Job Seeker’s Allowance Claims (New Claims & Existing) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2383
Employment & Support Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Income Support (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Incapacity Benefit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 0374
Universal Credit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Universal Credit (New Claims & Appointments) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Maternity Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 9433
Personal Independence Payment (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2380

Calls to the Social Fund on their direct number 0800 169 0140 are free from any BT landline (this include call/phone boxes) and also includes calls from most of the larger mobile phone networks.

213 thoughts on “Social Fund Advice”

  1. I am a Pensioner on State Pension and Pension Credit, and I have been sent a letter to say I am going to have to pay some of my Pension Credit for the Social fUND, BUT i HAVE NEVER HAD ANYTHING FROM THE sOCIAL fUND and do not understand what it is about??

  2. Hi I had a £812 BL back in May what are the chances of being accepted? I have a 2yr old g and I’m 6 months pregnant just about to be moved into a new property which is unfurnished so need furnishing and a rent advance just incase he is not done.

    1. Have you repaid much of your previous loan? usually they take up to 2 years to repay -so its probable that you still have a significant debt. you can only hev a maximum debt of £1500 so will only be awarded the difference between what you owe and apply for

  3. I sent my acceptence letter for my budgeting loan back at the weekend. Do you have an idea when it will be in my account?

  4. Hi, im on esa in a council property, i have found a house to downsize to on an exchange, but i havnt no funds for removal cost’s, pls could you help me find out if i would qualify for getting any grant or loan being on esa to help with removal costs, thanku so much for ur help? x

  5. Hi, I had my acceptance letter with a prepaid envelope. I have lost the envelope and was wondering where do I send it?

  6. Hi I applied for a budgeting loan last week, posted it on Monday, got a letter back on Saturday saying I’ve been awarded half the amount I asked for and I needed to sign the paperwork and send it back, I sent it back that day, when should I expect to hear back about when the money will go into my account? I’m in Northern Ireland. Thanks.

  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me I sent my declaration letter off on Thursday 30th jan with first class stamp I rang them today to see where I’m up to and they said they’ve not recieved the letter? Any idea what I should do as they should of recieved it by now surely?

  8. hi i sent for a loan over a week ago , how long does it take , i just need answer`s . if i can`t get on for my problem
    i will have to look else were . which hard

  9. Hello I am living in aa bnb but I have to leaave tomorrow (for my own safety) the council have agreeed that I will be re housed in 3-4 weeks so I will be staying between a few family members will thiss affect my income support and there benefits?

  10. hi there i posted my declaration back on the 30th of march 2013 what date will i receive my budhet loan

  11. I was graned a loan on the 16 march and sent accept back on the same day when will it be in my account as there said there aint recive it yet

  12. i have been accepted for a social fund of 348 i have sent the forms back to dwp so how long befroe i hear something back from them

  13. i have been accepted for a social fund of 348 pounds and i have sent the forms back already so i was wondering when will i hear from dwp stating when i get my money

  14. my partner has reacently been diagnosed with cancer, i am looking for a crisis or budgeting loan for clothes for her as she has lost a lot of weight,and none of her clothes fit her anymore,,she has went from a size 12 to a size 6,,

  15. i am struggling for money gas&electric&water rate all together£1200 pound i have to pay becuse i brogh some money my rileteve now i have to give them back thank you now i need £1200 pound

  16. hi, i live in G77, Scotland; I’d like to ask how long it should take to receive a budgeting loan if my application is approved- I plan to apply this week, for household essentials and other items.
    Thank you

  17. Hi there i ment budgeting loan is what i applied for just send the reply back on thursday how long wil it be in my bank

  18. hi there i got accepted for the money i asked for and i sebd the letter back on thursday wheb will i hear an have the money in my account

  19. How long does it take tp find out if ive been accepted for a ccg and do i have to sign to accept if i am awarded it?

  20. i applied for a loan of 214.99 thats all i need for a fridge that ive seen in appliance strore as the one i have is leaking and broken i need a fridge asap. i applid for the loan a week ago and have not heard a reply about even gettin the money .i have had a budget loan before last year of £300 and i dont even know if that has been paid off yet would i still b entiteled to £214.99.. thanks for help

  21. Hi I need help on a lil information I already took a bugget loan out couple months ago but now I got a letter telling me they r goin to evict me an if I go private I have to look for my own deposit but I don’t work so were can I apply for a deposit in help ASAP I got kids an I need to sort it out thank u

  22. Hiya, I applied for a budgeting loan which has been accepted, but I only sent the ‘reply slip’ [stating agreement of declaration] back and not the declaration slip. Will I still need to send the declaration? Thanks.

