Social Fund Crisis Loan Call Connection Number

This site offers advice and call forwarding options, and we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned on this website. Calls to 084 numbers cost up to 7p per minute plus your network access charge.

Finding the correct telephone number to call you local benefit delivery centre? Finding the right telephone number so that you can apply for help can be difficult. Recently the DWP have changed their website structure and it is almost impossible to find the correct 0845 or free 0800 telephone  number for your area. Below, we’ve provided call connection numbers to help you get through.

This is an advice site that also offers call forwarding options, and we are in no way affiliated with the Department - we are not affiliated with any organisation mentioned. for Work & Pensions, Social Fund, or any other organisation mentioned on this website.

Department - we are not affiliated with any organisation mentioned. Call Connection Phone Numbers - we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned
Social Fund (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 506 0283
Crisis Loan (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2336
Jobcentre Appointments (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2322
Job Seeker’s Allowance Claims (New Claims & Existing) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2383
Employment & Support Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Income Support (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2374
Incapacity Benefit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 0374
Universal Credit (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Universal Credit (New Claims & Appointments) (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2382
Maternity Allowance (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 504 9433
Personal Independence Payment (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges)
0843 509 2380

Calls to the Social Fund on their direct number 0800 169 0140 are free from any BT landline (this include call/phone boxes) and also includes calls from most of the larger mobile phone networks.

Contacting Social Fund

An application will typically take around 30 minutes and at the end of the call the person that you have been speaking to ( The Jobcentre Decision Maker) will , as it sounds, be making the decision on making a payment or not.

If it is decided that you are eligible for a  help, in most cases you will be given a choice as to how you want to be paid. you can collect a GIRO or have a DIRECT PAYMENT into your bank account, either of these will be dealt with on the same day.

One of the more difficult things to come across on the internet is the actual telephone number so that you can call and make an application, when we started this project we decided that what we were going to try to do is to offer a sort of support forum to those that wanted to get in touch with the jobcentre and make an application for help.

Of all of the things that we have found, by either looking at the main sites or trawling through leaflets and handouts from the powers that be, actually coming across the correct crisis telephone number has been by far the most difficult. That’s why we have put together these call connection numbers, where we can forward your calls to the intended department.

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  1. Is the social fund still available for people to apply for grants to make home adaptions if they have a disability? i.e. an extra handle in the bathroom or a shower stool.

    If yes, what is the correct number to reach them on?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi there I lost my Wollet on the way between doctors and chemist and I have no money and leaky to do me till next week what can I do ?

      1. Sorry I did’t mean to be flippant, but you may not be understood if if you call electricity ‘leaky’! As it gives the impression you had a leak but it has now stopped!! Lecky or lekky might be better!I am sure that ‘Wollet@ is ok though.
        I was just looking at site to enquire about any financial help for ssp recipients. Looks like the answer is NO if they have stopped crisis loans.
        Still there is always ebay or gumtree. Anyone want a kitchen sink for £50.

        Good luck

  3. I understand ur problem jack ,I am on 8 tabs a day through panic attacks and depression ,I feel sick right now as no food and taking tabs,zopiclone and vallium don’t work anymore ,ill just have to make do and have got a work focused interview on Fri which I’m very worried about

    1. mark get antisense again phone the job centre thy will send you for a new medical assessment were you can arks them to visit you at home for it. you may find you get put on just the so-port part witch means you want have to go to vocus groups hope this helps good luck m8t

  4. hi ive had a crisis loan about a month ago ive just started getting help with my rent and i amstill behind so i had to give my land lord most of my jsa now i have nothing and dont get my next jsa till the 15th can i get a crisis loan now as ive heard it has stoped thanks

    1. Hi Stephen, crisis loans have stopped, however you may be able to get help via your local authority- did you get your housing benefit backdated?

  5. Hi I am on jsa and I got paid today. On the way to do my shopping I lost my wallet with my money. I now have no money for the next 2 weeks. How long do I need to wait before applying for a crisis loan and is there any steps I need to take to raise my chances of being awarded a crisis loan?

