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Are you facing short-term financial problems and receiving any kind of income support? Then you may qualify for a non-repayable Community Care Grant.

Do I qualify for a Community Care Grant?

You may qualify if you’re in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, a Pension Credit or payments connected with one of these. You may also qualify if you will receive one of these benefits during the next six weeks and are leaving care.

You may qualify if you are moving out of residential or institutional care in order to live independently, or a voluntary organisation or local council is moving you to a new residence.

You may also get one to enable you to remain at home instead of moving into hospital or residential care.

You may qualify if caring for someone ill, disabled or released from jail on temporary licence.

You can claim for temporary circumstances that impact upon your dignity or which cause stress, such as family breakdown, particularly if a relative has a long-term ailment.

Financial help may be available to attend a family member’s funeral or for visiting a seriously ill person.

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Social Fund (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 506 0283
Crisis Loan (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2336
Community Care Grant (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2387
Jobcentre Appointments (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2322
Job Seeker’s Allowance Claims (New Claims & Existing) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2383
Employment & Support Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Income Support (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Incapacity Benefit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 0374
Universal Credit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Universal Credit (New Claims & Appointments) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Maternity Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 9433
Personal Independence Payment (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2380

What can I not get a Community Care Grant for?

Such grants cannot be used to fund long-term financial strategies, such as investing; or for work-related costs, such as fuel expenses (except in certain particular circumstances).

You can’t use them to pay for a phone or its call charges.

A grant will not be given to cover training or education, school meals, uniforms, sports clothes/equipment or school travel costs.

Requests that clash with other government activities are also excluded. Therefore you can’t use it to clear debts to another government department. You also can’t claim it to fund court appearances or other legal proceedings.

If you need money to repair a property rented from a local authority/housing association, or to fund removal of goods or for storage when your local authority is prepared to help you with those tasks, your application will fail. Domestic help is likewise excluded.

The majority of housing costs and Council Tax are not covered.

Your request will almost certainly be turned down if your need applies outside the UK.

A claim for expenses below £30 will probably fail unless requested for daily living expenses or travel. Food and groceries will qualify as daily expenses only if you’re caring for a young offender or prisoner released under temporary licence. It’s unusual to be granted a payment if you’ve already requested that the same services or goods be funded within the last 28 days.

How much will I get as a Community Care Grant?

That depends upon your circumstances. If you and your partner are not yet 60, with more than £500 in savings (£1,000 if either of you is over 60), the amount may be reduced.

The grant will not affect any benefits you receive.

How are Community Care Grants paid?

Directly into your bank account.

How do I apply for a Community Care Grant?

Fill out an SF300 form which you can download online or get from a Jobcentre Plus. If you’re in residential or institutional care, you are able to submit an application up to six weeks before your expected leaving date but remember that this form cannot be used by those in Northern Ireland.

What if I disagree with a decision for a Community Care Grant? Can I appeal?

If you are unhappy with a decision, you can ask for it to be reviewed, by writing to Jobcentre Plus.

If you’re still not satisfied, you can ask that a Social Fund Inspector reviews the decision. This review will normally take less than 12 days.

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  1. Hi I have been in a bedsit for a few months now and I have been having problems but now I have my own place and have no furniture as it through a housing association and I was wondering how I can get furniture as I have no money to buy any and I have been on free website but theire still charging money When is supposed to be free i am on job seekers and my money dost stretch that for it u could give me some advice that would be great thank you.

  2. My 18 Daughter is on ESA and has just got a flat after being homeless and living in a hostel. This is her first home. Is she entitled to a community care grant for furniture and appliances as she has nothing? Thankyou x

  3. Hi I’m 64 and my wife is sick and disabled can I apply for a community care grant as we needs a washing machine tumble dryer bed and several other bits can you help please ron PS we are both over 60 thank you for reading

  4. hiya i am writing to apply for a community care grant.. i have been living at my home for a while now but have never has a community care grant and am in desperate need… i have recently had a servire mold problem all over my flat i have managed to keep the mold away but a lot of my possessions have been badly damaged i.e. carpets clothes rugs beds etc i have been sleeping on the floor with just a blanket for a while now and need some sort of help would it be possible to apply for one of these community care grants please

