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  1. Hello looking for some advice I was on had for over a year and now have started full time work but don’t get paid for another 3 weeks and have no money to pay rent or buy food for me and my younger sister who lives with me don’t know if there is any help or loans I could get to help

  2. Hi I recently have been working alongside the JCP guys and a business startup company called blue orchid. unfortunately the capital i thought i had secured has been withdrawn, and today my advisor recommended that i apply for a budgeting loan to try and recoup some of this to be able to go self employed. I have recently qualified as a sparky and need tools and a van to have any prospect of getting a job. Has anyone every heard of this before and what do you think my chances are of getting a loan for this purpose ?

    1. I have never heard of any B/L being paid out for this purpose. are you going self employed? if so- it may be worth asking about the new enterprise allowance, or applying for help directly from the jobcentre..

  3. hello i was on esa as i have bipolar and irritable bowl syndrome my husband has eplipsy and mental health problems,i have a 10 month old n a 19 month old. in 2012 i has a medical n was told i can work al my money has been stopped i have now been 4 weeks with no money is their any help i can try as we are living off £150 a week!! we applied for a crisis loan but was refused as we are receiving money weekly (child benefit and child tax credits)

  4. Can I get help with money if I’m in full time employment but I’m totally skint? My girlfriend is struggling to breastfeed our newborn baby and we haven’t got any feeding equipment. I have my cousins funeral to go to Next week also and I have to travel to Fife and back in order to do so. Do I qualify?

  5. Hi i need i crisis loan until this friday for about £25.00 pounds to pay for energy bills is it possible? as I already some have deductions would that go against me? I dont have any family and person normally ask cannont help? Many thankx

  6. Basically my son starts school in September and I carnt afford his uniform because I’m a single mum with kid and have 2 pay an extra 135 a month on my rent do u know if I could get any help by jobcentre .

  7. my partner and i applied for a budgeting loan for essential household items and got refused, we then wrote back 3 weeks ago and still have had no reply. Need help for carpets, washer and a cooker. We have nothing in our home!!!

  8. Hey, I need some help. Ive had a baby 6 months ago. My maternity pay finished on the 19th of july and i have just started working again. I will not be getting paid until the first week of september. My babys cot has broken, i need to pay off for the pram asap and she needs some new clothes. What can I apply for? I Am only recieving child benefits and i am looking to apply for working tax credit. Thanks.

  9. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have just started working and I dont get paid for a week and a half, what do I need to do as it says on my letter to apply for social fund until im paid.

    How and what do I apply for.

    Many Thanks


  10. Dear sir/madam.
    I was homeless and have just been lucky enough to get a flat.
    Thing is it is completely empty is there any assistance i can get from the social fund for things such as cutlery, towels, maybe a sofa to sit on. Basically things for everyday use and needs?
    I claim job seekers allowance and am a single male.

    Many thanks

  11. hi i live in a saticaravn and iam now owe them 5ooo pounds for site fees which iam toiling to pay i only get my jobseekers allowance to live on is there any benefit i can claim to help me out also finding it hard to apply for jobs as its money for stamps money to top up your phone even the laptop needs the dongel top up when u take that of my allowance dosent leve enough for site fees also have to pay back a cryis loan plus i have to pay for reconnecting the water which is 75 pounds even getting to the jobcenters becomeing a nightmare as i to get a bus to sign on then i have the problem finding some wher to live as the site shuts at the end of the year then i will have to find anthour 75 pounds for a draindown in case i get burst pipes i dont have a car enymore as i sold it to help pay site fees and most of my joinery tools as well so if i was to get a job back joinering i wouldent have the right tools to do the job please any help u could give me would b ablessing iam at my wits end wondering whats going to happen next ?

    1. Have you applied for help with housing costs? JSA can sometimes help with this… ask next time you sign on, or send a letter with invoices asking that they consider helping.

  12. Hi,

    My JSA has been suspended due to a letter i recieved i returned to sender by mistake with previous residents letters. The suspended my JSA straight away and im due payment this thursday 26/04/2012. I have a ajax meeting on wednesday to prove my address which i can do with recent letters but there saying it will take 7-10 days after my ajax meeting to process my new evidence but this is going to cause me alot of problems as i live of the jsa. Can you advise me on this please?

    If it will take this time then can i say i am unable to look for a job as i cant ring employers (no credit) i cannot use the internet (need to pay money on my dongle, this expires 2moro evening) i cannot use the library as its a bus journey away and have no money to get on a bus as suspended jsa.


