Community Care Grant advice

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Are you facing short-term financial problems and receiving any kind of income support? Then you may qualify for a non-repayable Community Care Grant.

Do I qualify for a Community Care Grant?

You may qualify if you’re in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, a Pension Credit or payments connected with one of these. You may also qualify if you will receive one of these benefits during the next six weeks and are leaving care.

You may qualify if you are moving out of residential or institutional care in order to live independently, or a voluntary organisation or local council is moving you to a new residence.

You may also get one to enable you to remain at home instead of moving into hospital or residential care.

You may qualify if caring for someone ill, disabled or released from jail on temporary licence.

You can claim for temporary circumstances that impact upon your dignity or which cause stress, such as family breakdown, particularly if a relative has a long-term ailment.

Financial help may be available to attend a family member’s funeral or for visiting a seriously ill person.

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Social Fund (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 506 0283
Crisis Loan (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2336
Community Care Grant (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2387
Jobcentre Appointments (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2322
Job Seeker’s Allowance Claims (New Claims & Existing) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2383
Employment & Support Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Income Support (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Incapacity Benefit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 0374
Universal Credit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Universal Credit (New Claims & Appointments) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Maternity Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 9433
Personal Independence Payment (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2380

What can I not get a Community Care Grant for?

Such grants cannot be used to fund long-term financial strategies, such as investing; or for work-related costs, such as fuel expenses (except in certain particular circumstances).

You can’t use them to pay for a phone or its call charges.

A grant will not be given to cover training or education, school meals, uniforms, sports clothes/equipment or school travel costs.

Requests that clash with other government activities are also excluded. Therefore you can’t use it to clear debts to another government department. You also can’t claim it to fund court appearances or other legal proceedings.

If you need money to repair a property rented from a local authority/housing association, or to fund removal of goods or for storage when your local authority is prepared to help you with those tasks, your application will fail. Domestic help is likewise excluded.

The majority of housing costs and Council Tax are not covered.

Your request will almost certainly be turned down if your need applies outside the UK.

A claim for expenses below £30 will probably fail unless requested for daily living expenses or travel. Food and groceries will qualify as daily expenses only if you’re caring for a young offender or prisoner released under temporary licence. It’s unusual to be granted a payment if you’ve already requested that the same services or goods be funded within the last 28 days.

How much will I get as a Community Care Grant?

That depends upon your circumstances. If you and your partner are not yet 60, with more than £500 in savings (£1,000 if either of you is over 60), the amount may be reduced.

The grant will not affect any benefits you receive.

How are Community Care Grants paid?

Directly into your bank account.

How do I apply for a Community Care Grant?

Fill out an SF300 form which you can download online or get from a Jobcentre Plus. If you’re in residential or institutional care, you are able to submit an application up to six weeks before your expected leaving date but remember that this form cannot be used by those in Northern Ireland.

What if I disagree with a decision for a Community Care Grant? Can I appeal?

If you are unhappy with a decision, you can ask for it to be reviewed, by writing to Jobcentre Plus.

If you’re still not satisfied, you can ask that a Social Fund Inspector reviews the decision. This review will normally take less than 12 days.

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  1. hi im 24 yearold male got turned down for ccg i suffer from deppresion and anxiety i get my 2 kids at weekends and dont have any furniture for my new council house i was stayin with my mum but the had to move because of all the arguing and fighting and stress..but i got turned down would i succed with appeal

  2. I appealed against a decision made on my community care grant over 3 weeks ago and have not heard anything, do you know roughle how long these things take to process please??

    Thanks in advance

    1. I would give them a call when they are open again next week and check the progress, as it shouldn’t take that long..

  3. Hello, I am moving into a flat on Monday but have literally nothing, no furniture, and I will have no carpets etc. Am I likely to get a Community care grant because of this, or could I be refused? I am on income based JSA.

  4. I applied for a community care grant on 14 may, i am really worried as i really need a cooker me and my son moved into a house which didnt take eletric cooker and have been living off mircowave meals for 4wks now. My health visitor advised us to apply. I get sick with worry waiting for things. How long does it take to come through? I applied for the cost of gas cooker, plus fitting and delivery. What do you think our chances are? Thanks in advance

  5. i applied for a community care grant and its be almost 3 weeks since i sent the forms off i also applied for a budgeting loan does this affect the decision ?