  6. FirStly I am disgusted after being declined a ccg for not having a social worker or have came out of prison?! I have had 3 reviews including 1 by the irs and still been declined. I have just moved to a house with 2 children with no flooring and hardly any furniture! I’m stuck because I don’t have anyone to help us and no one seems to be bothered that kids getting splinters and feelin unwell can anyone help?? Please

  7. My ex partner claims ESA, he moved back into my address in janaury I called the job centre and told them that I’m at university so I am NOT entittled to any benefits however my ex partner will be moving back into my address to be help out with our baby. He had previously used my address as a care of address while he was trying to aquire his own tenacy however due to the fact he suffers from severe epilepsy that has not been possible as he needs to be somewhere people know and understand his condition as he suffers apena when he fits which is not only scary but also dangerous. The job center suspended his benefit as we apparently didn’t tell them he was moving back in??? Anyway 2 weeks after they suspended it they are saying to call social fund and get a crisis loan however they have added my (previous) debt to his and said because he lives here they cannot issue a payment and to call social services, but social services have said their hands are tied and cannot do anything. I have been supporting him with the remainder of my student loan, however I also have to pay bills, gas, travel costs, electric, tv lincence, nursery fees, course fees, book and printing costs, court fines etc and it has now got to a point where MY money has run out, I don’t get enough money for 3 people to live off and I am not yet in receipt of child tax credits so except for my student loans which are paid 3 times a year, I basically get £20 a week which is ok when its just me and my son to provide for but the little bit of student loan I had left for emergencies has now run out, my ex partner has no way of aquiring any cash and neither do I and to be honest I think its ridiculous that a single mother (single in having no partner) has to support the babies dad because the benefits he’s entittled to have been stopped. Surely there is something tha can be done? We are now facing the next 2 weeks or more living off next to nothing, because my son comes first, I don’t get my next loan for another 3-4 weeks and my ex partner’s claim is still suspended while they await a decision, its been like this for past 2 weeks and seems like it will continue for the forseeavle future, surely someone can help him?

  8. i applyed for a budgeting loan and was approved i recived the letter back to sign and send bak the day the letter came i was late to sign on so i nw have to make a rapid reclaim will this affecrt the decsion of the loan ??

  9. Hi there I posted my declaration off so I could receive a Cris loan Tuesday afternoon could you please tell me when I would receive payment? Thank you

  10. I’m 22 and have been homeless since june.. I’ve tried all means available to rent a room. Its a catch 22 situation, I can’t get a room without a deposit and I can’t get rent in advance without having a room, besides the fact no landlords want too accept dss anymore, they don’t want too hand out a pre tenancy agreement, I’m finding it impossible and have run out of friends sofa’s to sleep on, when I did manage to find someone willing to speak to crisis loan, the job center employee told me that because I’ve been homeless for so long I’m not vulnerable and not eligble for over the phone rent in advance, by the time the form has been processed it will be too late… How do I get around this, and how much do they offer for rent in advance because I cant work out my price limit on a room?

  11. hii, i got paid on tuesday with £60 this is to help towards look after me and my 3month old baby however i have now lost my purse somewhere so im without money till next monday doesnt seem a long time but it does when all i have is a few tins of beans and loaf of bread in my fridge and nothing in my freezer will i be accepted for a crisis loan?

    1. yes but only if this is the first time you have lost your purse and made a claim for a crisis loan because they will not believe you if you have told them several times whilst asking for a crisis loan about losing your purse. plus by law they have to give you a loan because you have a child.

  12. i,ve just recently applied for a rapid reclaim having signoff benefit when i got a temporary job,now i,ve signed up again while waiting for my application to be approved, can i apply for crisis loan because am indeed in a crisis!

  13. Our forefathers fought in 2 world wars and gave their lives up for our futures. We do have a god given right to the wefare state. They earned it to be there for us.

    I’ve just had to use it.

    Thank-god it’s there.

    Got a crisis loan of £29 to see my & my daughter through till next week. Was on hold for about 15 mins. The guy on the other end was really nice & helpful.

    It’s not a lot but it’ll put food in our mouths till other things get sorted out.

  14. first off i signed on a monday then i should get paid on thursday but when it came to thursday my money did’nt come in and then i rang benifits there said there got no sign from job center so i rang job center back for send it there sent itto them no reply from them so i rang them back up time all this was done i didnt have time to ask for one of them loans how lazy can people get!! cant even pick up a phone and ring back to people also i sign on and the woman who sign me on NEEDS RETRAINING he was rude as well saying what job search did you do and i hown her all my work and she said well i seen better but i had two lots of paper work better then some people that came in country an getting money for just sitting on there fat ars’s all day doing nothing, what i been looking for etc then now its 4 pm i rang them back to see what there going to do there said i got to wait till after bank holiday on wednesday now to get my money i said wtf? i do all your stuff ya want me to do and then dont pay me on the right day how good is that now i cant pay for my bills ele or gas or food i need my money now how do i get my money there own me 150 pounds i need it now to pay off my bills shopping and stuff ?????????????? and i want to formalcomplant towards staff in halifax on how rude job center in halifax staff are i really need my money asap would police station give me 150 pounds to pay my bills? or how dose it work

    1. James,

      The police would only give you money for food, and gas/electric if you were on meters, or were in danger of being cut of right away. a complaint form is called a GL24.