    1. If your JSA is suspended SIMPLY because of the address issue, then a crisis loan should due fine, however if you failed to turn up for an interview, then this is a SANCTION, and you usually can’t get a crisis loan unfortunately

  13. I had a budgeting loan of £812 last July/august, would I be able eligibile to apply for another one as I need a new wardrobe, mine is completly broken :(

    1. Yes you should Jessica, as you will have paid of some of your previous loan and are no longer at your limit.

  14. ive recently lost my job and because i owe the social fund money from when i was last unemployed they said they could only give me 20 pound to last me untill i get my jsa which is in about 2 weeks time this supposed 2 get me 2 weeks worth electric gas and food which it never will any advice please

  15. hi,does anybody know once the social fund have received my acceptance form can they change their mind and not give you the loan,if anybody knows please can you tell me

    1. Only if it is deemed that there was an error in law, or the omission of a material fact relating to the original decision.

  16. I have been care of address for nearly 3 yrs since my long term relationship ended and have not been able to keep steady work as i am self-employed in construction.
    I have not been able to save any money for a deposit on a flat,however i have been very lucky to find a flat were the landlord has vawered the deposit.
    The flat is totally unfurnished so i applied for a grant from the social fund.
    They told me i dont qualify for any grants or loans beacuse i have been claiming job seekers allowance for only 4 months.
    Is it legal to be left in a flat with no facilities to cook or sleep on or even sit down on a chair,no plates etc.????

  17. i took out a budgeting loan over a year ago an not sure how much i have left to pay,i desperately need to apply again if possible as my bed has broken could u suggest any help, i have a child with special needs and could apply to family fund but that isnt until september and i cannot wait that long?

  18. I am a council tenant however the kitchen in my flat is not a council kitchen its a moben design which was purchased by the tenants before us I am almost positive that there are electrical faults as when the oven fan is switched on it trips out the sockets in the entire flat I also believe this is why my electric bills are so high for example from the 11th Jan – 16th Jan I was billed for 140 pound this is on top of a 440. Outstanding bill its beyond a joke I struggle to stick to the electric companys p payment plan which is 30 pound a week !! have spoken to the council and they have told me they won’t touch the kitchen as they didn’t fit it but neither did I so what can I do except struggle to pay the ridiculous electric bills is there any loans or help I could apply for to help me clear the dept ??

  19. We found out we were expecting our third child back in july when my partner was working, he has been out of work for around 20 weeks now and signing on for around 18 weeks. We are also in the middle of a mtual exchange so money for us is really strapped. What help is out there for us as we need to buy the baby literately everything and with only 10 weeks left until im due we are really starting to panic that we wont be able to buy anything at all. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Nikki-

      Have you applied for a maternity grant? if not this should be the first thing that you do, then apply for additional items after 26 weeks on benefit

  20. me and my partner are receiving esa the dwp have said they will be taking £10.75 a week for social fund plus £15.50 a fortnightly for overpayment we have sent a expenditure form to them and asked them to reduce these ammounts. we have £87 per week to live off we have to pay rent arrears of £13.60 a week plus food, gas, electric, tv, water. we have a 15 yr old daughter plus my partner is a type 1 insulin diabetic so he has to have food or he will end up in hospital. when we asked them to reduce the ammount they told us that by law they can deduct a certain ammount and told us to write to the prime minister about it. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thankyou.

    1. Unfortunately, you do have to pay your loans back, and there is a minimum repayment, and desired repayment period.

      We presume that you get Child Benefit, Tax credits? – these will also be included in your income when calculating your repayments.

      Regarding your overpayemnt.. do you dispute this? if so then call and advise them that they have got it wrong- otherwise.. you’ve had the money and will need to pay that back also.

      You could consider getting a Job- and repaying your debts?

  21. i have been told that i can get help with household items as my daughter gets disability allowance..i am in need of a bed for her and cant afford one. thank you

  22. can a loan from the social fund back in 2001, still need to payed now, after being back on benefits for the past 3 years without any request for payment in that time?

    1. Of course it can, it is a debt that you took out, and it is your responsibility to see that the debt is repaid when your in work, otherwise it just rears its head when your back on benefits.

  23. hi, i want to know why my daughter who is 21 and on long term IB dont qualify for cold weather payments?? i understand that people on ESA do? my daughter will be switched onto ESA soon as the reforms come in but she is disabled just like people on ESA but dosn’t qualify?????

    1. There is sometimes an age requirement for cold weather payments in general- however if the temperature is consistently low for several days then a cold weather payment may be triggered for the area effected at the rate of £10/day ( however this is old information- so we will get back to you after checking the latest info)

  24. Dear sir/Madam,

    I was wondering if you can appeal any quicker than via a writen letter?
    If sombody has applied for help via Social Fund and been declined support but wishes to appeal, is there any quicker way, namely electronically (Fax or e-mail) to send the appeal?

    I am just aware that the sooner somebody has a chance of getting money the sooner they can help cover the cost’s of living.

    Many thanks,

    Andrew Borg-Fenech

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