Scottish to give away Fridges

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The Scottish Government Offer both goods and grants plus
optional other support

Respondents broadly supported the option of
offering both goods and grants to enable individual
circumstances to be addressed, while giving people
choice and offering flexibility.
The advantage of grants was that they enable
personal choice, which helps to empower individuals
and promote financial capability. The provision of
grants would also support local economies.
The provision of goods would provide the potential for
savings through bulk purchasing and through avoiding
the inappropriate spending of cash payments.
Alternatives to goods-only provision would be to offer
vouchers or a supervised-spend system. The main
disadvantage of providing goods was that it limited
individual choice and personal responsibility.
The types of goods that should be provided
included a range of white goods, furniture and other
household items seen as essential to furnish a home.
Respondents argued that goods provision should be
flexible to meet the specific needs of individuals with
Optional support and advice
Respondents were generally in favour of offering
other types of support (such as budgeting advice)
with the strong caveat that such support should not
be compulsory.

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