How Long Does Budgeting Loan Take?

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Well given that we are constantly asked the same question “how long does a budgeting loan take?” back in December we decided to start a poll to see if we can work out how log it actually takes in the real world.

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How long will I be waiting for my Budgeting Loan?

The idea Is that it takes around 20 working days for the application to be paid out ( if you have been accepted AND accept the repayment rate)
However, each case is different and because of that there can be a large difference in how long a budgeting loan application takes.
There are things that you can do to try to speed up the process and these are listed below.

  1. Download a Budgeting Loan Application, or get it from Job Centre Plus
  2. Fill it out clearly and fully
  3. Make sure that you have priced things reasonably, as this should result in less checking
  4. make sure you sign, date and put your National Insurance number on the form
  5. Send it back to the right place!
  6. You can replace the 2nd class envelope with a first class to cut postal delays
  7. You can deliver it yourself

The Budeting loan process:

  • You apply
  • Your application is rated
  • An offer is made ( or you are refused)
  • Your offer is posted to you (2nd class)
  • You reply
  • The reply is processed
  • Payment is issued (usual taking 3 working days to hit your account)

Any further comments to make? Get involved in our discussions below.

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404 thoughts on “How Long Does Budgeting Loan Take?”

  1. Hi, I applied for a budgeting loan online and have received, signed and sent back the acceptance letter. How long will it take now for the money to go into my account. We get told to “APPLY ONLINE” as its quicker, when infact its not quicker at all.

  2. Hi I was told my money will be in my bank on Monday 16.1.17 just wondered if it’s possible it could be in a day sooner?

  3. I sent my reply slip back on 22th November. How long does it normally take to receive the money from then? Its been 10 days so far

    1. I’m the same sent reply back 19th November and heard nothing , I called them yesterday and they have sent me a duplicate copy out, just waiting on that to arrive now , will keep you updated if I hear anything

      1. Ive phoned up today. They havent received it so gonna send a duplicate one out. Really hope it doesnt take too long to sort out

          1. So here mine
            Applied 28th oct
            Received text saying got application 3rd November.
            Received offer 19th Nov
            Sent straight back 19th Nov
            Ended up getting duplicate form sent. Received that 3rd Dec
            But phoned today 5th Dec .
            Funds will be in account 8th Dec .
            So it’s taking a while from the original acceptance letter for funds to arrive .

        1. what’s the number to ring em cause I sent a form off some time between Christmas and new year n I haven’t heard anything back yet it’s been like 2 weeks n judging by samsons comment it should of taken about 1 week or 1 n a half

  4. I applied for a loan last Tuesday when will I hear back to let me know how much the how long after will I get payment will it be before Christmas

      1. Yes Allana. I received I text message Monday saying they had got my application I will hear from them within 7-10 working days.

        1. I posted mine the 28th, got my text on the 3rd so should hear back early next week will keep you updated on how long it takes for me to hear back.

          1. I’m not fussed if I get money before Christmas I applied for money to get rent in advance getting moved before Christmas would be great but I think this will be the busiest time of year for them x

          2. I applied on the 28th oct, got a text on the 3rd Nov saying I will receive my decision within 10 working days , haven’t heard anything yet , so I’m guessing middle of next week, I will keep you updated.

          3. Thanks I’m the same I hope it’s soon I have a deadline for house to see if I can raise deposit, If I get an offer the agent is willing to use it as proof so I’m hoping before Friday.

          4. I phoned and decision was made I was awarded full amount for my circumstances, just to wait on letter of award and post back

          5. That’s good , hopefully you will receive the letter soon and you won’t loose the house your after , I haven’t heard anything yet , did they mention what day the decision was made ?

          6. Oh really? Our forms were sent and received the same day that’s a bit rubbish, I just hope I manage to get the money soon for the deposit and hopefully get moved in before Christmas, let me know how you get on and I’ll up date you with when I receive funds etc x

          7. Yeah they said it’s 15 working days from when they receive the form, it said 10 working days on the text I received, post as been today and I received nothing , will wait the 10 working days and call them I back I think . I will keep you updated .

