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Human beings are often faced with a crisis that requires them to look for extra money. This crisis includes settling bills such as emergency medical bills, consolidation of debts and settling after a natural disaster such as fire or floods

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During such moments where there is an urgent need for money, not all people are equal regarding their financial ability and hence the need for application of loans. Financial institutions come into place to help people in economic crisis settle their crises by offering them loans. There are many categories of loans available from these institutions. Some of these loans include; car loans, conforming loans, unsecured loans and crisis loans just to mention but a few. This article is going to take you through all you need to know about crisis loans.

What is a crisis loan?

A crisis loan is an interest-free loan. It was founded from the social fund and is meant to help people cater for urgent needs and especially when there is no other source of help is a loan that is meant to help people respond to an emergency situation or a disaster. The loan is offered to the people in extreme need of it and is returned with no interest.

Eligibility for a crisis loan.

The eligibility for a crisis loan is simple and does not have very strict conditions that one has to meet. It is a loan that anyone with an extreme need for urgent funds can apply and benefit from. However, one must be aged 16 years or above but that does not necessarily mean that one has to be receiving benefits in order to qualify for the loan. This means that it is possible to obtain the crisis loan while you have also claimed for a benefit and are waiting for a first payment of the benefits. Normally the application for the loan is meant to cater for a specific service, item or immediate living expenses for 14 or fewer days. Also to qualify for this loan, the need must be a consequence of an emergency or a disaster and it must be the only means of preventing serious risks to personal or the entire family’s health.

How to apply for a crisis loan.

Application for crisis loan is simple. It can be done in writing or by telephone. While applying using a written format, the loan application form can be downloaded from the DWP website, filled and then submitted for approval. In this case, include as much information about the crisis as possible and how an award of the loan will facilitate prevention of serious risk to personal or family’s health and safety. On the other hand, if the application is via telephone, you will be notified the decision on your application right away. In this case, if you are awarded the loan you will have to make a confirmation on how you will repay the loan; in writing before you can have a payment. If one is denied the loan, they should request the loan review officer in writing to review your request once more.

Crisis loan amount and repayment.

A crisis loan is basically a discretionary amount and not a fixed amount of money. There is not a set minimum amount of the loan that can be awarded. However, there is a maximum amount of funds that one can be awarded for a crisis. The maximum amount of a crisis loan is calculated and determined by the number of family members in your family and jobseeker’s allowance or the weekly personal allowance of income support. If a crisis loan is applied for buying an item, one is normally awarded the requested amount as long as the inspector judges the item to be reasonable and will meet the need.

Repaying crisis loan is mostly not s problem for many people. This is because the ability of an individual to repay the loan is taken into account when the award is being made. One is usually expected to allocate a certain small percentage of their earnings to repay the loan. The percentage normally depends on an individual’s commitments. Just like other loans, one is requested to agree on payment terms before the loan money is handed over to you or disbursed to your account. The normal repayment period for the loan is 104 weeks. The terms for repayment are very flexible in a way that if one runs into a problem in the middle of the repayment period you can request for a reschedule.

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  1. Hello, I’ve recently been transferred from ESA to JSA after missing a medical assessment. The I received £48 a few weeks ago, but have had nothing since then, which means I have had 50p in the bank for over 2 weeks. Do you think I would be able to apply for a crisis loan until my payments become more regular? I also owe Wonga £220, as I took out short-term loan to pay my rent, mistakenly thinking I would have a housing benefit payment by now. Thanks.

  2. I’m in desperate need of help, I have accommodation lined up but need £800 for deposits and first month rent i can’t find anything else and if I can’t get accepted for a loan I will soon be homeless I’m currently unemployed cannot get a garauntor and have a fair credit rating please help!

  3. If you were never made aware that you had to re-pay the loan (having received a few in few months whilst benefits were being sorted out), nor any agreement to deduct from benefits when in receipt of any. After 3 years have passed since receipt of any benefit or crisis loan, can you still be persued to make repayment in full- having not receievd any letter about repayments in the first instance or when had started employment? Is this right can they do this?

    1. All loans have a repayment agreement in the acceptance letter/script. so you will have agreed to repayments, or at least to repay when accepting the loan- there is no time limit for repayment.

  4. I want to move into a property close to my mother I have to pay rent in advance I am a single parent to 4 I carnt get a crisis loan or a budgeting loan what can I do to get help??

