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Although most people ARE able to apply for a CRISIS LOAN and usually they will qualify for a payment, there are several groups of people who are less likely to be awarded a crisis loan.

Generally you have to have NO POSSIBILITY of getting income from ANYWHERE else,, meaning that if your in work, then you will be expected to apply for a bank loan or an advance from your employer.

However there are still options available, you can apply for an instant decision on an unsecured loan using any of the hand picked services listed below.

Instant Loans for those that earn £750 a month


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8 thoughts on “Instant Loans”

  1. Im on jobseekers incom been trying get loan to relocate be nearer family an better chance work,but thy keep turning me down,say not been jobseekers long enough. Is it worth my while.

  2. Hello Amanda,
    The stress and worry about money really isn’t worth your health. Have you spoken to citizens advice ? Can they not help. A few family members have been in similar situations. There outgoings being more than their actual income. In the end they did A DEBT COSOLIDATION. This froze any interest and set up a payment plan. I’m not too sure on this but if you are willing to pay something in the eyes of the court is this not good enough ? I hope things get better for you. Is there not a social fund for employed people that are struggling ?

  3. hello just wanted to no if i have any chance of borrowing money me & my husband both work fulltime but i have got into some really bad debt problems with lots of wage day advance loans with very high interest i have no control over my bank account because they just keep taking the money out of my bank the last two months i have been unable to withdraw any money or pay any bills as the loan companies have taken the money out so my balance is zero.I have been unable to pay any bills i am getting phone calls texts & court letters i have tried everything i can think of i fear that shortly i will lose my house car ect.. which would result in losing my job. I have been really poorly i keep fainting & collasping due to the stress & worry i dont no where else to turn i would also be willing for you to take it out of my wages i just need to get this sorted i feel that i can not continue & feel very unstable i have never been on benefits & have always worked it is the links above that i have got into trouble with so i am shocked that you are advertising them. I have tried to speak to them but they say i have to pay they do not do payment plans they are like loan sharks !!!!!!!!! My husband broke his ankle so only got sickness pay thats why i had no choice but to use these companies as we have had bad credit in the pass so i cant get a bank loan it is a vicous circle I JUST NEED A HELPING HAND to get me straight .

    1. Hi Amanda, you should contact Consumer Credit Counselling Service immediatley, as you should not be getting stressed out about this. The same happened to me and I contacted CCCs and they were absolutley brilliant ! They take the worry of dealing with your creditors away and they will sort out a debt management plan what YOU can afford and not what your creditors want, so please ring them first instead of CAB as you’ll probaly have to wait ages to get to see on of their advisors
      Take care

  4. Lenders have to quote an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) by law. In the case of short term payday loans this is very misleading and usually irrelavent. Payday loans are typically for a maximum period of 31 days, not for a whole year and interest is not compounded monthly as the APR equation assumes.

    A short term loan of £100 may require a single repayment of £110 after 31 days, an actual rate of 10%. Payday lenders can be useful if repayments are made on time an in full. Defaulting on a payday loan however, will almost certainly incur the monthly interest to be compounded at the APR quoted.

  5. Have you seen the interest the abover companies charge? When today savings get 0.01pc per year it is outragious that these companies can exploit people like me and others by saying they will loan at 2000 pc ( and more) interest. For the government to allow these links next to information about social fund payments shows a chronic lack of insight or accountability. Unless the companies are owed or directed by the likes of I.D.S and the others (you know who they are) I don’t see how they can get away with it.

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