  5. I need help on an urgent community care grant as I’m a disable person with bad health need a washing machine bad and other items please can you help me in where I can applied for one please

  6. Hi there im wanting to apply for a community care grant. Because iv moved into a new home i have a 7month old baby. I need a few things to sort my new home out for my baby i need things to baby proof my home because he is starting to crawl and get about now in the
    house. Im needing carpets downstairs because it is lamarted flooring its not safe for my baby at all he keeps have accidents. I am also needing wardrobes to put mine and my sons clothes in aswel im needing bedding for my babys cot and my bed. Im a single parent on esa and child benifits and tax credits i have a lot of bills to pay and im struggleing as it is to support myself and my boy would u be able to help me please.

  7. I am on property pool plus waiting list in Liverpool on health grounds. I need to move from my first floor flat to a ground floor property. If i’m offered a property can l apply for a community care grant to help my moving cost’s. I do recive benefits , ESA, DLA, Could you please let me know if l could apply for a grant.

  8. I am currently doing a twelve week programme at Society of St James for alcohol addiction. My next stage of my recovery is to go on to college part time. To be able to achieve this I will need a laptop. I am currently in receipt of ESA, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. Please could you inform me if this is the right application to make.
    Look forward to your reply
    Kind Regards
    Jenny Frost.

  9. hi can i get gant ur loan moving out off teperhouseiing in to 4 bedroom hoouse i got 6 kids and no beds ur any think as lost it all

  10. I’m due to move into a new property with my 7 year old daughter. Unfortunately I am in a position whereby I am starting afresh again and need practically everything for the house including furniture, beds, cooker, fridge-freezer, washer etc. Can I get a community grant to help me to purchase these essentials?

  11. Hi I applied for community care grant and was refused when on phone to adviser she asked me various questions and when I told her my daughter wet the bed on occasions she told me to get DR letter, my DR wouldn’t do this as when my daughter was sent for various test they all came back clear and there didn’t seem to be a problem medically so he said he would be perjuring himself by writing a letter. So other than taking urinated sheets to them I now have no way proving this. I am a single parent and am suffering great pressure as I need to travel almost 7 miles by bus with black bags to the nearest laundrette which is not easy and very costly also it’s my duty to keep my daughter clean and healthy and because I have no machine I quite frankly am struggling. I have tried all other avenues to get funds for machine but this is my last and only chance, what can I do any help will be appreciated thank you

  12. Hi just wondered me and my gf are moving in to a new house together we have been told we can get help to a deposit but is there any way of getting help to wards the first months rent I am on ESA and dla and my gf has to kids aged 3 and 1 and half thanks

  13. hi was wondering if anyone can help i have just lost my job and have made a claim 4 jsa but in the process my ex flat mate has kept all my belongings so i have no clothes ect apart from the ones on my back because i owe her £180 and can not pay it because i have no job i have also been kicked out and living on friends couches is there anyone that can help me

    1. Hi Emma,

      you can apply for a short term benefit advance whilst you await your JSA decisison This is done via the benefit delivery centre/ contact centre that you called to make you application.

  14. I tried to phone the crisis loan number as advised at the job centre but was told by an answer phone they don’t exist. I have just lost my job and my home, had to sell my phone so I could eat and have been homeless for nearly a week now. JSA cant be processed any quicker and im completely broke is there any other avenues I should be trying ??? anyone with any imfo please get in touch am getting desperate !!!

    1. Hi Darren

      We do know that you can apply for help WHILST you wait for your JSA to be processes. They are called Short term Benefit Advances- and you apply for them via the benefit helpline, the Jobcentre WON’T tell you that they exist, however they do! Check this site out

  15. hi i applied for a community care grant over 2 weeks ago and not heard anything anyone know of the number i can contact to find out wether it has gone through or not

  16. I sent my community care grant for over 3or 4weeks ago! i recieved a phone call from yourselves with regards to my application. i was told i would recieve my reply in a week and this has been a week and still no letter was wondering what’s happening with it as i really need to know thanks if some one could get back to me asap that would be great!