  15. Hi there, I would like to know if I would be able to get help as my partner and I have just split up and she kicked me out. Now I work full time and I have also found a room in a shared house but It will take me weeks to save the money and by then the room could of gone, Plus im staying at my mums but its not big here and I can only stay for a couple of weeks as she recieves benefit for my brother as he Has ASD. So would you be able to help or will I just have to get on with it?

    Thanks for taking the time to look and I hope to get a reply

  16. hi i have just asked 4 a crisis loan because i have had 3 in the last year it was not given to me i think this is unfair i have no money no food gas or electric i have diabetes and my son has a breathing problem age 2 i would not of call 4 a crisis loan if i didnt need one i really dont know what i am going to do i have to pay the loan back which i am aware of i hope u can help as i have no friends or family that can thank u georgina

    1. Sorry for the slow reply, I did see that someone else had replied when I checked ( they must not have pressed send?)

      Anyhow, they don’t have a 24 hour number any longer ( well they do but you can’t have it) the number is given to the local police station who call on your behalf and speak to an out of hour number.

      Poop into your closest police station and they will get the ball rolling for you.

  17. The ‘bottom line’ is that the Conservatives hate children, and hate those with children. Make no mistake, these people care not whether you live or die – that is fact. It has never been harder to receive financial and physical help from the ‘system’. I personally spend every day fighting my corner, as well as others that deserve the help, and as for those that abuse the system, the idle, the drunks, the druggies, and those that go about threatening and causing society problems – I used to tolerate and even condone such behaviour in some circumstances, but now I do not hesistate to report everybody, and I mean absolutely everybody that I find to be taking advantage of the ‘system’ – I will no longer tolerate these parasites, and do everything in my power to have them brought before the Courts, and to have their benefits removed, and for money that they have defrauded to be paid back. I sympathise with all those on here, especially those with children, who are clearly having a difficult time.

  18. I am being made homeless in less than 2 weeks and need help to pay the rent in advance, I am a single parent who works 16 hours witjh 4 children and 2 are high level care registered disabled. we will be on the streets unless I can get the first months rent to the new landlord by end of today which is £1,400 I have posted an application as I thought I would have enough time to find a property but as I need a 4 bed within the new capped LHA rate as near to the hospitals for the children it has proved near impossible, many landlords won’t take dss and as I have viewed the few that do, as I have asked them to wait for 10-14 days for the 1st months rent, the properties have gone. I have now got a landlord who has given me until end of day today, and will not issue be with a tenancy agreement until I have paid for everything. I really need this home for the children and me, and need to know if I could ring the crisis loan department to ask if they could let me know if they will offer me the loan and if yes can they fast track it for same day. I have managed to find the £370 for the holding deposit but as time is now running on on the agreed timescale to get the money for the property not only will I lose the holding deposit but also the property and I had to borrow the holding deposit, so I will be in even more problems. Can you help

    1. Michele,

      don’t wait for a paper application- give them a call right away to stand a chance of payment

  19. I have applied for a crisis loan because i tried to apply for a community care grant for my new house which i got on march 21st but i was refused a ccg because i tried to apply for one last october to help me with a private let but i didnt receive money off them in the end. I would like to know when the crisis loan will get back to me as i sent it away over 2 weeks ago and the housing are on at me wondering when im moving in and i havent got anything to move in with as i was staying with my gran with my 1 year old son.

  20. Hi, I applied for a budget loan last wednesday and have not heard anything as yet. Im getting concerned now as part of the loan is for travel costs to get to my mother in laws funeral on friday and i cant afford to get their otherwise. Please advise. many thanks

    1. Give them a call and chase it up first thing, as they have to send your acceptance letter out and get that back before they give you money- maybe best to fax it at your job centre when you get it

  21. My ESA reaches my account every 2 Saturdays however today there had been no deposit! I have just moved into a home after being ‘street’ homeless since December and now have, in anticipation of having money this weekend no gas, electricity or food. Since i am without white goods i have nowhere to store or cook food and now i cant put the heating on or have a bath. I have tried the local job centre numbers along with the apparent ‘crisis’ loan number and have been told by an automated voice that they are closed and to call back later!
    I suffer with depression, anxiety/panic attacks, ezchema and mayalgia which means that i can not take my medications without being sick and if i do not clean my skin (and flare up’s) its overall condition becomes dramatically worse. This has taken me a long time to have diagnosed and treat and aside from the fact that this effects my self confidence i do not wish for this to deteriorate now.

    Please can you help?

    1. Jack, you can go to your local police station and they may be able to get in touch with the social fund section out of hours service of you.