          8. I posted my acceptance letter back today, will let you know what happens and when I receive funds x

          9. Hi I sent of an application form on the 4th and I haven’t received a text or a letter, has anyone had to wait this long? X

          10. Hiya I would perhaps phone them. I’ve never waited that long. Tomorrow is the 15th working day from when you posted it so they should be able to give you info. Xxx

          11. Hi I phoned up and they hadn’t recieved it so I sent another one out on Thursday just gone, got a text yesterday to say the recieved it z

          12. thanks, i decided to print out and post off a new form this morning, and got home from post office to find acceptance letter on mat!!

          13. They normally send a text and say we need some more information, I’m assuming so many people will apply to help pay for Christmas gifts and winter clothes at this time of year so hopefully it won’t be much longer before you here back from them x

          14. Hi I got my acceptance letter today , posted it back today , don’t think they will get it till middle of the week . Will keep you updated etc x

          15. I’m the same I posted mine Wednesday and will probs not here till about then when they will be putting it in my bank, I’ve managed to find a job too so I need to find out if I’m still entitled to it and how to pay it back xx

          16. I posted my application on 28th October and received text to say that application was received on 1st November, decision was made on 15th November and received offer and declaration letter on 17th November, I posted back on the same day with a first class stamp and have just received text to say it will be in my bank this Friday. Have you heard anymore yet?

          17. I sent mine back first class so I wonder if that made a difference? Hopefully you will hear today or tomorrow Hun. I wasn’t expecting to hear back until the end of the week. Xxx

          18. My decision was made on 16th November. Letter received on 18th November. Posted back first class. They received it on 21st November. I had no text yet. Can I ask what time you received your text? As I should have heard something by now when it will be in bank. As mine is one day out from yours. I sent reply first class recorded.

          19. Hiya molly I received my text on Tuesday at 12.10. It may be a different mail handling centre that it went to as it depends on where you live. I believe it can take up to 11 working days so it should be in your bank by next Friday at the latest. Xxx

          20. I live in Preston. Lancs. Last time in may when I got one I got a text. When I wentry to post office it wasn’t in. They forgot to press the pay button.

          21. That’s good then , I posted mine back on the Saturday, and I’m sure I missed the post, so I doubt they would have received mine till about Wednesday of this week , hopefully should here something by Friday of next week x

          22. I’ve heard nothing yet , just rang them and was told if I haven’t heard anything by Friday they will send a duplicate out .

    1. Its been 4 weeks since they recieved my letter , Theyve made me an offer which i accepted and i sent back the acceptance letter last friday , i guess its just a waiting game now …..

      1. I received a text saying they got my form jus waiting for a acceptance letter hopping it will soon. Last time I had one it only took three weeks
        fingers crossed for both of us

  5. Hi i sent my letter back for agreement of how much i am recieving and have to pay back. A week ago today any ideas how long it might take to go into my account?

  6. Hello. I sent my acceptance form off today first class, will i receive the money before friday as it is bank holiday next weekend?

  7. I put in for a budgeting loan two weeks ago and haven’t heard a thing. I have never had to wait as long as this before

  8. A little tip see the people saying get a job and ignorant stuff like that they are paid government trolls trust me

  9. Hi I always send my documents special delivery and always gets there next day before 1300 seems make bit faster but still around 7 days after they recieve it.
    Not 1st class recorded but special delivery .
    Hope this helps.

  10. Just moved house. I am under a sleep clinic due to various sleep disorders and am unable to work due to these disorders. I am 41 and have worked hard all my life and would like nothing better than to get back to work. My wife works part time as I can’t be left alone for long periods due to the chance of my suffering an episode. I am sick of it and can’t wait to finally get in to the sleep clinic warly next year.
    Just before we moved our washing machine packed up so we have applied for a budgeting loan to get a new one. Our application has been successful so we now just have to wait for the loan to come through. The budgeting loan is a great way for those on low household incomes to get essential items such as a washing machine in our case, without having to worry about interest rates etc. I just hope that people do not abuse this great service offered by the government. I would hate for those like us, who really needed the help to lose out, just because others who don’t need the help, want more than their fair share!