  6. can i have the number to see if they have received by application as its been atleast a month since i sent it off.
    im in critical need aswell
    please get back to me
    thank you

  7. hi there, i applied for a community care grant on behalf of my dad 3 weeks ago and we haven’t heard a thing. Can you tell me the average waiting time? He has moved into his house and barely has the essentials! Is there any way i can hurry along a decision?

  8. hi I lost my purse with all my money to last me til I get my next jsa payment which is a week away. tried to get a crisis loan but I’ve already had the maxIum amount to apply in a year period so they won’t even consider me for one and I’m also up to my £1500 limit aswell. I’m a single mum and have a 10 year old daugther and have no money now at all and nearly out of food and gas and electric. been told I can apply for a community care grant. can you please give me some advice on what to do now. many thanks Beth

    1. Beth, you can still get help.

      Insist on applying for a crisis loan ( by law they have to take your application) and then when your refused say this ” I understand, however can you please covert my loan application to a Community Care Grant”

      YOu can get these even if your over £1500.00 and on the same day if done this way.

  9. Hi i applyed for a comunity care grant and got rejected and i put in an appel and got told to phone back on wed last week as no disishon whas made yeat but i dont have anuff to phone bk and was wondering what is happning with my appeal ? Thank you

  10. I’m a carer for my daughter who takes fits bad I was wondering if I can put in for a community care grant for the things she needs eg when she takes fits she sometimes losing all body functions so I need help to get her new carpets and bed I’m receiving imcome support

    1. If she is on benefits, and you are not her appointee she will need to apply herself. or give you the authority to deal with her affairs/application

  11. Hi i have just moved into my house i have been here a month it was my moms before mine i am on income support and have a child 13 weeks. I pay rent and also get that paid. I have been using my moms furniture as she was moving and now she has got a house needs the furniture. I need a sofa, Washing Machine, Cot, Bed, Chester draws x2. Wardrobe x2, and kitchen utensils example forks, kettle, microwave. would i be able to get a grant? thank you steph

    1. It sounds like the type of situation that you would be awarded a grant for, make the application all they can do is say no.

      But be reasonable with the prices of things that you ask for.

  12. I’m at risk of loosing my home due to my rent being over due and a shortfall of £192 I was wondering would I be able to apply for a grant to help

    1. Unfortunately Crisis Loans are not paid to cover rent arrears, however if you spent all of your benefice on rent you could apply for living expenses ( food/gas elect) until your next benefit payment came through- but there is no guarantee of payment.

  13. Hi, Iam currently homeless with my 8 year old son, the council are willing to help with a paper bond how ever I don’t know how iam going to find the rent in advance!! My current social debt is high and I only have around £120 available, would I be eligible for a community care grant to help with rent in advance? I really need to secure a home for myself and my son and have tried applying for online loans and bank overdrafts with no success!! Iam currently on jsa and have been for over a year now.

    1. Hi Gemma,

      With a debt of £1380 you will not get a crisis loan for rent in advance, however you can apply for it to be converted to a CCG once you have a plied for a crisis loan, and then been turned down.. ( its the only way around the £1500 limit)

      1. So do I just ring for crisis loan and then apply for ccg? And how long would this process take? As iam desperate to secure a home for us

        1. HI Gemma,

          Yes you apply for a crisis loan for rent in advance just like usual, at the end they will say no because your debt is xyz then you ask for it to be converted.

  14. hi,my limit for a crisis loan is at 1300 and my partners is also 1450 together they reach the limit, we need 4wks rent in advance as we are moving due to bein homelss at my mums.. I was wondering weather the crisis loan people would exceed that limit or pass it on as a comunity care grant??

  15. Hi, i am 21 and i am 5 months pregnant and i have recently been taken out of a furnished hostal as i was homeless and placed in a tempory accomadation with no bed,freezer,ect .i sent an application form of for a community care grant over a week ago. With no bed i am sleeping on the floor can you tell
    Me how long till a reply and if you think i have a chance of help….tHanks

  16. hi i was just wondering how long it takes for community care grant to be awarded or not. ive been waiting 3 weeks now?

  17. hi my little boy has just turn 21weeks and in desperate need of new clothes bottles and we have been advised to get new teats and dummys as he just had thrush! how can i get help with this? also he has outgrown his crib will i recive any helping buying a cot? and will they be able to help me with some new clothes and kettle? thanks

    1. Hi Rabecca,

      Are you on benefits? and have you been claiming for more than 26 weeks? if so apply for a budgeting loan..