  22. hi i need a crisis loan as ive lost my wallet with my jsa payment … i also have recently moved to dagenham due to family problems and really need some money untill i do a live tranfer to dagenham job center … i have no money im staying with friends untill i get back on my feet and would also like to pay them a bit of money for keeping me housed

    1. They won’t pay for housing Matthew, but a lost wallet should be fine, and mean that they will give you a bit of money for food.

    1. JD
      they are not open on a saturday, however you can go to your local police station who have a special number to call them on for an out of hours service.

  23. Nobody answers the phone! I’d already applied by post and have heard nothing 4 weeks later. I need the money as soon as possible as I’m in a “CRISIS”. Terrible Customer Service!

    1. I was on hold for over an hour only for them to answer at 6 and tell me lines are now closed and I’d have to ring back tomorrow. To be honest with you, I’d rather they’d just cut me off!

    2. Frank,

      the call times are generally 20 minutes- when you call stay on the phone, dont call several times as you will be put to the back of the que each time

  24. I can’t under stand how they just cut ppl off . They stop my ESA the dwp e mail’d my gp and told her not to give me any more sick notes as I had missed a appointment 25 miles from my home and on the same day I had court for eviction as my housing benefit had stop so I went to court and just about kept my house and could not afford to ring the dwp on there 0845 number wiche cost a arm and leg and I have no land line or credit so my money has stop sinc the 2 nd of feb it’s now April the 2 nd with no money ? I’ve had to do some mad things just to get by that I’m not proud of . But my ESA claims still showing as live ? So I still can’t get a jsa payment ? I was snide off with depression wich I take med’s for i was a fork lift driver but with these med’s I can’t opparate machineary . Just on the phone for a crisis lone as I was wrighting this for 30 the lady said I’ve had 3 already and hung up ? I feel like goin in the job centre and knocking a few people out just to get my case looked at I no its a bad atatude but I don’t what else left I can do ?

    1. Marc,

      The decision maker that you spoke to has the rules wrapped around her neck.

      Yes you can only apply 3 times in 12 months for lost/stolen or emergency situations, BUT ( if you have claimed JSA and are awaiting a decision??) is classed as an alignment to benefit- these are NOT covered by the 3/12 month rule, and therefore you can be considered for a loan.

      call back and start of by saying that you are plying for an “alignment to benefit” and you should get a better response.

  25. Was just wondering if you had the number to contact for the maternity grant to see if it has been processed thanks

  26. hi ive rung today about a crisis loan and apparently ive had 3 in the last 12 months so i cant have one im really poorly at the moment suffering with anxiety attaks panic attaks depression the thing is my partner claims for me and he goes off on binges nowand again and he’ll be gone for a few days infact he doesn’t stay here permanentley but i was told a while ago that we had to claim together the because he goes of with the money and leaving nothing i was advised to claim for myself then i got myself a 4,000 over payment so we’re claiming together again and he went off again last week and he took the money so me and my four kids are left with nothing because i cant get a crisis loan no gas no electric and very little in the cupboared i dont know what to do now i dont get paid till friday

    1. i was living with a fella who thought he had a right to everything through violence and fear i stayed the benefits were claimed by me but he was paid separate after agreeing an amount he could have give it a try or better still for your 4 kids LEAVE HIM

  27. these people dont care they never answer their phone i have no clue what is happening with my application for rent in advance and the council is useless

  28. At present I live with my mum but have been told I have to find my own place within the next month. I have been on esa for 28 weeks due to severe depression and I am considering applying for a budgeting loan. I have no social fund debt but have been told by a friend that a single person can only get up to £380 although it keeps saying on all the government sites that you can get up to £1500. I need a months rent in advance and I have absolutely no furniture. Could you please let me know what type of amount I would be considered for, thank you for your time. xxx I live in the North West under the Chester job centre plus address.

  29. I phoned for a crisis loan yesterday (a friday) and got told I couldn’t get 1 I was to late on phoning by 6 minutes wat a joke I then explained I had no money for food gas or electric so was told to ring the police o saturday morning I did this and was told they didn’t have a clue wat I was on about so now I’m left till monday this is not fair for people that relly need the help there is none but for drunks and druggies they get 1 all the time takes the piss!!!!!!!!

    1. YOu have to GO TO the police station, the general enquiries number usually covers several counties so would have no idea of the local arrangement.

  30. I just want to know if a crisis loan can cover the costs for a deposit on a property. I know it does rent in advance but i would like to know if they do the deposit aswell, as me and my partner need to get a property asap!!

  31. I applied for a crisis loan recently and the process was completed on the phone in about 20 minutes , the person who was dealing with my application was very pleasant and treated me me with respect.
    It is my belief that if you are calm and polite then you will also be treated the same in return.

