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Lending stream is an established lending service, who offer quick and hastle free loans until payday. Lending stream tend to lend to those with bad debt and other less than perfect credit histories

During our lending line review we have applied for 10 loans for differing amounts and with details of volunteers who have a wide range of lending histories and differing credit ratings.


Applying for a lending stream loan is a quick and easy process, generally you can apply for this loan online and without the need for further paperwork being submitted for review by the company.


The maximum loan that you can take out at any one time form the lending stream is £1000, however new customers a re limited to a maximum loan of £400 – each applicants lending amount is reviewed on a monthly basis and having a history of repaying loans to lending line on time will increase your chances of being offered the maximum loan on the next occasion that you apply.

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All loans from the lending stream will need to be repaid within the term of the loan- as the majority of lending is agreed over a set period, that is generally on the date that you next expect to be paid by your employer ( your payday).

You can apt to have a longer repayment term of up to 6 months, and your charges will reflect this , to have the term of your loan extended you will need to pay a monthly charge – this charge will be noted when you apply.

All of the debt will need to be repaid on the date that you have agreed in full.


As with all UK abased lenders the company is required to give potential customers details of the interest they will be expected to pay as an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE ( APR) however you do need to bear in mind that the loan is not going to be over a year so the APR of 1397.58 may seen a little misleading.

£80 £100
£100 £125
£200 £250
£300 £375
£400 £500
£500 £625
£600 £750
£750 £937.50


As we have already mentioned, unlike many other payday loan providers, the lending stream offer customers the ability to chose a longer period than most others when repaying money that you have lent.


To make and application online you will need to fit into the following group

You must be 18+

You must have a steady income of £750 / Month

You must have a UK bank account

Your bank account must have a Direct Debit facility


During our review, we did not note any further requirements that are needed for this service.


We applied 10 times to this site during our lending Stream review and of the 10 applications that we made 7 were successful, this gives the site an overall score of 70% acceptance on new applications.

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4 thoughts on “Lending stream reviews”

  1. As the latest victim of their successful fraud operation I solemnly urge everyone to avoid this company both far or near.I applied for a loan online which came back as declined due to credit scoring,the next day I received a call from someone claiming to be from the company and how they have reviewed my application and would like to offer me the loan if I’m still interested.I was offered a long-term loan of £1500 instead repayable within 12months.Was told to pay one-month in advance,P.P.I,Tax and commission.Out of naivety and vulnerability I gave in to their demands.Paid £595 for a loan of £1500 that never existed.What I’m trying to get at is that this company employs typically fresh Indian guys who retrieve your details soon as you apply for a loan online.They only need to have this information to become very persuasive and manipulative.£600 is a huge sum of money to throw away even the police were not able to track them down.These are the phone numbers they operate with 02032865857/01614083031 so if you have been contacted on these numbers your probably on the verge of becoming a victim.Someone needs to stop them quickly before they suck out the entire country.Be warned!!!

  2. the information above is not accurate. If you pay over the 6 month period you will find interst being charged per month meaning you will pay back triple what you borrowed. they don;t explain this on their website at all so you assume that you will pay back over the the 6 months the total borrowed.

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