  23. Hi I have just moved into a new flat and it is unfurnished I have no carpets or curtains (I live with a block of flats adjacent to me so they can see everything) and my clothing was left behinde in my old house and destroyed I have previously applied for a loan but that was last august would I be eligable for a new one now any information will be great

  24. My daughter is on benefits and has been made homeless…the local council have said they have found her a private rental…but she needs to pay the first months rent of £900.00. we have told them she does not have this money and they told her to take a crisis loan. Can they make her take this house and the crisis loan? Will they still house her if she refuses? Is it legal to make her take a loan out whilst on benefits? She cannot afford to pay this loan back. Please advise.

  25. Hi I applied for a CCG about 2 months ago and was accepted for some basic items after ex was arrested and moved from property and his family took some items. Since then life has changed dramatically, my ex killed himself, police put alarm in and I was shoved to top of priority list on housing. His family won’t let me take any of the furniture apart from what I bought with the first CCG. I sent off an application for another CCG 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing back. Meant to be moving on friday but have no basic furniture except a cooker and beds. What are chances of it being accepted and how long should it take?

    1. It totally depends on the person making the decision, as they may want to see evidence that the other stuff that they paid you for is no longer in your possession.

  26. hey, i applied for a community care grnt as i had to leave my house and get rid off everything out of theres as i had to move bk with my mum due to domestic violence, i have an 8 month old baby and had to put in for everything a complete new set up for my new house, i sent it last wednesday and was wondering hw long it usually takes to hear back as i get the keys to my new house in 2 weeks… thanks :)

  27. Hi,
    I`ve just been refused a budgeting loan for the reason they say i can`t afford to pay it back. Now i`ve just finished paying a budgeting loan back out of my JSA and it`s been 2 years since i had one. I need clothes and the things i can`t afford to buy with my jsa so how can they refuse me. Nothing has changed in my jsa the amount is the same and other crisis loans i`ve had in the past are getting paid so if i appeal what are the chances of succeeding, and is there anything i can put in my letter to make them really think hard because this to me is desperation.
    Thnx for your time :)

    1. Cancel someone please leave a reply for me as i need to send my appeal letter off asap. My question stands… what do they mean i can`t afford to pay it back ( when i`ve already paid last one back ) and also what is the best way to phrase this in a letter to make them really look at my application again. I thought it was an entitlement to get a budgeting loan and i`m annoyed, especially since i worked all my life.

      1. Hey Kevin,

        Unfortunately its not an entitlement, your appeal would have to show that you can afford to repay the loan, AND NOT LEAVE YOURSELF without enough to survive.

    2. Kevin,

      What they have done is say that your “affordability” is in question- this means that they have looked at your income, and taken off any overpayment/fine/water/council teax deductions off it THEN taken any crisis loan deductions off it and looked at whats left and found that you can’t afford to have any more debt. basically they want to get any Budgeting loan, or crisis loan back within 104 week- however if your asking for £1000 and only have enough JSA to pay £2 a week it will take far too long and they will turn you down.

      1. This is my point, i don`t pay water as it`s included in my rent, i have no fines, i have an overpayment of £3.25 a week and crisis loans of £12 a week. I had alot more than that last time i had a budgeting loan so i don`t understand whats changed.

  28. hi, i sent off for a budgeting loan 6 days ago, how much longer will i hate to wait to hear if i have been excepted for one or not?

  29. Hi, i applied for a community care grant on 15th March, the day I picked up the keys to my flat… After waiting almost 5 weeks i was declined… My mom forced me homeless at 14 weeks pregnant and i sofa surfed for 13 weeks until my daughter was born prematurely at 6 months… I lived in the hospital parent flats for the 71 days she lived… I buried my daughter in Northern Ireland, thus being where her dad is from and my family disowned me in the process.. I then had to sofa surf for another 2 weeks until i picked up the keys… I couldn’t save as hospital food is so expensive and i was buying necessity’s for my daughter, sure she would survive… I have sent an appeal Tuesday 17th April as advised by my local JobCentre… Any idea when I will hear a response? I also applied for funeral payments the same day to cover the England side of the funeral… Any idea of when i hear back from this aswell??? Also the likelihood of me being accepted?