    1. I have also found that to be the case. They are just people at work, if something has gone wrong they are there to help. I’ve had two over the years, one very recently and they were both very helpful and understanding. I was even laughing and joking with one about lifes idiosincracies. :)

  32. I’ve been trying to get a crisis loan for nearly a week now . I’ve been told because I’ve had 3 I cannot have another one . I wouldn’t mind if I was alone but I have a 3 year old daughter and I suffer from mental health problems for which I take medication ( also the reason I can’t work ) . We have been left with no gas no electric or food it gets really cold in my house and my daughter has become ill , my medication is not working as I have to take it with food I haven’t eaten in 5 days as I have no electric to cook my daughter has been living on bread and butter and water as that is all I have and there is only enough for her to eat . When I was declined a crisis loan they told me to go to social services so I did and when I went there they told me to go back to the job centre who again told me to go to social services . I understand that some people may think oh another woman having a child and expecting other people to pay , this is not the case I am very ill and I would love nothing more than to work and BE NORMAL but I can’t . I don’t know what to do I don’t think I can cope with another week of candlelight and no food or heating I’m scared my 3 year old will become extremely ill if this is not sorted what should I do

    1. Your child should get benefits to cover them? Do you not get child benefit and tax credits? What has happened to cause your crisis?

  33. Do Crisis Loan EVER answer the phone??? 2 hours and 22 minute I have tried and yet again been on hold for! My bag was lost this morning. It is the weekend as of tonight and New Year and I have no money and mouthes to feed.

  34. our son died on Saturday.We rang to ask if the social fund could assist us to pay the initial £300 before funeral director even accepts the commission,but when we got through,we were told that “NO” we can’t help you.We will pay a payment in 16 working days.How exactly does that help folk who are already poverty stricken? IF we don’t pay that £300 there won’t be a funeral……?!!!!!!!?
    Begged for a crisis loan,but that is for the living.Whilst I appreciate there are alot of people who need help NOW?????
    I take it we are supposed to leave him on a trolley until the middle of January & it’s convenient to return to work & help us later on,maybe???
    “”What exactly constitutes an emergency if it isn’t your son dying unexpectedly at less than 40yrs of age?”””

    we are his next of kin, there is no estate & we can’t even mourn him with the respect he deserves?
    Heartless springs to mind………
    They didn’t even want to help us fill the form in & my partner is disabled. Thanks DWP,great job……..

    1. hi there is a special payment you can get called a berevment payment or funeral payment, that u dont pay bk, i got one wen my mum passed away quite a substatial amount aswell, hope this helps. ps sorry about the spelling,,, sorry for your loss x

      1. Sheelagh/Anyone else,
        No doubt Sheelagh you’ve managed to scrape yourself through this situation by now, but if anyone else is in a similar situation I might have a bit of advice… I was caring for my mum who had terminal cancer for about five months, and for a while we lived on her money, which was adequate, but thought I should claim Carer’s Allowance as I was already worried about the future. Finding time to fill in forms was difficult to say the least, due to being the only person caring for mum and sorting out practicalities whilst battling depression (the grieving process in these situations starts way before the person actually dies). I also got stuck on a question — same question was answered with no probs when I claimed Attendance Allowance on mum’s behalf before then, but on this occasion I had to attend an interview if I wanted to act for my mum in an official capacity. I’d been acting for her for months (she had a brain tumour), and her GP was aware of this, but still I needed an interview… Anyway, I didn’t have time, didn’t get round to it, then mum went into hospital and frankly I had other things on my mind by then. So I missed out on having money of my own. Mum died a couple of weeks later, and I was entitled to whatever she had left in her bank account but had spent a fortune visiting her, and then I had to pay an £800 deposit to the funeral director! Was terrified not to pay it in case it stopped the funeral going ahead, but this has landed me in so much trouble… Now I have no money whatsoever. I will try to claim ESA temporarily until I can get over the stress of the last few months and return to work as a writer. I have cost the government NOTHING, and yet haven’t been entitled to Funeral Payment because I haven’t been claiming benefits! I’m poorer than anyone on benefits, and yet I can’t get any help for ages because I’m not claiming. I only hope I’ll be entitled to the Funeral Payment when I do finally claim, as I wasn’t on benefits at the time of mum’s death. Honestly, I’m shocked at how ridiculous the system is. I’ve lived with my mum all my life, our finances have been shared, but I still might lose our Housing Association property at the end of all this. Had I lost my husband, I would have got a big payout (Bereavement Payment) from the government to help me through these first difficult weeks, and a guaranteed roof over my head, but because I’m just her daughter, nothing. The rules need to be overhauled, I think. Funeral Payments should be means tested. But from what I’ve learnt over recent weeks, as long as you’re on benefits when the person dies, you shouldn’t have a problem; just tell the funeral director that you will be paying by grant, and they should cover those initial costs. If they won’t, then there are other funeral directors I’m sure who will — make sure you get quotes from the outset and explain your situation before signing the job over to any particular director. Also, if you’ve been on benefits for 26 weeks or more, you should be able to get a budgeting loan to help with the deposit. Sorry this is long, but I really needed to get this off of my chest!!! Hope it helps someone…

