Rent in advance applications from the Social Fund can be classed as Crisis loans, or Budgeting Loans depending on how quickly you will need to move and secure a new property and are awarded to help people to secure a property when there is a present risk to their health and safety, or when they have nowhere to live.

Rent in advance can be applied for either in writing using the form SF401 ( in our downloads and resources section) or you can apply over the telephone for an immediate decision.


You are not able to apply and be awarded help Rent in advance when moving into a new house or flat that is owned or managed by the Local Authority, so you must have a private landlord OR housing association offer.

Once you have identified a property, you should approach the landlord and agree on terms of the tenancy by way of obtaining a tenancy agreement, this should show not only the address of the new house or flat but also the name of the landlord or housing association that you are planning to rent from.

Valid Tenancy agreements have clear details of the terms of the tenancy, including monthly rants and period of the lease, if your landlord has not yet provided you with one you can get one here DOWNLOAD TENNANCY AGREEMENT .

Your tennenacy agreement will need to be very clear in distinguishing between RENT IN ADVANCE and in a Deposit, as deposits ARE NOT covered by the social fund and will not be awarded, however in some cases you can get help with this from your Local Authority, if you are claiming housing benefit, it would be a good idea to enquire about help with a deposit if needed at this time.

Rent in advance crisis loans have the same limits as other Crisis loans so you can only apply for a maximum of £1500, however this amount will be less if you already have a debt with the social found for any other type of loan.