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No more Crisis Loans

This site offers advice and call forwarding options, and we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned on this website. Calls to 084 numbers cost up to 7p per minute plus your network access charge.

As of April 1st, 2013 the Social Fund will no longer operate at a national level, the Government have included parts of the Social Fund in the new Welfare shake-up meaning that the discretionary payments like Crisis loans for items, lost money or rent in advance will now be administered by Local Authorities.nO more crisis loan

We have already compiled a list of Local Authority telephone numbers and crisis contact points and will get these published to the site as soon as we are able.

However, please comment below if you urgently need details of your local support network and we will move your area up the list and post details within an hour.


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It May be possible to find direct support view the Governments own website 


96 thoughts on “No more Crisis Loans”

  1. Hi have been waiting to recieve jsa for 4 weeks ,wasn,t able to attend for appointment last week due to a possible interview so phoned job centre before and twice later to inform about missing appointment and was told to email them on address given to explain which i did.Have now been sanctioned for missing appointment so with holding any money was due as recieved a email following day to go that day 2 hours later which didn,t get till later that day.At no point during the 3 phone calls both before missing appointment and after when trying find out what to do (as in 27 years of full time employment wasn,t sure procedure).Have been staing with my sister who has 3 children of her own and can,t put me up any longer without any financial help has asked me leave saturday 27th dec so will be homeless and penny less with no idea where or what to do.Had lined up at least 10 interviews in the 4 weeks since starting jsa but due to no funds to go to interviews and jobs if got even though enquired about travel help or a loan of some type which asked for as joined a recruitment agency and had work for me around 30 miles away paying £10 per hour doing 50 hours per week as busy period and am a chef was told couldn,t get any help because hadn,t been claiming for 26 weeks .really don,t no what to do and am angry because had 4 weeks worth work at least offerd but no means get back and forth is a vicious circle would lent money if sister had it and to now stop claim even though contacted them prior don,t no what to do.

  2. Hi can anyone help i was on ESA due to having heart problems asthma and problems with my bowels i wad due to be paid today but money not gone in bank, i have received a letter today saying the decision maker says i don’t have limited capability to work. I have no money my direct debits are due to come out of bank today and got no electric and gas as i put it in fortnightly . I was given a number for welfare rights but says only open Mon and Fri.

  3. I made a new claim for jobseekers on 18th sept this year and I got a STBA of £16 which has gone straight away and that had to last me till I get my first JSA payment tomorrow (30th sept) and that is only going to be for £41.38 -£8.45 to pay back the STBA which will leave me with about £32 to last me 2 weeks till I get my full money. That £32 I need to get food and clothes and want to know if I can get any other loan like a crisis loan or can I get another STBA loan while I pay for this one which is only 2 payments.
    I need a bit more money to get by till I get my full JSA in 3 weeks.

  4. Hi, myself and partner are waiting for our jsa to be paid but they’ve said it can take up to two weeks to get any money! We have a three year old and have to pay for food shopping and gas and electric etc, we need help to get some money to live on asap.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      You will need to apply for a short term benefit advance.

      As of 1/4/2013, Alignments to Benefit have been replaced by Short Term Benefit Advances (STBA’s) and can be applied for whilst waiting for a claim to be processed, however a search of the GOV.UK site bring up virtually no information on the availability of these loans, how to apply, who may qualify and how much you may be able to get.

      Whilst the Government website offers little help, it is possible to find clues in the recently issued legislation that help to decode the mystery.

      ×What is a Short Term Benefit Advance?

      It is an advance of benefit ( including Jobseekers and Employment and Support allowance, income support and pension credit) that can be awarded to a new customer who notifies the DWP that they have a financial need which may result in a serious risk of damage to the health and/or safety of them or their family.

      ×Who is eligible for a STBA?

      Although the Loan is discretionary, specific factors are looked at when deciding on eligibility.
      ×You may be able to be awarded a Loan when:

      • It is the start of a new claim, or when a new award of benefit is past due.
      • When declaring a change in your circumstances that will drastically increase an award, this can be done at the point of declaration, or after the declaration.
      • When the first payment of benefit is not a full two weeks worth.
      ×To make an application for a STBA Loan, you have to:

      • Have recently made a new claim – or have an existing claim to any of the following benefits – Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit, Pension Credit, State Pension or Carers Allowance.
      • Be likely to receive enough benefit for the STBA loan to be recovered from

      • Be able to repay the loan from your benefits within 12 weeks ( this can be extended to 24 weeks, however this is in exceptional situations)

      • Be able to show that if a loan is not made, that you or your family at serious risk or danger.

