Social Fund Contact Telephone Number

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The Social Fund Contact Telephone Number for the crisis loans sections has recently changed, for those of you that don’t know, the crisis loan telephone service (same day applications for living expenses) is run on a virtual network- this means that your call could be answered by any Benefit Centre dealing with social fund telephone calls in the UK.

Although the previous Social Fund Contact Telephone Number remains active for 3 months, your should Now call 08000 327952

Social Fund Contact Telephone

Previously all offices had their own 0800 contact number, however, as of this month, there is one national social fund number for same day applications.

As before the DWP have made it difficult to find ( 6 pages into the direct gov site!) so here it is – 08000 327952




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  1. Hi I’m on income support I got paid £45 today but some loan company has took it out my account and electric is ready to run out. My gas ran out last night. What can I do. I have tried payday loans but it’s because of them I’m in this situation.

  2. hi im 7 months pregnant wait for my income support claim ive ran out of food gas got nothing left need a crisis loqn what do i do plz help danielle

    1. Hi Danialle,

      you should apply for a “Short Term Benefit Advance” – it is just the same as the old crisis loan for alignments ( they are paid whilst you wait for your benefit to be processed)

      Call 08456088637 in the morning and ask for one, but be assertive, as the DWP dont advertise STBA’s.

      If you have no luck, get back to me and I will see what other options are in your area.

      All the best withh baby :).

  3. Hi
    im needing to apply for a crisis loan I cant find any numbers for it, im currently employed with an agency and not getting any hours at all. my last pay was the 16th of april 2013. I currently have no food gas/electricity and its an emergency that I get some money for these things. Im going to re apply for JSA until I find a permanent job. I would be very grateful if you can get back in contact with me?


    1. Hi Kirsty,

      Crisis loans no longer exist, however if you make a claim to JSA you can make an application for an advance of benefit.

      Out advice is to call and make a claim to JSA right away, and ask for an advance at the end of the call.

  4. Hi My name is james.

    I am 2o have just got a new job on my payday i was paid a lot less then i had expected due to be auto-enroled into a penstion and emergacy taxed on all my income!

    I have been left with 0.17p since friday and have had no way of getting to work or earting and i havent been able to pay myboard and my mum wants me out (she only lets me live there for the money!). I havent been able to pay a charity called W2W there contrubtion for the moped so they havent deliverd that. I have alleady lost 3 days unpaid wages and at this rate i will be in the same postion when i get paid again! I am desperate for help i have tried all PD loan companies none will lend to me!!! Crisis loans now replaced by sone council loan which because i work im not eligable. Work cannot advance on un-earnt earnings!

    Everyone wants cash!


  5. Hi, I’m trying to ring phone numbers to get some sort of crisis loan so i can survive until my claim’s processed and done, the above number doesn’t work at all and every other number has just eaten my small amount of credit and given no help at all. Do you know of any way or anything i can claim to survive until i can get my JSA again? Thanks.

    1. Aiden-

      If it is a new claim to JSA you can ask for a “payment on account” this is a fast payment on benefit for those who don’t have any income at new claim stage.

      They are VERY new having only just launched, so no telephone numbers are available ( that we can find) for national applications.

      Go to your local Jobcentre and aka if you can call for free from there, or if they can give you the number or send an email asking the correct section to call you!

  6. Good Morning,

    I am trying to apply to the social fund. I was told to call job centre plus by the council but there is no option to for social fund when i call the number. I am looking to call them as i need help in terms of getting some deposit for a place due to homelessness.

  7. Social Fund is a waste of time I see smack heads and piss heads get 1 when they ay got a fix or a drink But wen sum1 needs 1 to feed there familys they get refused Wot a waste of space

  8. One of my family member was granted crisis loan almost three week ago, he was told to fax the letter to the processing centre in Battersea South london ; every time he called to see if they have recieved they said that they havn`t recieved any fax; they told him to fax the copy again ,he has being doing this for all this time. How long before they paid the money to him.

    Ms brown

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