  18. hi, i care for my 16 year old son who has ocd, aspergers, dylexia etc. he is on high rate dla which is a great help towards the things he needs, but i was wondering if i was entitled to a community care grant to pay for things that dont come out of his money, like a new washing machine, a cooker and a fridge. im on income support as i had to quit my job several years ago due to his problems and my husband walking out.
    thank you

    1. Hi Carol,

      Presuming that you have never applied before, and that you have been on income support for over 26 weeks, then you have an excellent chance of getting a Community Care grant

      You can either download a Community Care Grant online application or call the social fund and ask for them to send you one..

  19. Hi there,
    I am 25 year old and i have a 14mo old son. At the moment, me and my son are living with my parents. I am looking for a studio flat to rent but browsing in the net and also thinking i dont have money to pay for advances and deposits and we really need to move out asap as i only work 16 hours a week. I could do a lot more but i dont have a free babysitter. I am so down at the moment i need financial help.

    1. Hi,

      Did you know that Child Tax Credit has a childcare eliment? if you are working over 30 hours a week, you may get up to 80% of childcare costs paid for you..

  20. hello, me and my partner have taken out a payday loan with, we took that loan out around 2 months ago, unfortunately we have been unable to repay it in full so we have to keep extending the loan, we were just wondering would it be possible to take out a Crisis Loan to pay off our debt, this debt is growing more and more everyday and soon the payment of this debt will be unavoidable.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi William,

      Unfortunately a Crisis Loan would not be paid for this, have you tried explaining to Wonga that you are unable to settle the debt with accrued interest, and ask if they can freeze the interest and allow you to repay the capital?

  21. would i qualify for help with furnishing my house as i only have clothing. I literally have no goods and chattels. What would I apply for, a Community Care Grant, Crisis loan or what. I am currewntly homeless, staying with friends, on JSA, looking to move into private rented accommodation (unfurnished) and do not know what i may be eligible for. Thanks for your help.

  22. I am staying with freinds after the collapse of my marriage. All I have are the clothes I carried with me. I am claiming Jobseekers Allowance. I have the chance of moving into private rented accommodation but need a bond of £325 and 1 months rent in advance (£325). would I qualify as I am effectively homeless, without my freinds help.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Yes it is likely that you would get a loan for the rent bit- but the social fund NEVER pay bonds ( and won’t pay the rent bit if you can’t find the bond…)

      Speak to your local council about the bond, as they sometimes help with bonds.

  23. Hey, Im a single mum with 1 child and had claims in for income support since September , i was working 10 hours a week and had some entitlement for it but my managers kept changing at the pub i worked at so never got any wage slips/p45s which has messed up my claim for IS and housing benefit.I lost my job 3 weeks ago and i now find myself recieving 20 child benefit and 50 child tax a week with nothing else until i get wage slips in ! i cant get a crisis loan because im not technically on benefits but really struggling for essentials and cant pay rent !

  24. Im currently needing to move out of my friends house and find my own place. I cannot afford a deposit or rent in advance. What help can i get? I am currently on esa & dla.

    1. Hi, try speaking to your local authority about the bond- as they sometimes help with bonds, then apply for a crisis loan for the rent In advance

  25. Hiya I am 17 and I need money fast I need it to help towards a car a new place of my own. Can I apply for a community car grant?

  26. Hi im 25 have a 2 year old and we r now movin in 2 r own house. I work 18 hours a week and have no furniture at all not even a mattress 4 my daughter. Am I able 2 apply 4 a grant?

  27. hi am movimg into a new property soon and will i be eligible for a community care grants for carpets in which i have 2 kids 1 who is crawling and the other who has austism

  28. Ive recently become sick in August, due to previous claim for ESA I’ve reached my limit of £1500, I haven’t received a penny of the government since my claim began in August, can you please please please help me as I can’t survive any more an keep goin from pillow to post! What can I do?