  5. Hi my clutch had just went on my car and i was told it qoukd cost 300 to be replaced dwould i be entitled to a crisis loan for this

  6. i am being evicted from my home on the 1st of may can i get a crisis loan to move back to crewe as i have no were else to live i have tried for social fund and community grants but was refussed

  7. Hi, I need help my cooker has stopped working and have been told its not useabl and I need a new bed as the springs are in my bacj as its about 6 years old I am on ESA. Can I get help asap as I got nothing to cook in, and lack of sleep and springs is not helping my illness many thanks.

  8. Dear sir/ma,


    i need a help base on financial status, i actually need some money to make an home office application for my wife status, and i am on employement support allowance base on my ongoing sickness. which is sum amount of £561 pounds only.

    please i will be glad if you get back to me on above information



  9. hi i am wondering if i would qualify for a crisis loans for car repairs as my daughter in law is heavily pregnant and has hospital appointments and is due soon and also has no other way of getting to the hospital especially if she is in labour and no way of getting the baby home afterwards

  10. Hi. I had bugetin loan last year And curently still payin bk. My bed has resently broken and sleeping on the sofa. I rag crisis lone thay said Don’t fund money for this. Could i still get a bugit loan even if im still payin pne back

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  12. i had a jsa payment sent out by giro but i haven’t got it they wont replace my giro and i have had 3 crisis loan in a year what can i do ? i got nothing for 2 weeks

  13. Hi I am stuck and wish to know if I am eligable to get a crisis loan, due to surcumstances I have now moved back into my Parents house, and have been offered a job but it is far away and need a car to get to it. I am on JSA and Industrial Induries Disablement benefit but will be unable to recieve any benefits for 3 weeks.

    1. Paul crisis loans are no longer paid for travel, however you could get a back to work bonus when you sign off having found a job.

  14. hi i want to apply for a crisis loan i just had a budgeting loan to i brought three used beds and now discovered the beds had biten us as we have scabies i need three new beds now because i wont buy used ones anymore would i be able apply for this and how much could i get i am on esa with three kids and a partner

  15. Hi

    My partner and I are being evicted on the 1st June 2012, and made homeless I’ve family, friends even strangest if they have anywhere we could stay for a few months.I work 30hrs a week and my partner is on jsa, we have litte money saved and we have been to the council and there not helping, the other day we went to the ARC to if they could help but they said they wouldn’t be able to help a couple, my partner has a mental disorder/illness and I’m ado scared about what’s going to happen to her. Is it possible to get a crisis loan to help with costs towards a flat, a room to rent, anything like that?
    Please respond I’m desperate for advice on a crisis loan
    Thank you

  16. Hi, I have an emergency I was hoping you could help with regarding rent in advance crisis loans.

    I was offered a flat on Wednesday (16th May) mid afternoon to move into Monday (21st May), so I didn’t have time to get to the Jobcentre, Thursday I went in and was told (quite forcefully) by the people on reception that there was no way I could have a paper application, I’d have to ring up. I rang and was put through to a guy who was very understanding but told me I’d have a better chance if I phoned the direct number rather than ask for a form which wouldn’t arrive until after I’d already passed the deadline for the new house, so I phoned the direct number and was told by a second guy that I’d stand a better chance if I applied today due to the 48hr rule.
    I phoned up today and the first person (Terrence I think his name was) I got through to very aggressively told me I had to get a form from the jobcentre and had been given plenty of time (less than 48 hours, is plenty to these people apparently) to get the forms, complete and return them, when I tried to explain that I’d tried that and they refused to give me one he promptly hung up on me mid sentence. I tried again and was put through to someone else who told me to ring back on Monday (the day I move!) between 8 and 9am and try again then.
    I’m starting to go out of my mind with the stress, I had all the money to deal with the rent for a full month before any benefits kicked in saved up but it had to be used on a family emergency and now I’m completely stuck as my landlord is expecting me to move out.. Even if I get the CL on Monday, it’s most likely to be sent to my local jobcentre at a time when I’ll be more than 100 miles away trying to convince the housing association to let me get the keys..

    Is there anything you can suggest that might help get the claim dealt with positively or ensure that any payment I do (hopefully) get is paid to the right place?

    1. Sean, the most frustrating thing is when they put the phone down..

      the only way around this is to take their details when you start the call,


      This makes it less likely that they will hang up.

  17. ive just broken up with my partner and for the past 2 and a half years ive ben under his claim for jsa ive got a two year old and im pregnant im currently staying at my mothers can i get a loan

    1. Vanessa, Your best bet would be to make a single claim to benefit- then apply for a crisis loan to cover you until your benefit is sorted. YOu can apply for help with rent at a new property too.

