When you take a social fund loan you have to agree to repay, they like you to repay your crisis and budgeting loans within 104 week and generally ask for 5% of your benefits, but it is possible to reduce the amount that you repay to the Social Fund by formally asking them to look at the level of your repayments and showing that you can no longer afford to repay you loan at the rate agreed.

The social fund call reducing your repayments a rescheduling request, and this request must be made in writing, below is a sample template that you can copy and paste then print off to ask them to lower your repayments.


Please remember to replace all of there persona information before you send it off. Reduce repayment regrets letter

Mr Eric Wimp

29 Acacia Road, Nuttytown



National Insurance




RE: Urgent Rescheduling Request

Dear Social Fund

Due to a recent change in circumstances I respectfully request that you consider lowering my present repayments to the social fund.

Additionally, as my benefits have not increased in line with actual living costs, my disposable income has, in effect decreased, as such I would seek to lower my repayments to enable me to better manage my income as I am no longer able to buy essential items due to the level of my repayments.

Please accept this letter as a request to reschedule my debt based on the following income and expenditure:




This leaves my disposable weekly income of £__________ available to repay debt.

As is apparent, my income is no longer sufficient to repay the loan at the rate initially agreed, therefore I would be grateful if you could consider lowering my repayment rate and lengthening the period over which I am expected to repay.

I am happy to discuss this request, and can be contacted on 07XXXXXXXXX.

Yours sincerely