  29. i have sent a letter of appeal for a grant an would like to know if i have been accepted as it was 2 weeks ago when i sent the letter in

  30. hi, im moving into a hostle now tomorrow, and theres not going to be any kettle toaster knives forks spoons plates ect, and i was wonderring if id be intitled to apply for a community care grant

  31. Hi I am currently living In a flat which me and my girlfriend decided to move in together but I lost my job and she left me in novemeber and I can’t afford my rent or bills. I am getting housing benefits and job seekers allownance but my rent is £425 and I only get £240 housing benefits and £200 jsa but that leaves me with £15 a month having to buy food, gas, electric, tv liscence and water for te whole month I’m realy struggling and don’t know what to do is there any help or advice you could give me please.

    1. That seems a very low amount for housing benefit? usually the shortfall is just £20-£50.. did you rent a room each?

  32. I’ve moved into a council flat, im currently on housing and council tax benefit, i applied for a community care grant but was refused as I’m on contribution based job seekers allowance. I can’t afford to furnish the flat as well as live on only £53.45 a week. Is there anything else i can apply for because I’m really struggling and its starting to get me down.

  33. Hi can you help me please am 34 weeks pregant and living with perents I need my own places is there a chance a could get a grant for a bond ?

  34. I’m 17 , no job , and not currently in college. I am starting college again in spring. I live with my mum but I have no money for clothes , travel or even going out. Can I get the loan ? I need to know ASAP !

  35. hi i am.a.single.mum receiving income support a few of my household items have broken eg fridg
    e/freezer and washing machine is leaking so leaving water everywhere in my home i can’t afford to buy the new items swell as a new carpet would i be eligible for a loan

  36. hi i am about to move into a property on saturday im a single parent i have got a little girl who is 11 months old i work 38 hours i have most things but i still need to get a cooker, washer machine, and fridge freeze i was wondering if there was anything i could get to help with the cost off these things as they are large items..

  37. Hi, me and my partner are moving house, and we had a community care grant last year, and was wondering if we would be entitled to another one for carpets, fridge freezer etc… I am 17 years old and has given my section 21 so need to move quick.

  38. hi i just wondered whether i would be able to get a CCG im 21 and moving out of my parents house with my 2year old son i have the money for the first months rent but not the deposit or a washing machine ?

    1. Pay the deposit yourself, apply for a crisis loan to cover the rent in advance- then apply for a CCG /bl to help with the washerif you meet all other criteria.

  39. I have not been paid jsa since 2nd December and because of that I have now been made homeless, I phone the job centre everyday and they give me the same excuse that my last claim for ESA has not been closed.. Even tho I have phoned ESA myself and they told me my old claim is closed and should be receiving jsa. What to do? Am homeless because of this stupidly late payment. Please help

  40. I am a single mother. who moved into a property 2 years ago i applied for a community grant but i was refused. I had to get a loan to buy furniture as all i had was a a sofa bed and a cot which my son had grown out of. This forced me to buy everything second hand and due to it being second hand most of it broke down or just didn’t last. I am still living with the bare essentials, No washing machine, A fridge that does not work well, and a faulty gas oven. I ma still sleeping on the sofa bed which is causing my bad back to worsen and my son ‘s bed is too small for him. I have no carpets due to the first washing machine i bought broke down and flooded the flat. Am i entitled to a community grant or do i have to keep getting loans that cost me £20 a week to pay back buying second hand furniture. I am on benefits and have a child under 5

  41. Hi
    I need rent in advance for Monday, my friend and I are both moving into a 2 bed bungalow.
    The rent is 425 and because there is two of us they want 2 months rent in advance that making it 850.
    How do we go about doing this and would we have to apply together or separately?

  42. hello i need a grant as i have jus moved so i need some money for furniture please ive tried downloading a application form but it wont let me please could someone het back to me asap thank you

    1. Hi,

      you can get an application form your local Jobcentre- or call your BC and they will send you one if you can’t download the one on this site

  43. Hi i have moved into a house with my partner who is undergoing an appeal for residency and cannot work< this has been going on for a year, i myself am a british citizen, however due to me being the only support i am in a situation where our house has become rather tatty, we have no fences in the garden thanks to the weather, my car has recently been broken into and i had to pay out a substantial amount on repairs, but i have no windows and my car is my only means of working my job as i travel from 1 place to another as a carer. we currently have a boiler that has failed and with the cold weather having no heating is a big issue. is there anything i can get to help?

  44. hi there,,im writing on behalf of my mother,,we have found her a new accomodation via a mutual exchange which will benefit her with her disability,,,is there any chance we could get a grant for the moving costs ?

