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  1. Can you use a crisis loan for debt or even furniture for your child as my daughters cot got chewedvby the dog I was looking after and her pushchair wheels got slashed outside a shop. Can I use the crisis loan for debt or just the furniture. Or both and what s the number please thankyou

  2. hi can i obtain a crisis loan,ive woken this morning to my kitchen being coverd in water due to my washer breaking down..regards

  3. Hi..Im moving from england back home to n.ireland next tuesday 14/2/12 im on income support also incapacity …Would i get a loan for rent in advance while waiting for my benefits to be transfered over to n.ireland…Thankyou for reply

  4. Hi I recently appealed against my grant decision, but have not heard anything. Please let me know what stage it is at.

    1. What you need to do is ring them up. Their number is 08456036967, option 2. Hope this helps anyway that is what I.d do. Good luck

  5. 4 times ive rang up for a budgeting loan, and they still havent sent a form out, thanks very much for making this christmas even worse.

  6. Can i apply for crisis loan if my rent has been suspended, and is due today, my landlord will not accept late payment from me again as of how long it ook the housing benifit to sort out in begining, if i am late again he will give me a evicton notice

  7. Hi, I have some trouble with this budgeting loan,I was offered some money and was asked to send back the letter to accept it and I put the letter in the post box on sunday 13th november 2011 but I still have not herd anything…can you tell me when the money should be in my account and how do I know when it is in there. Thank you.

  8. hi i have downloaded a budgeting loan form and completed it but i cant find what address to send it to! i live in Torbay! thanks

  9. I applied for a Budgeting loan weeks ago as I was moving, I applied from my old house giving my old and new address and the dates I was moving, but I haven’t heard anything as of yet, don’t know if they have sent any paperwork to my old address, to which I don’t have access to, is there a number that I can call to find out?

  10. hi************ would like help with finding the money for a deposit for a flat which his 500 pound move in i would be very greatfull in u could find the time 2 help me cus at the moment i live with my mom n dad at oak road n i dont get on with my step dad we keep argueing all the time thanks mark

    1. Please dont use your full name or contact details on this site as its an open forum and hence not secure. you will need to call the crisis loan telephone number to apply

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