  17. Hi,
    Im trying to chase up a claim i made for a CCG, I sent this off over 3 weeks ago and havent heard anything yet. Is there a contact number for them?

  18. Hi im currently 24 weeks pregnant,and ive just been given a house,im meant to get the keys on 2 weeks However I have no furntiture,carpets etc. Do you have to be.signing on for 26 weeks before you can apply for a community care grant? Or can I apply for one now?

  19. hi i have just reciently been given a flat which is completely unfurnished and i ahve a 2 year old daughter. i applied for a community care grant 2 weeks ago how long does it take before i will know if i have been successful as i have nothing to cook, do laundry , or anything its an empty shell please reply asap thank you.

  20. hi i sent my ccg form off yestarday as i am on income suport and have jst been kicked out and now in a flat with nothing and a 4month old baby … i had a budgeting loan about 2 months ago for baby stuff and was wondering 1st will that loan effect my ccg and when roughly will i hear a descision one way or the other

  21. what is the address i need to send my community care grant forms to as i lost the envolope and just checking i sent it to the right address and ive not heard back yet . thanks

  22. we got turned down flat for a community care grant on the grounds that we are not on the right benefit i think they said , anyone know if we can appeal or what “the right benefit” means ???????

    1. Hi, please read the following taken from
      You can apply for a community care grant if:

      you are getting Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Pension Credit when you apply, or
      you will be leaving institutional or residential care in the next six weeks and are likely to receive Income Support, income-based JSA, income-related ESA or Pension Credit when you leave.
      Any community care grant you can get will be reduced if you or your partner has capital (for example, savings) of more than £500 (£1,000 if one of you are aged 61 or over). If you have more capital than this, but not enough to pay for the item or service you need, you can apply for a grant to make up the difference.

  23. Hi I’ve had a missed call from them off a private number but I missed it I do not know what number tp ring to give them the information they need

  24. I became homeless at Christmas due to domestic violence. I have just been rehoused and have also left work (this was a temporary contract job). I have started an income support claim and also applied for a community care grant (as advised by the lady who took my details for IS). I have two children, 5 yrs and nearly 3yrs. I suffer with depression and my youngest has behavioural problems which are being assessed by camhs (mental health team) , I also have a kind of social worker due to all the problems we have/are going through.

    Would I be accepted for a community care grant ( we literally have nothing!) or would I be refused on the basis of not being on benefits long enough?

  25. hi i posted a comment before but never got a reply. and now i cant find my comment. ive been on income support since november, 2011. my plus my two kids at the age of 1 and two have been sleeping on the floor with a duvet under us. we cant afford a bed or a fridge of a electric cooker. my son is not walking yet so is crawling everywhere. i do not have any carpet. i applied for a ccg but was denied it and the reason was i was not on income support, but i am. and have been for over 6 months now. can you please tell me what to do. ive been trying to apply for months but keep getting turned down. what do i do next, ive now sent off for a new appeal. please help

  26. I sent my form back atleast 4 weeks ago still not received a letter back, how long does it normally take?

  27. When can I apply for a community care grant
    My parted and I have a 9 month old baby and are due to
    Move into a nihe house in the next 3 weeks

      1. We have been on income based jobseekers for over a year and a half.
        We have got the keys for our new house but cant move in yet due to having nothing in the house
        We sent the form in 4 days ago thanks

  28. hi ive applied for a grant several times, bbut still being told i can not recieve on due to me not receiving income support and not going to receive it in the next 6 weeks, but im already receiving it. ive been in my flat since november and me and my two kids under two have been sleeping on the floor. how can they do this. ive been waiting for months. its noteasy for me to save money to pay for a bed and cooker and fridge. im eating out of my friends houses. please tell me whats going on.

  29. Hi me and my partner are on income support we have a 5ye old and I’m 7 months pregnant av used my limit of 1500 the both of us get together and my fridge freezer is broken we can’t afford the 70 pound quote to fix it would we be able to get a community care grant or is there any other solutions u no about thanx

  30. Hi can I get a community care grant for a my broken fridge freezer I’m 7 months pregnant and have a 5 years old son and me and my partner are on income support and we can’t affored to pay the 50 pound to fix it

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