The social fund is a discretionarry payment from the department of work and pensions and is designed to help those on low incomes in times of hardship.

The maximum crisis loan that any one family unit can have at any one time is £1500.00 – this is the same if you are married with 4 children or are a singles person. If you make any further applications to the social fund when you are at you maximum limit, it is likely that your application for a crisis loan will be turned down on the basis that they can’t lend you any more.

However all is not lost, you can still be awarded some money from the social fund, if your case is deemed to me an emergency and that you have no other means of getting money and the person that decided on your crisis loan applications feels that they would have given you a crisis loan of you wernt at your limit then they can refer your application for a community care grant . these are not limited by the £1500.00 maximum crisis loan debt rules and as they sound are given as  non repayable grants, this may be the solution if your are turned down for a crisis loan