Community care grants are intended to help with expenses so that people can live in the community and families can stay together. Community care grants are discretionary, which means that even if you are eligible you will only get one if the benefit office decides that your need is important and there is enough money left in the district Social Fund budget. Community care grants do not have to be repaid, so you should always check if you are eligible to claim one when you have expenses you cannot meet.

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What are CCG’s

Community care Grants are non repayable sums that are made to members of a community to assist them in independent living.

Who can apply ?

Administration and award of Community care grants is a discretionary process, however there are conditions of entitlement.

▪   Applicants must be receiving a qualifying benefit, these include:

▪    Income Support

▪   Pension Credit

▪   Income based Jobseekers Allowance

▪   Employment & Support Allowance (Income Related)

It is possible to qualify for a CCG if you are leaving residential care, or can show that you are about to receive one of the qualifying benefits.

Anyone can actually apply for a Community Care grant, and the adviser will decide if you qualify.

How can I use a CCG?

Community care grants are intended to be used to:

▪   Assist applicants to settle in a community following some time in residential care.

▪   Assist people to remain in the community, when they would otherwise be moved into residential care.

▪   Alleviate unusual pressures on households

▪   Assist a relocation following a period of turmoil.

▪   Assist the care of a temporarily or recently released prisoner

Assist with specific travel arrangements including:

▪   travel to see someone who is not well

▪   to attend the funeral of a relative

▪   assist with effects of a domestic crisis,


Things that can affect the amount paid:

▪   A Community Care Grant application can be made for any reason, however will not be paid for specific items/service.

▪   No application for less than £30 can be paid unless it is for travel expenses

Savings that you hold can affect the amount that you are awarded.

How to apply for a CCG

Community Care Grants can be applied for by using an application form and then sending the completed form back to your local Job Centre office

Can you appeal a decision?

Applicants can apply for a review of the decision if they do not agree with the outcome, this must be done within 28 days and must explain the specific reasons that you do not agree with a decision

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