  30. hi,i rang about my social fund payment on tuesday,the guy i spoke to said it would be in my account today(fri)and it is not what do i do i am so stressed and why would he say that was it just to get me off the phone any advice on how to get payment today

  31. I have sent my budget loan form off, I received it approx 2 weeks later I signed it and sent it off, couple of days ago I realised I forgot to send the declaration form of. What do I do? I am stuck I need the money. I have phoned them they told me they havent received the form, they also said I will need to wait a couple of days until they receive the form and then we can send it back to you, but it still aint ere. I Dont know what to do. Need Help Anyone?

  32. Confused…Sure Start Maternity Grant rules state you cannot claim if there is another child in the family under 16.
    My daughter lives with me and her 6 year old brother, does this rule still apply?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated,

      1. My daughter would be applying for the grant for herself although living with me and her 6 yr old brother.
        Thanking you in advance for your help.

        1. Sorry for the slow reply.

          It is fine for her to apply for her child, as it appears that this is her first child- there should be no problem.

  33. dear social fund im disabled and my husband is disabled we are in current housing carnt be adapted due to move on 30th april had acceptance back from budgetloan got some sent acceptance back 18th recofrded first class any idea how long however community care grant no hear from . my husband is a wheelchair user and i have firo back problems and psoratic artheritis sacrolitis .we need a removal van etc. we currently in wolverhampton council home which couldnt have adaptations was placed on emergency i likey to get any help .we got a budget loan for 400 which will just cover removals .but still need carpets and cooker. thank u sorry for long explanation

    1. It is possible that you will get a grant, but they may ask what they are paying removals for if you have nothing to move?

  34. Hello
    I have been my fathers carer for the last 6 years, and gave up work to look after him, living on carers allowance sadly he passed away last month and i arranged the funeral as i have lived with him all my life, as my 2 older sisters and 2 younger sisters and brother all live away from the house, i was refused on the grounds that i was not responsible enough to organise the funeral, and because one of my sisters is receiving esa which ends this month, their other excuse for refusing me the grant was that my father had a small insurance policy of only £2300.00, to cover the cost of the undertaker bill of £3717.00, why dont the goverment and the social fund tell the truth about funeral grants, that if you have any kind of insurance policy or not on the right benefit then dont apply for you are just wasting you time.

  35. hiya i appealed against an esa decision because they said i was fit for work when i am not i was awarded 12 points of the required 15 i am dealing with this just now and challenging the decision my esa was stopped.

    i have reapplied for esa because my condition has got worse are they likely to allow me esa and send me for another medical i dont mind going for another medical as i feel i will get the required 15 points this time i just need benefit restarted back up so my rent can get paid and council tax.

    1. Hi.

      ESA is a little tricky.

      You say that you have failed on points, and re applied. If you have a valid appeal, then they should pay you at the assessment rate (£67/pw) until the appeal is heard- this takes months.

      If however you have accepted the original decision, and have decided to reapply, then you may have more of a problem.

      Basically if your illness is the same you will not get ESA, this means that your condition MUST have SIGNIFICANTLY changed.. from experiance, bad backs, and depression do not generally get through this test unless you have been bed ridden, or given much more powerful anti depressants etc.

  36. hiya i got accepted for a budget loan and sent my declaration back 8 days ago i rang them today and there saying they have not received one back yet do you think it has got lost in the post or it take time to get to the office im in need of the money this week Thanks.

    1. Polly,

      Given the Easter break it is possible that it is still on the way to the actual office dealing with your application. Give them a call today as they should have at least reqistered that they have got it- if not ask them to send another.

  37. I applied for a budgeting loan and was accepted, but I threw away the return adress so can’t send my acceptance letter off! I no its a freepost one and my postcode is SG1 1JT. I need this asap as my tax credits has been suspended till I fill in a form. Plz help mee

    1. Hi Katie,

      as the office dealing with you application can change on a daily basis ( they send surplus applications to other offices when at capacity) your best bet is to drop it off at your local job centre, who will send it internally for you.

  38. Hello and Happy Easter to everyone.

    I received my offer for a budgeting loan a week ago yesterday (Saturday March the 31st) using the pre-paid envelope. I need the money to move house and I need to tell my current Landlord and my future Landlord when I’ll be getting the money so arrangements can be made. Can you tell me when I can expect the money to hit my account?

    Thank you


    1. hiya Doug,

      The usual turnaround is 10 working days, however given the easter bank holidays it may take a little longer than usual. It may be that your payment was sent on thursday, however your bank will not clear it until tues/wed depending on the banks policy. I would expect that you would have your payment by next friday all being well.

