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Purple Payday Loans, is a great little service that allows users to apply for small short term loans in the uk.

Cash payments can be made on the same day as long as you make your application before 3pm Monday through to Friday.

Unlike most payday loans companies, purple payday don’t insist on their applicants having a bank card. Check the APR rate as well as it could be over 1280%.


The application process is very simple and straightforward, and can take just 5 minutes- and can be done online.. You are able to get a very speedy reply to your application – sometimes within 15 minutes flat!

Here is what the site has to say-

“Instant decision, no need for faxing or posting information to us….

1. Complete our short application form.

2. Within a few moments we will let you know if you have beenapproved. Sometimes we are unable to confirm details submitted to us. If this happens to you we ask you to forward us some simple documentation to enable us to approve your loan.

3. Sign you loan agreement electronically simply via the internet.

4. If you apply before 3pm Monday to Friday we will deposit into your account the same day. Apply after 3pm and we will deposit your funds on the next working day. If you need funds in your account on a Monday then simply apply over the weekend and we will take care of the rest.

Remember though, a Payday Loan is repayable in full upon your next stated payday.”


The most your able to borrow from this company is £750 at any one time and this will need to be repaid on the next time you are paid or (31 days from the date of your application) – you will be notified in writing when making the loan agreement of the dates that you will be expected to make payment and settle the entire debt that you owe.


The date you repay the full cash amount will have been agreed when you made your application and you are able to cal their service for check at any time, however the repayment date will generally be 31 days from the date of the application or on your first payday- whichever is the sooner.


Another thing that we really liked about this site is the clear repayment plan, you basically have to repay £25 for every £100 that you borrow

You Borrow You Payback
£100 £125
£200 £250
£300 £375
£400 £500
£500 £625
£600 £750
£750 £937.50


It is possible for you to extend their term of your borrowing and this can be done without too much hassle, however you will need to pay a small charge of £15 for each £100 you owe as an admin fee.


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