  35. Hello, So that i didnt have to try and get a crisis loan, i recently attempted to get a loan instead, unfortunately I have been a victim of fraud and am now out of pocket by 400 quid. Im now behind on my bills so have also incurred bank charges and as its been snowing I really need to put my heating on but i darent the thought of seeing the bill worries me. I dont know what to do, I have contacted the police and theyve been fab and the culprits are being arrested and charged etc but this doesnt mean ill get my money back! I wouldnt mind but i need food and stuff for my children one who is 15weeks old. I was told of the maternity grant but as my other child is 3 Im no longer elidgable under the new rules.

    Should I attempt to try and get a crisis loan even if its just enough to do shopping and buy a cot and clothes for my kids?

    1. Apply for a budgeting loan and community care will get you cot etc :) crisis loan will give you money for food and gas and electric. go to your local jobcentre to enquire!

  36. I have just received a letter stating that i cannot have a community care grant as i am not on income related employment and support allowence when i get money for both me and husband ??????
    I have recently moved address and for some reason my husband has been taken off the claim why ?????
    Somoone is supposed to be calling me back as when i called there is no notes on the system to say why my claim has changed so what can i do. I have applied for this loan because due to unforseen circumstances i lost my home and have no possesions I.E bed cooker, carpets etc…. Can you plese give me some advice as to what i can do now will they put my husband back on my claim ? They havent even written to me to say that my claim has changed or for what reason i only found out after receiving the letter telling me i dont qualify for the grant i so deperately need. Please help :-(

    1. you can apply for a budgeting loan from the social. Call and ask for an application. You just have to tick boxes relevant to what you want. DONT go into too much detail, you should have a decision within 10 days and a payment 10 days after you send the acceptance form back….

  37. I think people finf it hard to live on benefits , you have to pay crisis loans backso you are not getting something for nothing people who have a good job and savings dont know what its like to be broke its hard to find work and
    been with out money is soul destoying the goverment want poor people to suffer, just like the victorian age nothing as changed since oliver twist asked for more and was refused in the next life all these greedy rich people will come back as rats

  38. I have been on employment support allowance for 4 years and care component/mobility disability living allowance more recently.
    My fridge freezer broke down yesterday and Ive lost all my food. last time I asked for a crisis loan for a bed I was told because Im on half contributory and half income related benefit, I am not entitled to any loans or grants from the government and have been sleeping on settee for four years. Can i ask for loan for fridge freezer or will the same rules apply because Im not on the correct benefit (income related)?

    Im desperate without a fridge

  39. Absolutley useless, no help what so ever applied for a crisis loan and recieved nothing because the useless women on the phone didnt agree with me, well that now leaves me sitting with no electric, no gas, no food, no hot water to clean, and no way off getting to my job interviews,, thanks a bunch, waste of space w*****s !!!!!

  40. shower of a ss holes how they get away with it a dont no am excpeting 3rd baby came as totall shock and the job center wont help a cant work child care do dear not worth my whille at all plus my baby due at xmas and i have no one ty look after baby whillie aye work its an absalute joke love my kids ty bits whish a could work then a would not fell like a begger.

    1. Maybe try not getting pregnant then!! Why should they help – if you’re already on benefits maybe you think more about contraception rather than who’s going to give you money when you find yourself pregnant again! You are what’s wrong with this country!!

  41. hi i aplied for a cisis loan for rent in advance as we are moveing to scotland to recieve support from my sister as my partner has become unwell after the death of her mother i am sick and am not very mobile we have 4 children and i am finding it very hard to cope with the daily tasks that are involved in looking after them as my partner is unwell now she looked after me and did everything i recieve incomme support i had a supporting letter from my sister to give them sent it all off had a phone call on th 3/10/11 from crisis loan she had contacted the land lord and as my sister was not paying the deposit for the house untill the 11/10/11 i would have to contact them back on this date to get a crisis loan all my details would be saved and just call back we will sort it out then so i did ad i was told only to get a very harsh responce we no nothing about your claim?i explained what id been told and asked if you no nothing how did you send me a letter saying i had been nilled ?as they so kindly put it you must be able to find the lady that delt with my claim shorley its all on he computer ? no we cant find out i explaind my sister had now paid the 500 deposit and that the landlord was wanting the rent in advance now or i will loose the house after the lady from crisis loan had contacted him on the 3/10/11and told him we had to wait for the deposit to be paid first then call back on the 11/10/11 for the decision i then got a big huff and puff down the phone to me and told me id been missinformed and as i was nilled i would need to apeal im going to loose this house and the 500 deposit i just no it this has added so much stress to us all they must no who delt with the claim on the 3/10/11 i have proof of what she said as she said the same thing to the landlord on the phone shorley this cant be allowed just to lie to people and mess with there lives