      • Not be able to find alternative funding anywhere else.

      ×How much can the Loan be?

      In general, as loans are made against benefits they are lower than your likely award to the benefit that you have applied for that would cover the same period.
      It seems that you can be awarded either 60% of your benefit or 100%, however despite our searches we can not find any information on how these are calculated.
      We presume that they are set at 60% so that you can afford to repay them and are not put into additional hardship through a reduced income.
      ×How to apply for a Loan..

      Unfortunately there is no form ( that we can find) for this, it seems that you have to call the DWP and declare that you have a financial need – and then, assuming that you meet the above eligibility criteria, you SHOULD be offered a Short Term Benefit Advance and details taken at that stage.
      Information on how this is supposed to work is sparse, so please feel free to share your experiences below so that we can build up a detailed picture of how this is working in practice.

  5. hi there i currently live in the llanelli area of south wales. i am suffering various mental health issues and am in dire need of moving out of my council property to private rented. As i am aware i am able to get the bond scheme but i need to pay £440 one months rent in advance, please can someone get back to me asap as need the help or even a contact number, many thanks

  6. i live in gravesend kent and my tax credits have been stopped at the moment untill the 21st august 2013 is there any help or crisis loans that i can get as i have 5 children me and a partner to support have no food gas or electric and am desperate now please help.

    1. Kirsty, It is still possible to seek a crisis loan from the HMRC, they do not advertize them however if you call in at your closest HMRC office and ask for payment to be sorted, they will take an application.

  7. hi I need to find out how to apply for a crisis loan in Hull asap as I have NO money, NO food, NO electric and NO way of getting any!!

  8. How can i get money for travel, from one city to another, so i dont get breached from my probation. i lost all my money and phone yesterday, is there anywhere i can get it today. i am in sheffield, any help at all would be great

  9. i used to work and have only just started singing on my worked owed me a weeks wages witch could get me through till i get paid jsa but they have not paid me i have no food very little electric could you tell me what help i can get

    1. Although crisis loans have ended, it may be possible to get some support via the short term benefit advance system. call 08456088637 and ask for a short tem benefit advance- they are the replacement for the type of crisis loan that would have covered your situation

  10. I need help urgently for food an bills an milk an nappies for my 1 yr old could you help me find who I can contact please tganks

  11. Hi I live in Kingston upon hull and need to get to my friends funeral in Wrexham and need help with travel costs to get there.could I please have a number for my local area

  12. Hi, could you tell me the number to get a short term crisis loan in littlehampton, west Sussex please
    Thanks in advance

  13. Hello. I’m currently living with my parents but I’m on the virge of being kicked out unless I find some money for my keep. I got my JSA on Friday but my bank took charges out and left me with £20 which I’ve had to use for other things. So if someone could contact me and let me know what help is available that would be great. Thanks, Jack.

  14. hi i have a friend whoa come to live with me and has no money and has just started a claim for jsa do you have a number he could ring to get some money to help him in the m20 area of manchester

  15. hey

    im from Hastings ,East Sussex

    in February 18, 2013 i made a claim for ESA then they say i missed a Work Capability Assessment but i didnt no i had no letter was send to me i said this they said i had send it back to them saying i was gone away . i ask them to prove that i have send the letter back to them ,but no reply now they are now saying i cant be payed until WCA makes a appointment they say they are backlogged its now 18,5,2013. i have now got my MP helping me out they had a email from the job center saying, I had a phone call from Job center Plus this morning, to say that they would reconsider this case within three hours given the urgency of the impending eviction.then submitted a new claim within six months of the original claim, with both citing mental health issues, the rules say that they cannot adjudicate on a claim without another Work Capability Assessment (WCA)/ medical examination being carried out. They have contacted Atos today to ask for an appointment for Mr Smith as soon as possible.
    i ask done what they asked me to do, my doctor gave me medical certificates so i can have ESA apparently there is no guarantee that they will backdate the claim to 25 February that is unfair i have a partner and baby girl its in in possible to live on child tax and child credit witch is not our money.
    im lost i have no idea what to do now im still not being payed

    please need advice asap thank you very much

    1. Hi Craig,

      Sorry for the tardy reply- we are totally rushed off our feet.

      Anyhow, it sounds like you have two seperate issues that are holding up your payments.

