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The DWP are trying to hide the advice that we give.. Please help.


As you know we offer free advice via our site, the information is contributed to by volunteers who work with the Social Fund on a daily basis trying to get help for people who need it.

Today we found that the DWP had asked Google to demote our site ( making it more difficult to find) as they say ” we are helping people to apply for loans, without their consent” the cheek of it – if people need help whats the problem with free advice?!

Even though we have helped thousands of people, and they have left comments and thank you’s on the site, Google are siding with the DWP at the moment and saying that unless we prove that people use the site, they will follow the DWP’s wishes.

As we dont have a marketing budget, or any legal teams- were gonna have to try to fight this ourselve, to keep the site visable.

All that we are asking that you do is that you share our site on Facebbook, twitter, google+ and anywhere else that you can to show Google that you guys are real, and that the service is helping folk!

SHARING IS EASY- All pages on our site have a share button for all of the above site on them- please pop to the site and share with everyone you can.