  11. I got b loan form wed4th may sent it nxt day(Thurs)&got a txt on tues10th to say it had been received but not to get in touch for10working days as if they needed any extra info they would be in touch,on fri20th got acceptance letter which I sent back1st class on Saturday morning it’s now late Tuesday 24th&will keep people updated as to how it goes but it’s looking like it’s gonna b around the1month mark atleast but it’s the worst time of year to apply as every1knows they get there funds in April for the tax year&every1applies at once,,as I say will keep ppl posted as to how it pans out…

    1. hi all today is wednesday 25th may&i received a txt this afternoon to say my budgeting loan will be paid into my account on tue 31st may…so all in all26 days from posting the original form off to actually getting my decision then sending it back again,then for it to be it paid into my account..i usually say4weeks is about the normal timeframe&anything faster is a bonus,it does help if you use 1st class stamps&on one occasion i actually got a payout in12days from start to finish but that was done by a very friendly lady at the local job centre who sent my 1st form by fax straight to the right department so cut out around2weeks of waiting time,ive since tried this method again&was told we dont do that anymore there is a post box down the luck to all still waiting&do not be afraid to ring the social fund number&ask about your claim it is after all their job at the end of the day&sometimes they need a friendly reminder of this fact,but always try&be polite&you will get a lot further than having an attitude with DWP staff as its very easy for your form to go missing or your data accidentally be deleted from the office pc’s..

      0844 248 2557 social fund number for any enquiries

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  15. I applied they received my application on the 3rd may sent my acceptance letter back yesterday 1st class recorded delivery so I’m hoping I will have my money this time next week just keep pestering them on the phone that’s what I do I wasn’t many to get a decision untikk the 17thof this month but it came yesterday ha ha u get places with the dole if you annoy and harrass them its always worked for me x

  16. I’ve been accepted for a budget loan and I was on the phone to them today and they said it will take 3 working days to clear in my bank, will I get it early with its being a bank holiday Monday or will I get it Tuesday?

  17. Sent off my application but for got to put in the dates of when I received the benefit (lesser income support because I do work just not so many hours due to childcare issues). Will they send it back? Tbf I should’ve triple checked it.

  18. Well said tinker be painted u ungrateful twits it takes 3 weeks I sent my acceptance form back Thursday just gone with it been bank holiday I won’t receive it till Thursday afta ..ungrateful fukkas

  19. i sent back my acceptance form on the 28 jan 2nd post how long will it take them to receive it and how long after that will my money be in my account thanks

  20. cant you people just wait patiently for your money, i am waiting for mine now. if your desperate ask friend for a a tenner and you pay it back when you get it. me i got no friends so i cant ask anyone for a tenner lol

  21. Posted back my acceptence letter on 14th august 2nd class, any idea how long for funds to reach my p.o account? Any advice greatly appreciated

  22. Hi I posted my acceptance letter back tI the hob centre on 14th August in the 2nd class envelope provided just wondered when I will be likely to receive the funds into my p.o account, thanks in advance for any advice

  23. hi I sent my acceptance letter on the 27th of april for a budgeting loan I rung on Friday and she told me that they received it on the 29th of april and told me that ive got to ring this afternoon so I did and they said theres nothing on the system and they told me they don’t understand why its not in my bank even I don’t understand why its not in can u help me

  24. Can anyone help me?
    I sent off for a budgeting loan Feb the 3rd we’re now on the 19th of Feb I still ain’t heard back off them? It’s been nearly 16 days. Any idea what I should do?

  25. hi I resaved offer on Thursday posted it same day to except. could you give me an idea of when it should be in my account? this week Friday maybe? is it true that they pay it on a payment day? thanks

    1. Hi Danielle,

      At present it is taking up to 10 days for payments to hit accounts. They will issue the payment as soon as the acceptance letter has been received and processed ( you dont have to wait for benefit paydays) if you posted it back 1st class then I espect it to be sooner > possibly this week

      1. hi thanks for you reply
        no I sent it back in original envelop. before post pick up on the Thursday. do you count week ends in those 10 day? thanks again

        1. Usually its 10 working days. I would think that it would arrive at the processing office tues/Wed this week and then be sent to the processing team the payment timing will depend on how much work they have. Call them on Wed afternoon to allow for post sorting and ask for an update :)

          1. Hi Adam hope you can help me , I had my acceptance letter Saturday 23nd April I signed and spent it back same day before last collection 1st class it’s now Wednesday 27th I rang up this morning to see if they have received my letter and he told me they haven’t received it yet can you help me thanks


          3. adam it sounds to me like your trying to get off with daniella, thats why your trying to help her, i dont see you helping anyone else.w
            next you will be asking her for a loan out her budgetting loan lol

  26. Hi I got a letter saying how much they are offering me and a decation letter to accept the offer I got Saturday and sent it back same day they would off got it Tuesday will my money be in my account today?