      1) you missed a WCA

      2) You have applied again, with the same illness in 6 months ( this idicates to me that you have already been found fit for work at least once??)

      If you have already been found fit for work and have not apealed this decision then any new claim ( with the same condition within 6 months) is an AUTOMATIC NO- as far as the DWP are concerened it was no before, and will stay no unless ATOS think the condition has worsend/changed and then they will look again at the decision from teh date that you actually turn up to your WCA.

  16. hello, im fromdarlington co. durham. ive recently lost my job and have applied for income support however my first payment isnt due till next week im absolutely desperate i get100 taxcredits but have 2 pay 45 rent and 17 council taxa week ive got 2 young children and i am in desperate nbeed of shopping and gas and electric

    1. Hi Siobhan,

      You can apply to the DWP/Incoem support section for a short term benefit advance whilst your Income support is processed.To do this you need to contact the DWP on 0845 608 8637 and select the option for the benefit you are waiting for. You must tell the DWP that you require a short term benefit advance not a crisis loan.

  17. hi, i was told on tuesday when i signed on that i would be having my jsa suspended,and that i would recieve no money on friday 17.5.13 (today) i thought i would be eligable for a crisis loan but as i am still repaying a crisis loan from last year,i am unable to claim for this either, could someonne please advise me on what steps to take now, my gas and electric have run out and i am left with a couple of cans of soup in the cupboard, my family are not in a position to help,so i do not know what to do next…………. please help or advise. thank you .
    steve fox.

    1. Hi steve,

      you will need to look at getting help via your local authority/council or you can apply for hardship on JSA ( as long as you are in a vulnerable group)

  18. Hi The father to my 11 week old baby throw us out of the house, I have filled my tax credit forms out 8 weeks ago when he throw us both out I have not heard a thing from the tax credits I have no money I’m sleeping and leaving off my mothers pension and she can’t afford it. How can I get any money to get by until my Tax credits are sorted.

    1. Hi Lesley,

      Matty seems a bit of a plonker! that is no way to treat a partner or young child.

      You could possibly contact HRMC and ask if its possible to collect a counter payment (TAX credits version of a crisis loan) however it will mean you actually going-into a tax office.

  19. I need the number for the new crisis support for cardiff . I pressed on the south east wales link but no number came up . Can you tell me a way to contact them . Thanks

  20. what am i suppose to do i have received an unexpected bill and don’t get paid for a while now and now there is no more crisis loan i live in the Leeds, West Yorkshire area please help i have contacted the job center they are no help

  21. Hi I’m looking for crisis loan number or for a number that can help. I haven’t been paid my child tax I’ve rang them up they said a payment is being paid but by the time it clears with the bank it will be monday but urgently need money

    1. Kirsty,

      the HMRC have an emergency payments system (akin to crisis loans) however they seldom publisise it- you need to actually go to a local tax office ( if you have one with a customer counter) and ask for an emergency payment.

  22. who can i turn to for help i jst made a new claim for jsa but wont get nothing for over a fortnight, but i have rent to pay or im getting evicted

    1. Hi Jane,

      For money: call the Jobcentre and ask for a short term benefit advance- this can be paid before your claim is fully assessed.

      For rent: apply ‘directly’ to your local council for housing benefit. They usually wait till your benefit is sorted to make a start on your claim, however if you apply directly it can be a little quicker… Plus you can let your landlord know what’s happening and ask for a break in payments whilst you wait.

    2. stbas are a sham, I have just signed on and although they will pay me 2 days money on fri that has to last me 2 weeks!!! its a bloody joke and we will starve and they don’t give a shit, u cant appeal it so ur just left to cope treated like a 2nd rate citizens. THESE SHORT TERM BENEFIT ADVANCES ARE PURELY TO MAKE LIFE EVEN HARDER, £32 has to last me just over 2 weeks, need I say more

  23. Hi.
    My husband lost his job at the end of march due to illness. We still havent had any money through and my wages havenow run out. I need petrol to get to work and we need money for gas and electric pre payment meter. Also have a 7 year old child. Can you tell me if we can get help please? We live in Totton, Hampshire.