  18. hello,im on jsa and im wondering when i can apply for a new bed as i have been sleeping on a 3rd hand single bed which is now broke.i recieved £150 three years ago for a new bed but could only buy a used one as a new bed would cost over the price of what i was given,would love to hear back from you thanks

  19. hello i put in for rent in advance i sent it away last thursday i am needing 950 for 2 months up front . i need it pretty urgently is there any way i can find out if it is being processed and when i will get payed if accepted ?

    1. Yes you can ben, you can apply for up to 3 “normal” crisis loans in 12 months, and an unlimited (up to £1500.00) number of alignments to benefit

  20. Hi
    I work full time, my wife does not work and we have a 6 month old daughter. Our boiler has been condemned as unsafe and the whole system requires replacing as it is 30 years old and cannot be repaired. I cannot get credit as I am in an IVA and therefore have no spare money available. Is it possible to get crisis loan for this?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi, sorry for the slow reply.

      Unfortunately a Crisis Loan can not be paid for this any longer ( since april 2011)

  21. Hi, i am currently in a two bedroom private let & want to move to a cheaper & more central private let.
    Can you tell me if i could get a crisis loan to pay rent in advance & can i apply for it 4weeks prior to the move?

    1. YOu may get it, hoever you need to show that their is a risk to your health and safety at your present address, rather then just fancying a move..

  22. Hi, i am currently on jsa and receiving dss for a private let. This is my first flat after recently being released from prison. I just received a gas and electricity bill for £ 523, which is a lot more than i have budgeted for, therefor have no means to pay it. Can you please tell me if i would be eligible for a crisis loan as i’m panicking as i don’t no how i’m going to pay it.

    Thank you

  23. Hi

    I am on job seekers allowance and live alone in a private let payed for by DSS, I just received my first Gas and Electricity bill for £523 for the last quarter and I don’t have enough money to pay the bill.
    This is the first bill I have received and didn’t realise it would be so high as for the last 4 years I was in prison and this is the first flat I have ever had.
    Can you advise whether I would be eligible for a crisis loan?

    Many Thanks

  24. Hi, I have just unexpectedly lost my job. I plan to apply for JSA today(along with housing benefit) I have no food in the house and my gas/elec meter is running very low. I know that I cannot apply for rent, although my landlord now knows I have no job but still wanted rent on the 11th and is threatening eviction. I have never been out of work so don’t really know what I am doing. Any advice would be very appreciated.

    Also, could you tell me if I am eligible for DLA as I have on-going long term mental illnesses. Thanks

    1. Hiya,

      Firstly we would suggest that you make sure all the info needed to process your JSA is at hand, as this will speed up your JSA and consequently housing benefit applications.

      Following this apply to the social fund for a crisis loan on the grounds of needing an alignment to benefit and you should sail through getting money for food and fuel.

        1. No problem,

          And thanks for bothering to get back to us :)

          Something that was mentioned in passing when discussing your comment was that you may want to speak to the JobCentre about employment and Support allowance instead of JSA, given your illness?

  25. hi i am a single parent with 2 boys of my own i also look after my nephew who came to stay with me a few years ago . i stay in a 2 bedroom flat and its overcrowded i thinking of going for a private let but they want a months rent and 5 week deposit upfront but i don’t have any money is there anyone who can help me .

    1. You can apply for the rent in advance portion- try asking the landlord if they will accept 2 months rent instead of the rent/bond combo… same thing, but is better when applying to have the lanldords backup

  26. hello there, I am in a total crisis at the moment. i am not recieving any tax credits at the moment because my partner moved in with me and they have cancelled my claim and im awaiting for them to send me another claim form. because of this, i am living of £20 a week (child benefit) i have tried ringing tax credits for a hardship payment but they have told me that they cant pay me one because my claim is not on the system there yet.

    I am up to my limit on the crisis loan because my partner apparently maxed his out before we moved in together last december and they have combined mine and my boyfriends social benefit loans together. they have now told me that i can not have a crisis loan…

    This cant really be much of a crisis loan department when they cant help individuals who are in a REAL crisis and not people who just make it up because they are a little short on a friday night!!!

  27. hi i have been living abroad for the last 6 years and i came back in england last week i have found a job but i am looking for a house to rent can i apply for a crisis loan to pay my rent in advance as i dont have the money and i have to move from my temporary location in a week? would it be possible for me to apply for a crisis loan ? and how long would it take?

  28. hi i have recently split from my partner and living with my brother and his family.i am looking for suitable accomadation for my self but need bond for certian properties,could i apply for a crisis loan for this? thanks!