      Give them a call on tuesday to check when the payment was released.

  39. My grandson is moveing in on his own soon,he is disabled and gets DLA and ESA i get carers component on my pension credit and am his appointee,would i be able to apply for a community grant for him.
    I applied for a social fund loan for myself for help with bed and bedroom furniture,as all my other furniture is basically from frecycycle,lost my husband in 2006 after nursing him for a few years,he had cancer and as all our income was his,DLA,carers etc had no money and no help when he passed away and two years before i got my pension,so gave up my home and went to work at Butlins for a while,then had to start again building my home,i am not very confident i will get my social fund loan as not heard anything,its been at least two weeks now, only about a £30 repayment weekly for my grandson spread over a number of weeks,from his ESA (a crisis loan letter sent to me as his appointee )when his ESA was messed up and had to wait for it to be sorted out.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. In principal you can apply for a community care grant on behalf of your grandson, how long has he been on ESA?

      1. He has been on ESA for about four years at least.he has been given a lot of furniture and we are saving for his first month in advance and applying for houseing benefit but if he could get a grant for kitchen things,curtains other small things like ths it would be a help but was not sure if he would qualify for it.
        thank-you for your reply.

        1. Did you know that you could apply for help with rent in advance? this would be classed as a crisis loan, so would be repayable- however may enable your grandson to actually move to his new place sooner.

          You can apply for the loan of the first months rent in advance – more info can be found on the rent in advance page

          1. I had seen this but would much rather find the money if we can,am not taking any board of him and he is saving all his money,he is due to move in,in about three weeks,just if i could be able to get a grant for him,it would then set him up.
            We dont wish to take advantage .

  40. Hi,

    When will i get my JSA in the easter period? I sign on mondays and if it wasnt easter my payment would be made next thursday. a week today. I had that letter as mine cycle is R and it said JSA will be issued on the 5/4/12 and payment would be 3 days after that but there 2 bank holidays and a weekend coming up. The bloke in the jobcentre said that i will more then likely recieve it earlier then the usual thursday due to the holidays. any advice?


    1. If you bank with the Natwest, then you may have it today/tomorrow as they class sat as a working day- if you don’t have it by saturday- then its gonna be tues/wed..

  41. I have an outstanding balance of £100 to make on my social fund. I called up the number (08456036967) and was told that they dont take payments over the phone, and I have to make the payments at the job centre.
    I know there’s a number to call to make payments – as I’ve used it previously – but i was told it doesnt exist….any help getting a number that i can use to make payments with?

  42. hi, , I was wondering if I am able to get some sort of loan from the social, but I have been told that I have to be recieving jsa for more than 26 weeks before Im allowed to apply. I have been on jsa for 13 weeks but I urgently need a new washing machine and fridge freezer, its getting unbearable now at home, its really getting me down and dipressed, can I apply for any sort of loan from dwp

    1. Hi Emma,

      Im not aware of any other help unfortunately. you may want to speak to the CAB for info on help available in your area.

      1. Citizen’s Advice were completely useless (not to mention it really felt like the guy was talking down to me!) when I called them with a similar problem, they told me there was no funding available. You’re better off talking to Welfare Rights about it, you’ll find your local office with a quick online search.

        1. Hi Doug,

          Thanks for taking the time to offer advice :) the more information that is available the better.

          Peoples experiences may differ, however ( having worked for both welfare rights and the CAB) my advice is to check with the CAB first, as they tend to have shorter waiting times for appointments, and also can offer more holistic advice ( not just benefit related).

  43. Got accepted for a budgeting loan and sent back my acceptance 2 weeks ago at same time as my Ila forms, heard back from Ila but jobcentre haven’t received my acceptance ? absolute joke

  44. hi i applied for a ccg as advised by my local security office to do so i did this and got refused should i ask for a review and if i do what are the chances of getting the descion changed? any help on what i should write on the letter would be much appreciated. thanxs

    1. I nora,

      It depends on the exact reason for you being refused..let us know what they are and we will be able to further advise.

  45. hi i live in birmingham. b45 9nh can you give me the address of the jobcentre where i would need to send my budgeting loan form back to please. i have been looking everywhere.

    1. Hi Kirsty,

      the address for your local job centre is:

      Birmingham South West Jobcentre Plus
      1300 Bristol Road South
      West Midlands
      United Kingdom
      B31 2TQ
      Telephone: 0845 604 3719
      Textphone: 0845 608 8551
      Jobcentre Plus Office

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