  42. right thought id betta ask on here before i even try! if ive been off work on the sick and recieving ssp for about three months, could i get a crisis loan because i have to pay for my physiotherapy and have fallen way behind on my bills?? could some one please help!! cause i have noidea what to do!!
    thanx in advance

  43. I rang for a crisis loan sometime in August of this year, got told that i couldn’t have one, because i have a brother living in the same house, who is claiming jobseekers himself. I only asked for £20, to last 4 days for food and electric, because i didn’t have none, and the electric was just about to go. They said i could get the funds from elsewhere, even though i couldn’t.
    But every week., at my local jobcentre, you see the same people getting one, week in, week out. I try to apply maybe once a year or something and i don’t get one. A person who really needs it.
    Sometimes i can’t help but think of how messed up it really is.
    Someone who really needs one, and doesn’t ask for that much can’t get one, but some people always get one, when they don’t need them

  44. After an appeal a woman had this sorted in 10 mins really nice woman like speaking to another human being unlike the initial lady this morning

  45. I applied today as I am having to move and had to use my money to pay for rent in advance. Got cut off after giving all my details going through everything including giving my number for them to call back in case of cut off that was between 9.30am an 10am it now 1pm and am waiting in queue as they never called back like they said they would.
    I totally agree that getting money is not our god given right but when you do have to seek help we might at least get treated like we are not all drug and drink dependent scroungers

  46. Im 17 and have declared myself as homeless, i have been put into a nightstop but my benefits have not yet started because i have been given the worst key worker at the job centre who is useless as everyone else is telling me and i need money a.s.a.p to help me get by with food and that so would i be eligible to a crisis loan??

  47. Its a good system thats often terribly abused by certain members of our society – in my local job centre its always the same faces there for a crisis loan – they get a crime number from the police for a ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’ wallet then hit the job centre for the crisis loan – its a shame that genuine people who may well have lost thier money and experience real hardship often suffer for others greed or dishonesty , I admire the staff at our local job centre – they put up with all kinds of threats and abuse , it must be tempting to treat all thier customers with contempt but the fact that they always try to make people feel respected speaks volumes about the quality of the staff.

  48. i screwed up i was very stupid and was playing on a online gambling site and lost all my money would i be elligable for a crisis loan because of my stupidity my family will suffer.

  49. was told i could have the loan and would be in my bank account within 3 hours.had to go back to job centre spoke to lady on phone and was told be in my bank by 6.30pm.Well its now saturday and still no money gone onto my account…..WTF.what am i meant to do with children who ask for food?and i cant use my mechines for my illness cause of electric…..Why does nobody have the answers.IM NOT HAPPY

  50. Tried applying crisi loan and was told i had mislead them when asked what food i had left because apparently vegetables in a small freezer is obviously enough to feed 3kids. What an absoulute joke , they wonder why people react harsh to them. Do these people live in the real world? God im glad i dont recieve benefits from these pen pushers. Like i didnt feel bad enough having to ask them in the first place now i feel like screaming , and i pay my taxes to be treated like 2nd class citizen arghhhhh

  51. My Mrs went to the bank today and the income support that we are relying on has not been paid. Phoned the crisis loan/ jobcentre but they are closed for a bank holiday. We receive income support as she has a chronic health condition and cannot work & I have just graduated from university and haven’t found a job yet. We have no money and a 2 month old baby. We live in a rural area 5 miles from the nearest job centre, nowhere near a call box and have very little credit on our mobile phones. Any suggestions?

  52. just wondering, has the app;lication process changed now, and since when? Because when i applied last year, i had to go to the JC and collect a giro; now i’m reading that i have to fill out an application form and send it off?

  53. also no wishing to stereotype anyone but i doubt many people ringing social fund will appreciate what i think is vivaldi allthough its out of tune and after 35mins has started to give me a real headache

    1. yes its always Vivaldi’s first allegro – Spring , after 35 minutes on hold I think Wagners ‘ Seigrieds funeral march ‘ may be more appropriate.

  54. also funny how they tell people they are not entitled to make a claim to social fund on the phone so there is no paper based record and nothing for the statistics to show i always ask to fill the form in anyway and appeal if needs be i have been refused on the phone then filled the form in and been accepted strange but true

    1. All the calls are recorded, so if you did wish to dispute- then all you need to do is take note of the persons name, and the time that you called.