  29. Hi my boiler has broke down and had been condemed.. I’m a single mum of 2, ones 7 wks old.. I’m on smp and get tax credits.. Can I apply 4 a crisis loan ad I don’t have the money 2 replace the boiler and have no heating at all

  30. Ive been told to contact the police to get in touch with the out of.hours crisis loan dep, but they havent got the number for this pls help iv been ringin peeps for 4 hours all this bcoz I CANT claim i,s, till my c,b, comes through which has now been 6 months IM at my wits end :@

  31. hi i was wondering how i find out how much i owe social fund as i have taken out many crisis loans and i need to know how much i need to pay back without spending two hours on the phone

  32. Thank you for your reply.regaurding a crisis loan,because my disabeld sons benefits had stopped.he was 20 on the 13th dec 2011 (last year).the benifits that stopped where young adult tax credits,with the disability premium.child benefit,because he was in higer education.he still gets dla hige care low mobility.thats all he gets now i did apply for a crisis loan. he got the huge amount of wait for it……………£32.06………………….from the 13th dec to the 5th of january 2012,do the crisis loan officers or deciders live in the 21st centuary, or the 19th how the hell are you supposed to live on £32.06 for 7 days its like bloody victorian days.?????????????????????????? thank you again for your help keep up the good work happy new year to you and the people that have to use this site because of the way benifits are paid………………………HAPPY NEW YEAR…………..

  33. how long does it take to process a crisis fund once you’ve sent off the application form?

    I have a 2 month old son and me and my girlfriend were receiving IS, however IS stopped our benefit and we have no money for food, nappies or electric, would we be eligible for a CL?

    much Thanks

    1. Hi Alex,

      the social fund are closed at the moment- so a paper application will take days/weeks… we would suggest that you give them a call as soon as you can and do the application over the phone if it is for food/living expenses etc.

  34. i asked for your help yesterday about claming a crises laon for my disabled son because he was 20 on the 13 december and his benefits have stopped he is only getting dla i just wanted to know if he he can apply but you took my comment of this web site and did not even email me if he could why did you not give me any help

    1. Sorry we were snowed under yesterday.

      your son can apply for a crisis loan, however if you are his power of attorney then you will need to apply on his behalf

  35. we need desparate help my son is disabeld,he was 20 on the 13/12/2011.all his benifits have stoped,we have no gas,no electric,no food my son is in areally bad way,we have no family to help,we are reciving £55.55 a week my sons dla,plus £34.20 income support every 2 weeks please,please,please,please can someone help us we have had no christmas at all,my next door neighbors,gave my son a christmas dinner,,i had a bag of crisps PLEASE HELP US

  36. my son is disabeld,getting the high care amount,he was 20 on the 13 december ,and all his benifts have stoped ,bar dla,,he has had nothing,since his birthday,we now have no gas no electric,no food ,we need desperat help,we are cold,using candels because the money we have to live on is £55.55,week £34.19,income support,once a fortnight please please please please help us my son is in a bad way

  37. would just like to add a thank you for being there, ive been ringing every number i can find online and all i get is a big feast-off

  38. i havent had a payment since 15th december 2010 i am receiving jsa…i last signed on the 12th december and would have been due to sign monday 26th….i am low on everything i need, i havent celebrated Christmas as i would like…the minimum being a Christmas meal pfft…i have secured for myself a contract of employment that is due to start on January 3rd 2012…however in the meantime im desperate and my health is not good…please please please advise me…yours respectfully

    a brown

    1. Do you know why your JSA was not paid?it would be an idea to ring them first- then you will know what the problem is and how long it will take to resolve- consequently be able to decide if you need a crisis loan

  39. hi its coming up to christmas and things i bought earlier in the year need payed i am on benifits but live with my parents can i get a crisis loan

  40. ive just moved in to a flat arfter haveing nfa the flat is empty no bed beding fridge draws completly empty i was told i cant get a budgeting loan or social fund loan as i have only been claiming since the end of july can i get a crisis loan??

  41. My partner and I have just recieved a couple of big bills, however due to payments already being deducted from our benefits from a crisis loan payment a few months ago we dont have the money to spare, could we get a crisis loan to cover our bills?


    1. They won’t pay a crisis loan for bills, especially if you already have a social fund debt- and you are saying that the debt you have is the reason for your hardship… It sounds unlikely that you would be able to repay any further loans.

  42. i applied for a community care grant, which was refused, i have since appealed, with no reply as yet. So i applied for a budgeting loan, which was refused, so i have appealed. I have had no commuication for more than 4 weeks now. im pregnant with no cooker, fridge, freezer, bed, t.v you name it my house is empty. a neighbour gave me a bean bag. that is where i sleep with several blankets and old duvets. what could be taking so long with the appeal. can i complain. can i apply for a crisis loan if i already have social fund debts?

