Crisis Loan Rules 2012

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New Crisis Loan Rules April 2012

Steve Web who is the Minister for Pensions has released details of two major changes to the Social Fund service, that will impact on Crisis Loan applications ans Crisis loan awards.

From 9 April 2012 the maximum that you can be awarded as a Crisis Loan will be 30% of the ammount of benefit that you are entiteled to as opposed to 60% that was available in 2011 for applications for living expences

Aslo from April the 9th, all Crisis Loan applications made when customers are awaiting a new award of Tax Credits will be treated as allignments to benefits, this means that they are not going to count toward the maxumum number of applications that can be made in a 12 month rolling period.

2 thoughts on “Crisis Loan Rules 2012”

  1. i applied for a crisis loan on the 2nd of may but i don”t have a bank account of my own, when i informed harminder persad of this she said that i wasn’t elidable for a crisis loan because of this. why i dont believe this is true as someone else i now had used there friends bank account to get there crisis loan and was accepted why was this harminder so rude and going against protocol proceedure to decline me for no good apparent reason i would like to be informed of this or i will be making a full complaint about this website as well as this harminder if i do not get a response i am happy with from you good day

  2. hello..can you advise me if i can get a crisis loan to help pay an fine which is due to the courts on the 2 aigust ..just over a week away. I am in receipt of income support and DLA …i cannot affford to pay this fine as i am just about getting by on the benefits i already receive. Failure to pay £285 by 2nd august 2012 could lead to me being arrested or potentially jail. If this were to happen it would most difinitely have an impact on my health situation and deteoriation . Am i suitbale applicant and will the social fund take my situation into account and help me.

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