  45. hi im getting the keys to my new house tomorow as the house im in is mouldy and my 5 year old and 6 year old have been sleeping together for the last month because of how bad my daughters bedroom was. now am getting my new house which is a suitable property for me and my 3 children which im really happy about but there is no carpets in the sitting area in my new house and non on the stairs or the 3 bedrooms ofcourse im not bothered about my room but i really need the 2 kids room carpeting and the living room which they are all floor boards .my children are 10 months 5 years and 6 years so i really need carpets .also i have no way of getting a van to move my furniture do you no if i could get help with a removel van any help would be much grateful thanks

  46. i would like to apply for a loan for Home Improvements, i am not insured because i cannot afford to pay for it and my roof is being destroyed by the storms here and i have no other means of getting money for repairs

  47. hiya im 17 and i am finding myself a place to live in and i need money to pay for my rent food and bills. would i be able to get a loan or a grant so i can live please help me

  48. I have just been told that I have got a council house for me and my children and I am to pick the keys up tomorrow. I have no carpets, curtains, cooker or washer. And with Christmas round the corner I am starting to panic. Would I qualify for a grant and is there any way of speeding it up, as I have a 1 yr old and a 5 yr old?

  49. hi ive had three crisis loans this year as i left my job due to health conditions i am hiv positive and hep c positive i am really stuck for food for christmas i have a twenty two year old son that does nothing no work and doesnt sign on i also have a sixteen year odl daughter that has just left school ive no food for christmas and also my oven has just broke i really dont know what to do my health will deteriate what acn i do can i get a community grant

  50. hi im 23 and am on maternity leave at the mo but work part time as a single parent to a 4 month year old. am still living with family at the moment but am looking for an house. was wondering if i be entitled to a community care grant as i need to get a washing machine, cooker, carpet and other house hold essentials as soon as possible thanks hannah

  51. im in a flat but want to move how much ccg can i get@ can i apply for a ccg for a new washing machine mine is broken? wats the maxium i can get on ccg?

  52. Hi I moved into a flat 2 year ago and receieved a community care grant to help start out, I have now been transferred into a 2 bedroomed house for me and my daughter due to medical reasons, am I able to get another grant as I can’t afford to buy new carpets n decorating things and a new bed

  53. would i be able to apply for a community care grant? im 33 weeks pregnant and currently sleeping on a 2 seater sofa as not got a bed and a few other things in my home?

  54. We live in a small 1 bed flat in norfolk this flat is very damp and my partener has breathing problems the flat is fitted with night storage heating and does not keep the flat warm at all so we have to use electric heating all the time we are in ( very expensive ). We are both in work with low pay we can offord to live but can’t get the cash together to move and i have bad credit so the bank can’t help. Is there anything that can help us??

  55. would i be able to apply for a loan or grant? my husband works full time i dont work at the moment we claim tax credits as a couple (child and working) i also claim disability allowance (middle rate care) and carers for my daughter we need a load or grant of £500 cause we have had a unexpected bill and cant afford to pay it

    1. Some bills may be covered, it depends on the actual nature of your crisis. We would advise that you apply and get a formal decision.

  56. My husband has just sarted a new job and we have just come off JSA and he is not paid untill the end of the month and because of a jsa cock up andwe have had 3 in the 12 month period. We also have 3 children and we need help

    1. If it was a JSA cock up then your previous applications may have been alignment to benefits??? if so then they don’t count toward your three applications in 12 months ( since april)

  57. I live in a mother and baby unit run by a charity, our home there is almost up, I am on income support but a repaying a lot of debts so have no money for furniture, will I be entitled to a community care grant?

  58. Hiya in currently private renting and in arrears with the landllord my house is falling apart my kitchen celling has fell though and has a big hole. my windows are wooden and let all the heat out. my luchen window is wedge in with sticks :-(. i need to move asap iv got a 4month old baby and currently arent workin. could i get a community care grant to help towards moving home ??