  43. Put in care grant form but cant wait as i am recieving treatment on a daily basis and its costing alot of money as travel 30 miles would a crisis loan be best to apply for

  44. can i get a crisis loan to pay to get my car repaired i work 16 hrs a wk and go to college part time and i have a 2yr old son? thanks

  45. I went to my local council to see if there was anything I can do in getting help to put down a deposit down on a flat and they told me that I can get a rent in advance crisis loan. When I went to see these people they told me that they only did it for this council and my council is the London Brough of Havering. Is this true.

    1. Rent in advance can be paid for a property regardless of that area you live in, however it is only for private landlords, and not councils or housing associations as they can generally wait.

  46. my son and his wife have absolutley no money they have applied for jsa and are waiting for it to be proccessed they applied for a crisis loan they were turned down i sent them 20 pound to keep them going so they could buy food but amm on bebefits myself there food id running out why can they not get a crisis loan please advise.

      1. he did not say but surley if they have nothing for food and they are staying in 1 room with her sister as they have no money to go anywhere else

        1. Hi Michelle,

          If they have no other income, and they are waiting for a JSA claim to be processed then the only way they could be turned down is if they have already borrowed a total of £1500 – if this is the case, advise them to apply again and when/if turned down to ask for the crisis loan to be converted to a community care grant- this will then be sent to another section who will call him back and finish the process—- if all else fails advise him to ask for a review of the latest decision so he gets an idea of why he was refused ( to be honest, it is inherently improbable that he does not know the reason)….

  47. We have been on jsa income based for over 26 weeks and have too children. We had to move into a flat with no gas central heating six months ago, only one storage heating and 2 convetor heaters as our old landlord was in financial trouble and had to sell the place we were in then. At the time this flat was the only place in our area excepting dss.

    My daughter has severe asthma and now the weather is colder and the flat colder at night she’s getting constant asthma attacks and in/out hospital due to the inadequate electric heating. So we gave notice and put an admin fee down on a new place as we had to give 5 weeks by our tenancy agreement and decided a winter here would be detrimental to our childs health. We are due to move in the new place in a few weeks and do have a deposit, however the way we get out rent paid (end of every month) means we wont have it in time for the months rent in advance for the date we are due to move. We could arrange to move in later but if we wait until we recieve it we will be homeless for a week as have to vacate our current propherty at the end of our lease! We have no where we can stay for a week.

    Now we have given notice we so have to leave this place in a few weeks. My questions are as follows and would really appreciate the advice:

    1. Do you think we are eligle for a rent in advance crisis loan? (Anyone can apply but no everyone is eligable)
    2. If so, how soon could can we apply? (I’ve read you can’t apply till 48 hours before if we left it till then and then didnt get it we are homeless and have lost our admin fee and flat)

    Thankyou in advance

    1. HI gabby,

      You are in a bit of a bind, BUT.

      The actual guidance states that you can be awarded a crisis loan to overt a risk to your health and safety, being homeless would be classed as such a risk.

      Your main point is convincing them that, If they gave you the rent in advance you would be able to use it to move into your new property within 2 days. so you need to have your new and old tenancy overlapping, otherwise the crisis loan would not make any difference to you being homeless for 1 week, therefore would not be deemed appropriate.

  48. Can i get a crisis loan to buy a caravan to live in? As i’m currently no fixed abode, and i’ve been offered a caravan

    1. To be honest, this is not covered specifically in the legislation- however, after much debate in the office, the consensis is that they would not pay for a caravan.

  49. i was wondering if u could tell me if they still do crisis loans for household items because i currently claim ib and unable to apply for any other loan and my daughters bed has collapsed x

    1. Yes,

      You can call up and ask for a polish translator to apply for a crisis loan

      Wy mo?ecie wywo?ywa? i pytaj? o j?zyk polski (polski; blask) *translator* prosi? o po?yczk? kryzysu !!

  50. I work full time but have fell behind on my rent can i have a crisis loan i currently do not receive any other benefits

    1. you can apply for a loan even if you work, however loans are never paid for housing costs ( other than rent in advance)

  51. this is the second time that the social fund as taken more money than i can afford and they have sent me a new acceptance amount but still taken more out how can i get this money back. as they have not given me time to even accept the lower offer and still taken the higher amount out.

    1. Write to them and ask for the deductions to be reduced. list all of your incoming and outgoing money for 1 month, and offer a reasonable amount to pay.

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