What is the address to send Budgeting Loans to?

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When you have applied for a budgeting loan, you are sent a letter telling you if you have been accepted and also offering you several amounts to borrow and also several rates of repaying the loan, this is called an acceptance letter. If you need to apply, you can find the Budgeting Loan application form here, and the contact details here.

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Where do I send my Budgeting Loan form to?

If you’re applying off your own back, you’ll need to send your application to your local Jobcentre Plus office. You can even do that by taking it there in person.

The department sends you a pre-paid envelope for your reply, this is generally a 2nd class return envelope with the address of the Benefits Centre that is dealing with your application already printed on it.

However, this does not mean that the office on the envelope is the office that will deal with your application. As the DWP have a policy of shifting work from overloaded offices to another processing centre that does not have too much work, that actually address that your application will go to may be different from the one on that sent out your letter.

As the offices that process specific postcodes are decided and changed each week there is no way of telling who has your application, or where you should send it to in advance.

We have listed all of the benefit centres in the UK on the Benefit centre page, so that you can call for the latest address, however our advice would be to take your completed acceptance letter back to your local Jobcentre Plus office who will forward it on your behalf, as they will have the latest address details for your area, and will also put it internal post speeding up your application.

Alternatively, you can find your local Jobcentre Plus on GovLocations.uk here.

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