New three strikes and your out crisis loans

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A new rule that was first reported to have been tested last year has resurfaced its head again.

The 3 strikes rule basically says that you can only have 3 crisis loans in any 12 month period for things like lost, stolen or spent money- or any other event that was not unforeseen or unavoidable.

this does not apply to alignment to benefits (payments of Crisis loans whilst other benefit is being processed or decided)

The last time this was implemented it was imposed from the day of the change onwards, meaning that any applications from 4/4/11 will count toward your 3 ( previous apps wont count, but if you have had two in the last rolling 12 months then you will still need to go to your closest participating job centre for a face to face interview)


Now – even though you may be automatically turned down under direction 14 (already had 3 loans) rules you can still ask for a review, to do this you will need to state why the situation was not foreseen and was unavoidable.

it is expected that you will be turned down after this first appeal stage, and you will then need to ask for your case to be sent to the IRS independent review service, who are not part of the Department - we are not affiliated with any organisation mentioned. For Work and pensions and will give your case a fair hearing( usually within 48 hours of referral)

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