  59. hi i am a single mum with four children ages 11 down to 1 and a half 3 days ago my fridge caught fire and it was a bad fire i am in a hotel waiting to be temp housed as i cant return to my old house for 3 mths as the house needs gutting i work part time hours and recieve workingtax and child tax we have nothing for a house we will be going to we need everything would i be able to get some help from anyone eg community care grant crisis loan or do i have to be on income support i have bad credit history so cantge
    get a loan from bank or anyone plz help we have no help or support networks at all we are traumatized worried and homeless

  60. hello i am renting a house at the min and they have just told me to look for somewhere else to live as they are selling and to get a house to rent agen i need a 2 months rent so that will be 1500 so what cane i do

    1. They may help with 1 months rent in advance but two is pushing it, they will also look at what you can afford ( if your on benefits your housing benefit will soon Be capped so applications of over £450 may become impossible)

  61. I am 26 years old and i have been off sick from work for 8-9 months for 8 months i have been receiving only ssp which is very low income this is my only income! Would i be able to apply for a grant as i am unable to cope, living on my own, bills etc… My flat is unfurnished and everything is breaking down ! Also i have always worked never claimed before or signed on at the jobcentre am i on the right page i do not know? Please help!

  62. I am 35 weeks pregnant and have a 18 month old little girl, I am moving into new accommodation on the 18tg november and the property is completely unfurnished, I have applied for a community care grant to help furnish my property.. Will they say yes?

  63. hiya my name joanne and i have a partner and 1 child me and my partner are struugging we are on very low wages and please can we have a loan as we both work in the same place and we have had our hours cut for a few weeks and everything has gone at once the washing machine vac and alsotv digi box x

  64. i am currently working 16 hours a week and have just started college part time as well. I have a 2 year old son aswell. My mum helped me out by buying me a small run around so i was able to go to college, work, my college placement and sons nursery as they are are all far away from each other. unfortunately after 4months my car has broke down and needs just over £500 worth of work doing, is there any loan i can get off the government that i can get to pay for my car as i can not get to all my work, nursery etc without it.

    1. Sorry- we are pretty sure that the social fund NEVER pay motoring costs- if you spent all of your food and bills money on the car, you could possibly be awarded a crisis loan for food and fuel, but this is a risky move- can you get an advance from your employer?

  65. I am 17 years old and is currently not in any sort of education. My parents have stopped giving me money for travel or nothing. I really need some money just to get me by until i find i job. I have been looking for 2 weeks now and haven’t heard nothing. Am i entitled ??

    1. Are your parents still claiming child benefit for you? If so they need to support you, unless you are estranged, in which case you can claim benefits in your own right

  66. I am no fixed to aboad as it is on the system and I havent been on JSA Income-Based for 26 weeks its coming close to winter now and i havent got any suitable footwear or clothing at all for winter or anything would i still be entitled to getting a community care grant and how long would it take if i ssent it off in the post ?

    1. From what you have told us, you will be entitled, however there a lot of questions so we can’t give you any guarantees without asking them, but in principal Yes you can and it will take around 2 weeks if you go into the job centre and get the fax number and fax your application AND subsequent acceptance letter.

      1. what sort of questions will be asked because if it is about how long I have been no fixed to aboad then I have already told them that already and they have it on the system and not only that i am finding it very hard as it is with everything I am going through at this moment in time and the council are in process of trying to help out with the situation i am in housing wise

  67. i had a pellagrant in the past my grades were at c minus average the requirement is a c average is there any thing i can do … pls help………………….

  68. I applied for a community care grant as me and my son have just moved into out own flat which was unfurnished im not working so the only money i recieve is money for my son which is not enough for me to do up a flat and still have money for him can i apply for the grant

  69. my son has just come to me saying he is being evicted from private rented accommadation as he is in arrears with rent is there anything that can help i have been in touch with landlord and he is wanting some or most of the 40000 arrears

  70. Am currently studying at college n stay in a private let I owe 8 weeks rent and be total if I don’t pay I will be asked 2 leave is there any help I can’t do crisis loan as I owe them 1500

  71. Hi I would like to apply for a grant. I moved from england few yrs ago very difficult circumstance involving domestic violence involving police as well. As I now single mother I struggling to keep on top everything an to replace things that need it. I have table chairs which are broken an carpet need replacing which could cause harm to both my children thro accidental. I also have no heating an have an illness which makes my bone very sore if colder can I apply for a grant .

  72. i would like to borrow money to move into a flat as my month rent will be paid but need money for a bond for the flat

    1. If you have the money for the rent, then use this for the bond and apply for the rent as a crisis loan- they will never pay a bond, but may pay rent in advance.

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Call connection service – Calls cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge.

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