Finding the correct telephone number to call you local benefit delivery centre™ Social Fund Section so that you can apply for help can be difficult. Recently the DWP have changed their website structure and it is almost impossible to find the correct 0845 or free 0800 telephone  number for your area.

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Calls to the Social Fund are free from any BT landline (this include call/phone boxes) and also includes calls from most of the larger mobile phone networks.

An application will typically take around 30 minutes and at the end of the call the person that you have been speaking to ( The Jobcentre Decision Maker) will , as it sounds, be making the decision on making a payment or not.

If it is decided that you are eligible for a  help, in most cases you will be given a choice as to how you want to be paid. you can collect a GIRO or have a DIRECT PAYMENT into your bank account, either of these will be dealt with on the same day.

One of the more difficult things to come across on the internet is the actual telephone number so that you can call and make an application, when we started this project we decided that what we were going to try to do is to offer a sort of support forum to those that wanted to get in touch with the jobcentre and make an application for help.

of all of the things that we have found, by either looking at the main sites or trawling through leaflets and handouts from the powers that be, actually coming across the correct crisis telephone number has been by far the most difficult. We are not sure if the new design of the DWP website is intended to make it difficult to claim but by golly are we sure that this is exactly what it does!

The telephone number is actually buried 7 pages deep and in such a way that when you search with GOOGLE you are very unlikely to actually find the telephone number anyway, and by the time you have tracked it down you may not need to call  about your crisis anayway!

Thats why we have decided to publish the telephone number on this page