    1. Even though your sent it on Saturday they may not have it. Did you use the free envelope ? if so they may not have got it till Wed/Thurs as it is a 2nd class delivery. Additionally, If you used the free envelope it would have gone to a mail centre before going to the processing office ( in short, they probably dont have it at the right place yet) I guess that it will be mid-late next week

  27. Still no one replied as to when they got their money through! Applied for BL on 06/12/14- they text 09/12/14 sayin they received- and I received a letter sayin u was successful on 13/12/14- I sent accept letter on 13/12/14 that was sat now wed! Should be with them by yesterday or today an maybe be paid either Fri or Mon!!

  28. It makes me laugh when people expect the social fund to pay up within a couple of days, when if you read the paperwork, it can take a month, so allow a month and if it comes earlier then be happy. Its not much use asking here how long it’s going to take, phone them up, unless someone is psychic on here.

        1. I know this was 4 month ago but when I seen youre comment really annoyed me because I am single mum and I suggled and applied for budgeting loan not long ago I love to work but some people are to busy to looking after their baby’s or they could be disabled or sick do you honestly do you really think all people want to be on benefits…no they don’t I’ve worked since I was 16 and it was hard for me when I had to leave to have my child … you really need to think before you speak because things like that make you sound rude and idiotic and like you got a age of 10 x

          1. Me too makes me mad, I had to give up work, a job I enjoyed because I had a nervous breakdown then diagnosed with bipolar, I now have fibromyalgia so cannot work due to the fact I take so many meds. Not every one are scroungers

          1. I’m an absolute cunt at times. But, he’s still a fucking loser telling people he knows nothing about to get a job, and you’re a moron for using capitals to express anger. I can just imagine you typing that, seething and foaming at the mouth. You probably took it out on your mum at the time for making you a cup of tea and bringing it to your room, you were that angry. Yeah, I bet you called her a slag, didn’t you. You’ve got a face I’d love to take a hammer to, though, so you’ve got that going for you. Later, Dom ;)

        2. oh yh just get a job do you now how stupid you sound right now getting a job in these times is very difficult plus people who are too ill too work can’t “just get a job” like me I’m a recovering cancer patient so I canthink work more than 1-3 hours without feeling sick n dizzy but I hate not working so I’m tryna look for work now but I’ve been looking for a few weeks n I’m not qualified for any work that’s going everywhere wants experience or people with full driving licences which I don’t have only job I’ve everever ad before was cleaning and I was told my job was safe while I was off sick n they gave it away first chance they got n I’ve just been feeling random patches of sickness since then n a couple weeks ago I started looking for work again so saying just get a job is basically saying it’s easier than what it really is

        3. With all respect… I am starting a job and I need the social fund to help me afford the ‘transition’ between benefits to a monthly paid job. I am desperate for the money to pay for food mainly while I am working a month-in-hand. Nobody pays you before you do the job, so this is why I need it. And many are in a similar situation. A bit of understanding would be nice.

        4. tht was a bit uncalled for man if ur such a smart ass y r u looking at things which dont concern u as u obviously have a job unlike us dole bums tht have to scrape by border line as there is no jobs in some areas fuk it im just going to say what u said is the shits of sociaty looking down well fuk u prick face u try scraping by with kids and no money to get neccecities never mind anything else u pondscum lifeforce wake up ya dafty

        5. Some people (like myself) are on full-time sick. I would love to work but are unable to due to my health, so as you quite politely put it I can’t get a f***in job.

          1. Anyone can work you Fuckin pleb even me part tim working with a ilness oly 1 in 3000 kids get per day so don’t give me that shit

  29. I applied for a loan from social fund..i filled in the form which i printed off from gov website..posted it 1st class on 28 Oct and received reply on 8th Nov..I posted the acceptance letter back 1st class on 10 Nov..I then received a letter back on 18 Nov to say the money would be paid into my account on 19 Nov..Hope this helps..

  30. Is a budgeting loan a bacs payment coz its due in my bank mon 17 nov im with natwest and its saturday not in my jsa used to go in today nbut wernt due till monday

  31. I sent off an application form and on the 7/09 I recieved a text saying they’ve recieved it and I’d get a reply within 10 working days. I’ve still not had a reply and haven’t got the time to sit on the phone on hold to speak to them.. is the letter just late or will of got lost in the post?

