What is the Maximum Budgeting Loan For a single person?
The maximum Budgeting Loan for a Single person is £348.00. It is unlikley that a single person would be awarded a Community Care Grant, unless they are in one of the following groups:

  • Just released from Prison
  • Just leaving Care
  • Need a Grant to prevent you going into Care
  • A person in a resettlement programme arranged by Social Services

There is also a bit of a wildcard, that allows the Decision Maker to award you a Community Care Grant if it is deemed that you are under exceptional pressure and that a CCG is the only means to releive the pressure.
The items that are most applied for and reasons that they are paid:

A Fridge: However without a medical need, such as needing to store insulin, they will not pay you..

A Double matress: As a single person, you would not be awarded a double mattress.

A large settee : These are not classed as being essential

A small settee: Again, not classed as essential.
Enough Curtians for the whole house: Not classed as a nicessity

A Microwave machine: Another no essentioal item (unless you have no other method of cooking food available)

Television: Never awarded as these are excluded, and again – not essential

Gas bottles: These are not awarded as they chould be applied for via a crisis loan

A new Wardrobe – Not a nescessity

A set of Drawers -Again not a necessary Item

Cutlery and Crockery (I have cups)

A Lounge carpet. – not essential

A mat for your bathroom- not essential

Lighting/Light bulbs – normal living expense, so would come under Crisis Loans

Clothes- Possibly Grant

Towel- Possible Grant

Pair of trainers – Possible Community Care Grant

Socks & Underware – Possible Community Care Grant

T-shirts- Possible Community Care Grant

Jumpers or sweatshirts- Possible Community Care Grant

When applying for clothes the question is generally how reasonable it is that you have not saved your benefit money to buy clothes, for winter or summer as needed, however if you have been in hospital for several weeks, and your clothes no longer fit- then it may be accepted.