rent in advance crisis loan

Getting rent in advance loan

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The government has just started to help those on low income to be able to secure a new property, this is done by them allowing you to apply for help with rent in advance.

Rent in advance is what you have to pay to move into a property, and is distinct from a deposit. You can apply for help with rent in advance to cover your first 4 weeks rent at your new home and the payment will generally be made to you on the day of your application.

There are strict rules on what can and cant be considered as a crisis loan for rent in advance, and you will need to be aware of this before making your application. you cannot be awarded money for a deposit or any sort of administration fee charged by a letting agent, so you will need to be able to either pay this or have this deferred.

You may have to show a valid tenancy agreement from your new landlord, showing the date at which you propose to take up the property and the charges that may be involved. Bear in mind that the amount that you can apply for will be limited by the amount that you have left on your account.

Are you near the crisis loan limit?

For example, if you already owe £1200.00 to the social fund and you apply for £450 you are likely to be turned down as you cant be in debt of more than £1500.00 at any one time.

To make your application for rent in advance see the crisis loan page