  32. It takes 14days to process from time you post it you should have a reply by the 16/17th day weather approved or not! You then reply that same day I often find it useful to put a first class stamp on the envelope. Then you must wait a week or just over then usually if you have gave them the correct number you would receive a text telling you your payment has been issued.

    1. Omg I did the silliest thing ever I sent my acceptance form off and didn’t sign the form just sent it they sent it back to me today and I sent it back with a 1st class stamp on it I’m moveing house on sat do u think it will be issued b4 then as the money was for removers and decaration and to put a propa frount door on as I don’t feel safe with the door they issued iv got mental healf problems and I will not move in unless this door is changed so I’m kinda hoping this money will b in does any one know how long il expect to wait :) thank you xx

  33. Rang up for progress on my budgeting loan and the enquiry time has now gone up to do not ring before 15 working days to find out about your loan..great if you need warm clothes…

    1. They said the same to me when I called for an update on my loan, they told me they couldn’t tell me because it takes 15 days! The next day I received my acceptance letter (9 days after I applied)

  34. I sent my form of that had to sign agreeing to the loan on the 30th with a second class stamp I still haven’t heard anything how long does it take plz

  35. hi I sent my budgeting loan form off 2 weeks ago I got a letter 2 weeks later saying I was accepted I sent the agreement off in the prepaid letter 5 days I got a letter saying it will be in 3 working days on the 19th I got the letter on the 16th

  36. I sent away my application last Monday. Is everybody accepted? I have a one year old . The form didn’t tell me to fill in what stuff I needed just to tick from a list ? Any help would be great thanks

  37. I sent my acceptance letter back over 2 weeks ago but still waiting for money to go into my account. Pls could i have some advice on what to as money is for my daughter’s cot.

    oh ive rang dwp and got same answer not yet been looked at

  38. Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely
    long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your
    blog. I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing.
    Do you have any tips and hints for beginner blog writers?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.

  39. I was approved a budgetin loan and set off the reply slip on the 30th of Jan when should it go into my bank or will I get it by post? Is there a free number I can ring from my mobile to find out? Thanks

  40. Sent 1st letter on 18th January.
    Received letter on 2nd February.
    Sent back off on 2nd Febraury.
    My JSA is paid today (20mins).
    Will update when received Loan.

  41. i sign and datee the declaration.and send it wed 1st 2014 2nd class stamp.and i sent an email because by the time i recived the latter with the amount to except the amount.because of the holiday christmas i got it late.and it says you have to reply within 14days thats why i emailed them but im still waiting.what will hapen when the money will come to my account and on the declaration i forgot to put my national insurance number.would it be a problem.i hope not becuse i have been waiting for this desperate.for emergency use.

  42. I sent my acceptance letter bk last mon, its nw been 1 wk hw long b4 its in my account?Iv foned up and theyve told me theres a backlog? I applied n was offered the loan all that took just over a wk.

  43. Why are you people asking daft questions. people aren’t psychic. it takes various times depending on how busy in your area etc. Nobody can tell you when you’ll get it

  44. I got accepted for a budgeting loan i sent the form of on wednesday 4th sep when should it go in my bank account will i still get when iv only just found out my benefit has been sanctioned

  45. Sent mine off on the 22 of August received my acceptance on the 2nd of September sent that back first class so money should be received by the 13th

  46. i sent my reply slip off accepting the offer made on the 8th of august, could you possibly tell me when ill receive the money in my account as im waiting upon it inorder to pay for a bond. thank you.

  47. Hi, I sent off my budgeting loan application form off on Thursday 25th June and I received an letter telling me what I’m entitled to I sent it off on Friday 2nd July in the prepaid 2nd class envelope, still no sign of the money in my account, how long does it take? I heard that it goes in on a payday is that true?

  48. I posted my application on the 22nd, received acceptance on Monday 5th. Posted acceptance back first class yesterday. Will update when money gets paid.

  49. hi there i sent my loan application of on 25/07/2013 and i was wondering when i may find out if i have been accepted or not as i am desperate and need it for rent in advanced and clothing???????

  50. I applied for a budgeting loan it took 3 weeks for them to send me an acceptance letter I posted that last Wednesday which was the 24th July how long till my money goes in does anyone know xx

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