  24. Hi started a new claim for jsa and I havnt a penny till its sorted out is there .any help (west scotland) thanks

    1. Hi Alex,

      You can call the DWP and ask specifically for a “short term benefit advance” they should have offered you one if you said that you were struggling- however seem to forget that’s in the place an alignment crisis loan

      1. Hi,
        I was wondering if you can please, please help me I have been on ESA and was asked to fill in and return a questioniare which I did by the date given but they have said they have not received the questioniare and have now stopped my ESA and I will have to fill in another one and appeal so I can go back to receiving my ESA. I am very ill and disabled and I have no idea how I am meant to live until this is sorted, my DLA is not due for 2 and a half weeks. Is there any help I could get? This is not my fault and is really distressing as I have done what they asked yet they have punished me for something that isn’t my fault. Many thanks in advance I would appreciate any advice you may have
        Many thanks, Samantha


    1. That are is covered be several services – Bolton 01204332772
      -bury 01612537030
      -Oldam 01617705468
      -Rochdale 01706532222
      -Stockport 01612176009
      -tamside 01942705221

      If your area isn’t covered please give further info on where exactly you are.

  26. I live in Ellesmere Port (Cheshire), I need a little financial assistance urgently as a temporary measure, I have two teenage children living with me and am currently in receipt of JSA and Child tax Credit for my two lodgers; Is there any Contact Details (Tel. Number) out there that I can use to aid me ? as the Crisis Loan facility has been terminated!

    1. Hi Robert,

      after spending the last 4 hours trying to track down a number in you area we have come up blank! as yet we can find no-one willing to step in.. will keep you posted on a few other replies we are awaiting.

  27. dear whom can help i need some details to contact help for crisis loan and food as my belongins have got stolen plesae i need some help xxx chantell njie

  28. Have been paid £60 today drawn it out put it in my purse got on the bus folded my pram down put my purse in pram pocken and when I’ve got off have realised purse has fallen out. I understand I cNt get crisis loan anymore so how can I get £60 I am pregnant and have a child I need food nappys gas and electric

  29. Hi I was looking forthenumber for a crisis loan is there another service that offers this I live in Barry south Wales my tax credits went in however due to direct debits my money has been taken I have tried to retrieve the monies back but they said I have to call crisis loan. Is there a service available.

  30. May I please have the number for whatever assistance is available to me. I live in Bournemouth Dorset. Thanks. I am desperate as sat in the dark and starving through no fault of my own.

  31. what number do i phone to get a crisis loan off my local authoritys liverpool , as my banks has let all my money go out

  32. Please can you advise what I can do – I live in West Yorkshire and I have no money to feed myself or my two small children until I get paid on Monday 15th March
    Help I was told I should access a Crisis loan – dont know what to do for food as the fridge is completely bare.
    I have had to pay £180 for Gas and £100 for electric and really couldnt afford to do so this month. My husband as lost £400 per month due to the budget cuts at his work and we can hardly survive. He works full time and I work part-time – we have never claimed benefits before.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I am sorry but the social fund is no longer issuing discretionary loans or grants- you mey be entitled to working tax credits or other benefits given your reduced earnings- I would suggest that you spoke to your local citizens advice centre, and ask if they can do a calculation for you.

  33. Hi! I am a single mum and looking to borrow deposit money for starting to rent one bedroom flat.Where can I get support. Its urgent. I found a flat and need deposit money.
    Thank you!

    1. YOu will need to speak to your local authority or citizens advice as they may be able to help with a bond- however you can no gonger get a crisis loan

  34. I never knew that crisis loans had ended. My fridge has broken and all my food for me and my kids has been ruined. I’m in sthelens Merseyside. What do I do??

    1. Basically- Yes… they are designed to reduce hardship by giving you money that you will pay back out of benefits.

      But it only replaces alignment to benefit crisis loan types- i.e. you can only get one at the start of a new claim

  35. Hi can u please help me I have 2 babys under the age of 2 and really need a crisis loan and now they have stopped what do I do and were can I get one from now .
    I live in leeds
    Please help me
    Thank you

  36. Please could you help me. I’ve never claimed before and was advised this could be an option, as I’m unable to meet my rent payment. I live in South East London.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Sharon,

      unfortunately, crisis loans have now stopped, however even if you had applied last month you would not have been awarded help with rent as this was never coverd by the social fund- you may be able to seek help from your local authority

      1. Thank you for your reply.
        I have now been advised that a ‘Budgeting Loan’ may be an option. I shall look into that.
        Many thanks

  37. Please send me details of what finacial help my local authority can provide. I reside in north lanarkshire.

  38. Hi

    Im from sidcup, kent. Could you pkease publish the contact details for this area please or send them to me.

    Thank you!

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