Community Care grants can be applied for online much like budgeting loans , and this is by far the fastest way of getting a decision on your application form your local Benefit Delivery centre’s Social Fund section.

Usually you have to apply for a Community care grant by calling one of the 0845 telephone numbers and then asking for an SF300 application form to be posted out, however as the application is sent out second class this can often take 3-4 days to arrive during the week stretching to 5-7 days if you call on a Thursday or Friday. Community care grants are designed for those that have had a life changing event and are unable to afford to provide for themselfs as a result.

For example you would apply for a Community Care Grant if you had just moved house and you didnt have enough available income to allow you to buy basic things like carpets, beds and fridgefreezers.

You can get a copy of the application using the following link