Pregnant women who do not receive Statutory Maternity Pay benefit from Maternity allowance which is provided by the government.

The amount of Maternity Allowance you can get

Maternity allowance is usually tax-free. If you are eligible for maternity allowance, you get a maximum of £140 per week which is 90% of your weekly earnings. In addition, you get automatic National Insurance credits which are usually Class 1 credits.

Who is eligible for Maternity Allowance

The government gives maternity allowance for a period of 39 weeks. As from the twenty-sixth week of your pregnancy, you can claim your allowance and get it as early as the eleventh week before the baby is born. You can get this allowance if you are an employee but cannot get Statutory Maternity Pay, you pay Class 2 National Insurance and you are self-employed or you stopped working recently. However, in 66 weeks before the baby is due, you were employed or self-employed for 26 weeks, earned an average of £30 for at least 13 weeks in the 26 weeks.
If you weren’t self-employed or employed but were helping your partner with their work without pay, you are eligible for maternity allowance for 14 weeks worth £27 per week.

Maternity Allowance for self-employed people

Maternity allowance can be very helpful for a self-employed person. You can be able to take some time off to go relax while waiting for the baby. Being a self-employed person, you need to pay Class 2 National insurance money to get the full maternity allowance money. The National insurance should have been paid for at least a period of 13 weeks in the 66 weeks before the baby is due. If you qualify to get maternity allowance but haven’t paid the full amount, you will get the standard £27 per week for the 39 weeks. On the other hand, you can contribute extra National Insurance money so that you can qualify for the full amount.

If you don’t qualify for Maternity Allowance?

If you are not eligible to get maternity allowance, you may request for income support that is paid as from the eleventh week when the baby is due to the fifteenth week after the baby is born. You can get income support if you are not eligible for Statutory maternity pay or maternity allowance, you get low income, have no mean of getting income, your savings are less than £16,000, you do not have a job or work 16 hours or less in a week and you are 16 years of age or over. Also, if your partner works less than 24 hours a week you may also get income support.
If you are a single parent, you can get income support until your child is 5 years of age. In addition, you can claim Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit when the baby is born.

How to claim Maternity Allowance

You can claim maternity allowance form the GOV.UK website or call Jobcentre using our call connection numbers below

Need to speak to a member of the Department for Work And Pensions about your issues? Our call connection phone numbers should be able to help – get in touch with the right department by dialling one of the contact numbers below.

Department Call Connection Phone Numbers
Maternity Allowance 0843 504 9433
Maternity Grant 0843 509 2417
Social Fund 0843 506 0283
Crisis Loan 0843 509 2336
Jobcentre Appointments 0843 509 2322
Job Seeker’s Allowance Claims (New Claims & Existing) 0843 509 2383
Employment & Support Allowance 0843 509 2374
Income Support 0843 509 2374
Incapacity Benefit 0843 504 0374
Universal Credit 0843 509 2382
Universal Credit (New Claims & Appointments) 0843 509 2382
Personal Independence Payment 0843 509 2380