What is a Crisis Loan? – A Crisis Loan is the name of the governments short term financial assistance program in the United Kingdom. Crisis Loans are limited to £1500.00 per family uint ( or household) and can be either paid as a Giro, or into your back account to help you to deal with an unforeseen and unavoidable disaster or emergency.

What is a Crisis Loan Application?:-An application is act of applying for a loan either by telephone or by post indication what you need the payment for and how much you need.

Who Can apply?: – Anyone can apply for help, however you need to be over 18 and be UK residents to be given an actual payment.

How can I apply?: – YOu can either apply in writing using a form (SF401) or you can call the Department of work and pensions to make an application over the phone

How are they paid?: – When you have applied and been accepted the preferred method of payment is to have your Crisis Loan award sent directly to your UK based bank account- this process generally takes 3-4 hours.