  55. hey iv recently signed of jsa and on esa , i havent been paind yet and god knows wen i will buh will i be entitled to a crisis loan ?? even if im still getting my child tax cred? i also owe 1450 , how is my hubby, child and myself suposed to live on 53 quid a week ??

  56. My daughter works 20 hours min wage, shes been given a council flat but cant afford to furnish it, would she be entitled to a crisis loan? People who dont work get loans grants etc but what about those that work?

  57. the crisis loaons department cant even giveother departments the correct advice and they wondewr why people get annoyed and angry they shopuld be sacked as there is 3million unemployed that would do the job properly sack them all

  58. The system is a joke, i always get money off them and it never feels like i even pay them back!! I would be well pissed off if i was a tax payer!

  59. i used to work for them and if theire buydget is getting low they will not give a crisis loan out unless it is a risk to life and limb. if you are not dissabled and you will not suffer harm they will not give it to you .
    the out of hours service has been cut right back as well. they get really bored because they are told to answer 601 to seventy calls a day and land up doing 100 s this is against nthe health and safety rules but they make them and they break them.

  60. i applyed for jobserekers on the 18th may i signed 1st june they told me im not going to get paid next 10 to 11 days on the 6th june i apllyed for crisis loan and he is giving me 81 pound loan forom 6th june to 19th june. now how can i live on that for 15 days.please can you look in to this please becouse its not enuff money for food ni number i.s REMOVED* and my name is REMOVED* my number is REMOVED* please im realy depress about this my adress is REMOVED* thankyou and god bless you

    1. PLEASE DO NOT add personal details to the site, it is an open forum, and can be seen by all!

      The rate of a crisis loan is 60% of your usual benefit, it is capped at £7.01 a day for living expenses, however you can get a little extra if your fuel( gas and electric) are in arrears. the ammount that you were paid seems to have been the maximum award that you could have been given, therefore this can not be increased.

  61. what do u do if u work 16hrs and need a loan or grant for advanced rent to move into cheaper property ???

    1. To apply for a crisis loan for rent in advance, you do not need to be on benefits HOWEVER, usually if you are working their are other ways of lending (although not ideal) they are out there, so you are less likely to be able to convince a decision maker that a crisis loan is you only means..

  62. its no good foning the police—-i spent 3 hours being shunted from pillar to post from d.h.s.s got told there fone the job centre for crisis loan,wouldnt help—time was running out so got told to fone the police up for a out of hours number to get some money till monday—the police aint got a clue what i was on about ,put me thro to the council and they couldnt help, so its taken 3 hours for people to tell me nothing and to get the fone slammed down on me by d.h.s.s,but in the meantime i have 10p on my electric ,no money and no food till tuesday–so i been told, and im recovering from a operation—i got told on wednesday there was going to be something in the bank for me today/friday—and there wasnt—-and so when you need emergancy help there is no help at the end of the day and they all talk out of theyr a***.

  63. havent been paid any money for 2 weeks now but then claim hasnt been sorted yet im off work because im ill and there lazy people im this country dont want to work and i still get played around with

  64. I’ve being refused a cris loan and got told to go to the police staion and got advised to get an out of hours crisis loan , went to the police station and they said to go back to the job centre and then if need be come back to us , after reading this I’m unsure weather to go back now , what should I do ?

    1. The out of hours service is only available when the jobcentre is closed- if the JC is actually open then you need to apply in the same way as anyone else. IF it is closed the the Police will call a person who deals with crisis loans out of ours ( its a duty Higher Executive officer) and they will make the decisions. the Police do not make the decision.

  65. They lie to you in the job centres about it being free from you r mobile phone networks too. I waited an an hour on hold today and they know they can transfer the money into your accounts and yet they said they can offer me no help, and i have to walk to my local police station to get another number to help out of office hours.

    1. It is a free call from MOST of the larger mobile providers, however as this list can change your better ringing from a phone box as it free.

  66. Might as well make one last comment – direct payments into the bank account only work sometimes. Anything after about 1 pm will probably not clear unless the local centre is very quiet, and also you must have previously had at least one payment of a benefit through the account. The usual expectation is that a bank account clearance of a crisis loan will clear by 5pm on the day the crisis loan is accepted, so if there is any problem with the payment you will not be able to sort it out until the following day as the crisis loan line closes at 4.30pm. And if there is a problem all the crisis loan decision maker can so is e-mail the Benefit Delivery Centre asking them to deal with it, as the BDC actually makes the direct bank payments, you are better off calling the BDC itself if your can find the number – good luck with that, even I had trouble sometimes! Yes, ex-Decision Maker. Not bitter at all, eh?

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