The maximum that you can owe for a crisis loan is £1500.00 per person OR family unit, this is the bit that confuses most people that want to make an application to the Social Fund, as they use the logic that a family of 4 may need more in comparison to a single person as far as the maximum loan amounts go- this is not the case.

Crisis Loan limits – what you need to know

Even though it does not seem fair that a single person can be deemed to need the same level of financial help as a family, as far as the maximum debt is concerned, this is how it pans out. However, this does not affect the maximum daily crisis loan amounts directly


If Mr X calls and says that he is in crisis and he needs a crisis loan for food for 3 weeks he already owes £1450.00 he can only be awarded a maximum of £50

Mr and Mrs Y, and their 7 kids call and ask for a crisis loan for another 3 weeks, they already owe £1450.00 so they can only get a £50 crisis loan!