Unfortunately there is no such thing as a Housing Benefit Loan, however it is possible to get help with your housing benefit from a range of organisations.

Prior to 2013 it was possible to apply to the Social Fund for a Rent in Advance Loan, this was a loan that was delivered out of a discretionary pot of money administered by the Department for Work and Pensions ( DWP).

Typically a Housing Benefit Loan (Rent in Advance loan) would be awarded to people who were on an income related benefit like jobseekers allowance or income based Employment Support Allowance and would be issued on the day of application ( or within 48 hours) directly into the applicants nominated bank. The value of the award would vary, but would usually cover at least 1 months rent giving time awaiting Housing Benefit being processed and awarded.

Since the abolition of the Social Fund, People who want to apply for help with rent have been directed to their Local Authority who have been given a pot of money to allow them to deliver small short term loans.

At present Housing Benefit applications are taking 3-4 weeks to process, however we have seen cases of it taking up to 6 months!

We have listed the Local Authorities that we have identified as being able to provide a Housing Benefit Loan, or who will at least help with your first months payment when moving into a new property.

If you have previously applied to the Social Find for help with housing and your application has been successful, you will still have to repay any money that you borrowed even though the discretionary SF has been dispended.

We would appreciate any feedback that you have in relation to Housing Benefit Loans and any other sources of funding that you may have found or that may be local to you that will help people cover rent arrears or the cost of moving into a new Home.